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HSSB442: Utter dominance


The Chief of the Blood Cloud Clan, Lu Ming, was currently in an extremely terrible mood.

In having joined hands in invading the west this time, the greatest target of the three clans had actually been Green Dragon Mountain, the other of the Four Clans.

Apart from that was also the Snow Crane Sect, which appeared flimsy but actually possessed extraordinary power.

This had been what Lu Ming and the other bigwigs of the three clans had been paying heed to.

As for Yan Zhaoge, they had previously considered him as merely a casual accompaniment.

Rather than him, they attributed more importance to the Pixiu that he had.

Now, however, the truth of the matter had slammed a mighty rod down on their heads, leaving them unable to recover and come to terms with it for a long time.

As compared to the current threat to their lives, these bigwigs of the Floating Life World who lorded over great swathes of territory in their own respective domains felt this massive discrepancy with their thoughts even harder to bear.

Yan Zhaoge’s high-grade spirit artifact, the Green Abyss Sword, transformed into the green light of a dragon, roaring as it shot out of his sleeve.

Lu Ming steadied himself.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light chopping towards his clan’s supreme treasure, the Blood Cloud Gourd, he hurriedly let out a long howl.

He clapped down upon the Blood Cloud Gourd with a palm, a bloodred light instantly shooting out from within it.

Lu Ming groaned as he spat out a mouthful of essence blood on his own accord.

The blood turned from red to green in mid-air, surrounding the gourd.

Green light and bloodred light flickered intermittently, forming a vortex from which instantly emanated a powerful suction force.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!”

At this moment, this vortex actually seemed like it possessed a life of its own, resembling an extremely hungry, massive beast which wanted to devour all that existed before it!

Meanwhile, the thumping sounds were like the noises resounding from its hungry belly.

At the same time, with the white-haired old man Lu Ming at their head, all the Blood Cloud Clan martial practitioners had countless dazzling patterns of light surface atop their entire bodies at this moment, traversing unceasingly about their exterior.

Amidst the shining lights, numerous streaks of green light intermingled, next transforming into the massive silhouette of a blue bird at the centre of the blood clouds overhead, spreading its wings apart!

Led by the strongest expert of the Blood Cloud Clan, Lu Ming, gathering more than half the strength of his higher echelon experts, the strongest battle formation of their clan, the Blue Bird Crying Heaven Formation, now activated!

The silhouette of the Blue Bird let out a long, clear cry, its wings shaking as they slowly spread to the sides, enveloping the heavens and covering the earth, enveloping towards Yan Zhaoge!

At the same time, thunder rumbled greatly amidst the distant dark clouds.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge’s fearsome strength, the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan cared no longer about anything else as he hurriedly led the martial practitioners of his clan and attacked.

As the light of thunder flickered everywhere, a massive silhouette resembling a lion that spat out great clouds of smoke appeared within the thunderclouds.

It had precisely the look of a Suanni.

While the highest bloodline of the Thunder Rumbling Clan, that of the Suanni, was mixed and impure, it was still powerful beyond compare, not inferior to those of the Blue Bird and the Fire Crow in the least.

The Suanni roared amidst the expanding of the formation, violent thunderbolts surging madly towards Yan Zhaoge.

The thunder light resembled massive waves that touched the heavens as they surged and roared, wanting to envelop and devour Yan Zhaoge completely.

“The sound of thunder is loud, the drops of rain are small,” Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, a strange silvery light of thunder suddenly flickering on his body.

The silvery thunder was gone in an instant.

The next moment, a black shadow flew out, enveloping the silhouetted Suanni that was lunging over towards Yan Zhaoge.

The people of the Thunder Rumbling Clan instantly felt as if the world before their eyes had turned completely pitch black.

The deafening roars of thunder from earlier instantly dulled as well, turning soundless.

Soon after, silvery light of thunder erupted once more, next directly blowing the silhouetted Suanni apart!

Thunder of Eternal Night!

Trapped within the boundless darkness of the eternal night, only when the rumbling of thunder resounded and thunder exploded would the enemy once again be able to see the light of day.

And when they next saw light again, it would also be their time of decimation!

After having released the Eternal Night Thunder Sword to block the Thunder Suanni Roaring Grand Formation, Yan Zhaoge laughed, his sword-light circulating as a true dragon seemed to have appeared in this world.

The dragon opened its eyes, letting out a long roar, piercing the clouds and splitting the rocks.

The dragon’s body shook, its scales pulsating as the green dragon formed of illusory sword-light now erupted with true blood and qi of tough yang!

