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HSSB444: My Young Master’s way of resting


The Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan now really had the urge to lower his head, to smash it into the ground and kill himself of his own accord.

Looking at the treasure that had originally been his actually being so easily taken away by Yan Zhaoge, the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

That stone tablet, known as the Thunder Containing Tablet, was the supreme treasure of the Thunder Rumbling Clan.

It had been known alongside the Dragon Bone Chain and the Blood Cloud Gourd as the Three Supreme Treasures of the Floating Life World.

Not long ago, the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan had suddenly discovered that the supreme treasure he held, the Thunder Containing Tablet, actually had even greater power hidden within.

Not having had enough time, he had still yet to completely understand the treasure that was hidden within.

Having been forced to the brink of destruction by Yan Zhaoge just now, he had steeled his resolve and drawn on its unknown strength.

Still, never would he have thought that his clan’s treasure would actually surrender to the enemy on its own accord in the blink of an eye.

He had been extremely careful in refining it, his progress slow as he had been afraid that he might lose control of it and cause it to go on a rampage.

Now, however, it had been tamed by Yan Zhaoge in an instant, as easily as drinking water or eating rice.

How would the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan not feel stifled to the point of wanting to vomit blood at this

In comparison to this, Yan Zhaoge was currently feeling very happy.

“I just had an indistinct feeling before.

Without the stone tablet having shattered, I wouldn’t have been able to say for sure.”

“How unexpected that there actually was a fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor here, even having sent itself up to me on its own accord.

What a great, unexpected harvest this is.”

The light of thunder flickered unceasingly within Yan Zhaoge’s right pupil.

Having newly received a fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor as it had merged with the one he had previously grasped, he had to refine it once more.

However, with the previous fragment as a foundation and his current cultivation base, this was already a very easy thing.

Not much time would be required for it.

Currently, Yan Zhaoge truly felt that it was a pleasant surprise, “With this, my trip to the Floating Life World this time can already no longer be considered a wasted one.”

The people of the Blood Cloud Clan, the Thunder Rumbling Clan and the Blazing Fire Clan currently felt boundless fear.

They might have been feeling other things before, having been furious, unresigned, greedy, resentful…

Regardless, currently, all of them were consumed by a single emotion.


A fear that had virtually completely numbed their minds and bodies.

Seeing the final trump card of the Thunder Rumbling Clan having been easily thwarted by Yan Zhaoge, as long as they still possessed the energy to move, all of the invaders turned and fled.

…Even those who had previously been heavily injured to the point of being unable to move managed to muster up some source of unknown energy now as they struggled to flee.

Just like how the three clans were fearful of the power of the Blood Cloud Gourd, the martial practitioners of the Floating Life World generally knew the power of the Thunder Containing Tablet.

If they had the chance to steal or destroy the Thunder Containing Tablet, whether it was Green Dragon Mountain or the Blood Cloud Clan, both of them would act without hesitation.

Meanwhile, the power of the purple orb that had appeared after the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan had shattered the Thunder Containing Tablet, having been completely unleashed, had been felt by all of them here as that terrifying aura had far surpassed that of the Thunder Containing Tablet.

However, this treasure had been easily tamed by Yan Zhaoge amidst casual speech and laughter.

This had been achieved with an even more relaxed manner than when he had suppressed the Blazing Fire Demon Slaughtering Grand Formation and halved the Blood Cloud Gourd with his sword.

How could this not cause Lu Ming and the others to feel fearful, fearful to the point of numbness

They had never felt something as clearly as this before.

In the Furan Kingdom previously, they had not seen through the strength of Yan Zhaoge’s group, having mistakenly taken a true dragon for a grass snake.

Now, they still seemed unable to see through Yan Zhaoge’s true abilities.

This youth who had only appeared in the Floating Life World a short time ago had swept through their three clans all on his own, sending them scurrying off in pathetic defeat yet still not looking like he had gone all out with his true strength.

