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HSSB441: One sword shooting east Yan Zhaoge!


The voice that resounded from the distance was calm and indifferent.

It was not loud, but it seemed to resound by the ears of all the experts of the three clans here.

As they felt a chill in their hearts, the glow in the distance grew brighter and brighter, more and more piercing.

That was clearly a sword-light shooting over from the western sky!

Accompanied by that sword-light, the roar of a dragon resounded as it penetrated through the nine heavens, suppressing the rumbling of thunder and the cries of the fire crows.

Speeding over, the sword-light was before their eyes in an instant.

First, it targeted the people of the Blood Cloud Clan, chopping apart their blood clouds in a single blow!

The heart of the white-haired old man sunk, “These foreigners indeed didn’t use their full strength in the Furan Kingdom.”

The sword-light flickered and was gone in an instant.

What now appeared before everyone’s eyes was a youth in white clothes and a black-bordered blue robe.

This youth was naturally Yan Zhaoge.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, the white-haired old man asked, “You are that foreigner with a connection to the Snow Crane Sect”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “That’s right.”

The white-haired man asked, “In appearing here now, is it that you came here on your own initiative so as to not get the Snow Crane Sect and Green Dragon Mountain involved”

Yan Zhaoge tilted his head, looking at them of the three clans, “Your words are merely finding a righteous-sounding excuse to topple Green Dragon Mountain.

Whether or not I came here, you would still go on to attack Dragon Peak as well as the Jade Ridge Snowy Mountains.”

Within the thunderclouds, roiling thunder resounded, “You can indeed see things clearly, and I can also tell that your strength is unordinary, far surpassing that in the rumours.

However, it is useless.

Unless the Three Demons are all congregated here today, there are none who can obstruct our advancing footsteps!”

“If you know what’s good for you, hand over that Pixiu, and I may perhaps still spare your life.

Still, Green Dragon Mountain and the Snow Crane Sect are destined to fall today!”

From amidst the formation of fire crows, a voice resounded, “What need is there to talk to someone who is already dead”

Roiling fire surged, transforming into two wings of flames which swept over towards Yan Zhaoge.

It was a longtime Elder of the Blazing Fire Clan who had made a move.

Yan Zhaoge stood where he was, not moving an inch, allowing the flames to assault his body as they liked.

However, nearing Yan Zhaoge’s body, these flames suddenly dissipated on their own.

Yan Zhaoge completely ignored those flames before him as he continued saying calmly, “You have gotten one thing wrong.

I have no interest in helping Green Dragon Mountain block their calamity, and whether they live or die also has nothing to do with me.”

“The reason I am here is that not long ago, I finally came to understand one thing.”

As Yan Zhaoge spoke, a cold snort resounded from amidst the grand formation of fire crows, flames which were much more violent than before surging into the skies, assaulting over towards him.

The Chief of the Blazing Fire Clan, ranked amongst the top ten human experts of the Floating Life World, had made his move.

True violent flames enveloped the heavens and covered the earth as they swept over towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge faced the all-encompassing flames calmly, the acupoints of his entire body shaking as all his true essence now turned extreme cold.

Numerous bone-piercing streams of qi emanated from Yan Zhaoge’ acupoints, next transforming into numerous ice dragons which roared together in unison!

With the roar of these ice dragons, regardless of their cultivation, all the demonic blood cultivators here, the Chiefs of the three major clans included, felt trembling arising from the depths of their very souls.

It was like a minister had met a king, having fear and submission that could not be inhibited arise from the very bottom of their hearts!

“True dragon’s bloodline! How is that possible Could he be a demonic blood cultivator as well Or could it be that the blood of a true dragon that surpasses even the first grade has been refined into his body”

Everyone was momentarily stunned, but what followed was boundless greed.

It was not just the Chief of the Blazing Fire Clan.

Even the Chief of the Blood Cloud Clan, that white-haired Lu Ming, and the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan began lusting after it.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as usual, the power from the refining of the essence of the flesh and blood of the dead ice dragon transforming into his true essence as terrifying coldness instantly sealed the heavens and earth in ice.