It was as if a true dragon from the tales of yore had awoken from its deepest slumber, erupting with flames of rage that could destroy the heavens and exterminate the earth towards all who dared stand in its path.

The entire vast heavens and earth all trembled in fear at the roar of this dragon!

Yan Zhaoge’s true essence and the sword-light of his Green Abyss Sword came together perfectly in executing this sword technique of his Coiling Dragon Sleeve.

Where the true dragon arrived, all living beings bowed in submission.

The silhouette of the Blue Bird was directly extinguished!

That vortex which resembled a hungry beast tried to devour the true dragon.

The green-sword light shot within it, next spinning around, ripping!

A terrifying force erupted within the depths of the vortex, ripping it apart from the inside out.

Instantly unable to hold on, the vortex collapsed completely!

The sword-light that resembled a dragon seemed able to rip through the nine heavens and soar away on the clouds as after having shattered the vortex, it continued shooting straight on, piercing towards the Blood Cloud Gourd.

The Blood Cloud Gourd let out a mournful wail, resembling a true living being as it evaded backwards as though afraid.

However, it was pointless.


A crisp sound resounded as the Blood Cloud Gourd that had long been regarded as a supreme treasure of the Blood Cloud Clan along with the bloodline of the Blue Bird was split directly into two!

This was a new killer move of Yan Zhaoge’s born of his Coiling Dragon Sleeve after having stepped into the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster realm, Nine Heavens Change!

Dragon’s roar resounds the nine heavens, hence change the heavens and the earth!

A rain of blood instantly poured down from within the sky as Lu Ming and the other Blood Cloud Clan martial practitioners all simultaneously spat out mouthfuls of blood.

Some Blood Cloud Clan martial practitioners with comparatively lower cultivation bases directly imploded, their bodies ruptured due to the powerful force ripping through their bodies.

As the Blood Cloud Gourd shattered, the dense blood clouds within the sky instantly dispersed.

Losing their support, the Blood Cloud Clan martial practitioners fell down one by one towards the ground below as if it was raining.

With a long roar, the Chief of the Blazing Fire Clan, stimulating the Blazing Fire Demon Slaughtering Grand Formation, attacked once more.

The all-encompassing blazing fire seemed even more forceful and domineering than the previous Blue Bird Crying Heaven Formation and Thunder Suanni Roaring Grand Formation!

The all-encompassing Fire Crows spread their wings and flew high, shooting towards Yan Zhaoge with the look of obscuring the sky and concealing the sun.

They resembled countless fireballs which had blotted out the skies, densely filling the surrounding space overhead.

Yan Zhaoge, however, minded not at all.

The green light disappeared, a purple light appearing.

Yan Zhaoge kept his Green Abyss Sword, another high-grade spirit artifact appearing within his hands.

Heaven Shocker!

“Having become a Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, it is a little different for me than for others.”

Yan Zhaoge tested out the bowstring, next smiling as he pulled it back into a full arc.

His true essence agglomerated, forming an ice arrow from nowhere which came to be notched on the bowstring.

The next moment, the mighty rumbling of thunder resounded as an ice-blue arrow pierced straight through space.

The ice-blue arrow exploded in mid-air, transforming into an all-encompassing snowstorm.

Innumerable bits of frost transformed into countless sharp arrows, shooting down all of those Fire Crows from the skies, not letting a single one go unmissed!

Not waiting for the Chief of the Blazing Fire Clan to lead his underlings in reassembling their formation, Yan Zhaoge waved his hands, the pillar of the Divine Palace flying into the air before slamming heavily downwards!

The people of the Blazing Fire Clan could only feel as if the sky before them had suddenly dimmed.

The bottom of that massive stone pillar seemed like a cover of the heavens at this moment as it filled the air, pressuring downward with an unstoppable momentum.

It was like the sky was collapsing!

The people of the Blazing Fire Clan wanted to scatter and flee in all directions, but Yan Zhaoge laughed, “You can’t run.”

The space between the heavens and earth there seemed like it had been locked down.

Everyone there, the Chief of the Blazing Fire Sect included, could not escape the suppression area of the pillar of the Divine Palace no matter how they tried to flee.

The stone pillar resembled a divine mountain descended from the heavens as it completely crushed down on the entire Blazing Fire Demon Slaughtering Grand Formation from above!

“Where I come from, one of my wishes was to be able to do peerless crushing like this,” Yan Zhaoge said leisurely, “I had not thought that having come here, I’d already be able to get a taste of it.”


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