Like a tangible object, the blazing fire that had been sent over by the Chief of the Blazing Fire Clan was frozen along with it!

Extreme coldness cooled the blazing desires in everyone’s hearts.

“Before this, I had already felt a few times that something might be very wrong.

Still, I had not had the chance to confirm it then.

It was not long ago that I dispelled the doubts that were plaguing me.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge raised his hand, his index and middle fingers lined up into a sword as a sword-light formed of his true essence immediately struck out.

Numerous ice dragons roared as they coiled within the air, the sword-light taking on the form of a dragon as it pierced through the horizon, targeted straight at the Chief of the Blazing Fire Clan!

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, the protective flames surrounding the body of the Chief of the Blazing Fire Clan were instantly extinguished!

Patterns of light rose about his entire body, his pupils turning a dazzling fiery red, but he was still powerless to withstand the majestic sword-light that resembled a dragon’s roar!

Yan Zhaoge’s mildly speaking voice resounded with the dragon’s roar, “Having arrived in a world that was completely foreign to me, I chose to stay more low key, first observing the place carefully and gathering information in order to understand the situation, through this accurately confirming our predicament.”

“After all, I do not have any seniors and Elders of my clan here to back me up, not like where I am from.”

The Chief of the Blazing Fire Clan was unable to resist this sword-light that shocked even the heavens.

He gave a strange howl, the power of the grand formation of fire crows behind him coming over to bolster him, helping their Chief to resist this Coiling Dragon Sleeve of Yan Zhaoge’s that was terrifying to the extreme.

The Blazing Fire Clan did not have a Dragon Bone Chain like Green Dragon Mountain or a Blood Cloud Gourd and a Blue Bird like the Blood Cloud Clan did.

What they had relied on for their position of power in the Floating Life World was precisely this number one battle formation of the entire Floating Life World, the Blazing Fire Demon Slaughtering Grand Formation!

While his sword-light had been blocked, Yan Zhaoge appeared not to care in the least, “Still, I don’t really like having to be careful in everything I do.

My true personality is one of carefree wildness ah.”

“Having first come here, I was still worried that this might bring some threat to the place I come from,” Yan Zhaoge circulated his sword-light with a casual wave of his hand, “However, I gradually came to discover afterwards that it was actually not like this at all.”

As he said this, Yan Zhaoge raised his hand and threw out a skeleton.

On seeing it, the pupils of those of the Blood Cloud Clan all dilated momentarily.

That was clearly the skeleton of a massive Six-Legged Flying Lightning Leopard.

Yan Zhaoge said neither hurriedly nor slowly, “I heard that there was a master and disciple pair in the Blood Cloud Clan who both cultivated in the bloodline of the Six-Legged Flying Lightning Thunder.

The master, the Leopard King Ling Gang, was a longtime Elder of the clan and rather competent while the disciple, the Little Leopard King He Taicheng, is also an expert who has long achieved his fame.”

“Because of that, I had always thought that the one I had easily slaughtered was He Taicheng.”

Yan Zhaoge traced the outline of the first demonic bloodline cultivator that he had fought with back then within the air.

“In the end, only recently did I come to know that this person is not the disciple the Little Leopard King, but the master the Leopard King, a so-called longtime Elder of the Blood Cloud Clan.”

Yan Zhaoge gazed at the Chief of the Blood Cloud Clan, Lu Ming, “Do you know how I am feeling right now”

Lu Ming’s gaze tightened as he saw Yan Zhaoge suddenly flick his right wrist, a clear green sword-light flying out from within his sleeve, a crimson light shining on its blade!

High-grade spirit artifact, Green Abyss Sword!

Yan Zhaoge sent the Blazing Fire Demon Slaughtering Grand Formation of the Blazing Fire Clan into retreat with his first sword, chopping over towards the Blood Cloud Clan with the second!

The blood clouds immediately shattered, that terrifying sword-light directly chopping onto that bloodred treasured gourd!

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s lips now arched upwards slightly, “You seemed to have said just now that I am a calamity who will bring disaster to the entire Floating Life World”

“Actually, I feel that those earlier words of yours make quite a lot of sense.”


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