The power difference between them being just too immense, the deep desolation and helplessness felt by the martial practitioners of the Thunder Rumbling Clan and the Blazing Fire Clan now even left them unable to feel any hate towards Yan Zhaoge.

Fear and rage required a target for venting.

The martial practitioners of the Thunder Rumbling Clan and the Blazing Fire Clan could only feel hatred towards the Blood Cloud Clan like they had never felt before.

If not for the Blood Cloud Clan having wrongly evaluated the strength of Yan Zhaoge’s group, how would they have slammed headlong into a wall of metal, with it now looking like that collision might just directly render them dead

For just that one moment, the martial practitioners of the Thunder Rumbling Clan and the Blazing Fire Clan even felt like they wanted to team up with Green Dragon Mountain, the three joining hands in a conquest to the south to surround and beat up the Blood Cloud Clan.

Now, however, what was most important for them was first escaping their own imminent destruction!

Lu Ming brought along his Blood Cloud Clan martial practitioners in rapidly escaping.

The Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan did not dare to linger on his feelings of despondence and frustration at the loss of his treasure as he hurriedly brought his people along in fleeing towards another direction.

Those from the Blazing Fire Clan were caught in a tragic situation.

Having been suppressed by the pillar of the Divine Palace, they were unable to flee even if they wanted to.

Behind Lu Ming’s group, the terrifying sword-light assaulted over once again like a dragon soaring a thousand li, rampaging amidst its path as blood flowed all around in rivers.

Seeing Lu Ming and the others escaping, Yan Zhaoge was not in a rush as he gazed beneath the pillar of the Divine Palace.

There, the Chief of the Blazing Fire Clan let out consecutive strange howls, fiery red light flickering unceasingly within his eyes as the patterns of light about his body grew increasingly dazzling.

The Blazing Fire Demon Slaughtering Grand Formation had already been suppressed, but above his head, the massive silhouette of a Fire Crow was currently gradually taking form.

Looking rather interestedly at this, Yan Zhaoge appraised, “Yeah, it is much stronger than that Ling Gang who cultivated in the Six-Legged Flying Lightning Leopard.”

“Though, it’s still pretty much useless.”

Having said thus, the sword-light of the Green Abyss Sword in Yan Zhaoge’s hands now flashed as the head of the Chief of the Blazing Fire Clan was instantly separated from its body.

Dazedly watching on as their Chief was beheaded by Yan Zhaoge in a single move, the martial practitioners of the Blazing Fire Clan were all unable to react for quite a time.

As the martial practitioners of Green Dragon Mountain in the distance with their Chief, Luo Jinghao, at their head saw this, their bodies couldn’t help but involuntarily tremble, a chill rising up from their feet through their spines and straight to the top of their heads.

Yan Zhaoge appeared rather nonchalant as after having slain the Chief of the Blazing Fire Clan, he turned to look at the people of Green Dragon Mountain, asking casually, “There shouldn’t be a problem if I leave the rest of the Blazing Fire Clan martial practitioners for you to handle, right”

Luo Jinghao and the others unconsciously straightened their backs, answering smartly, “No problem!”

Yan Zhaoge nodded noncommittally before directly keeping the pillar of the Divine Palace and disappearing from his present location in a flash, shooting off in pursuit of the escaping martial practitioners of the Blood Cloud Clan and the Thunder Rumbling Clan at lightning speed.

That speed left no doubts whatsoever in the minds of the Green Dragon Mountain martial practitioners that he might not be able to catch up with their fleeing enemies.

Yan Zhaoge no longer being in sight, only now did the tense hearts of they of Green Dragon Mountain finally gradually relax.

They all exchanged looks, feeling as though they were in a dream.

Thinking of how they had been thinking to acquire some Pixiu essence blood from Yan Zhaoge earlier, thinking how they had believed that Yan Zhaoge wanted to rely on the power of their Green Dragon Mountain to intimidate the Blood Cloud Clan, halting their pursuit, all of their backs were drenched with sweat as they wished that they could dig out a pit and bury themselves within it.

At this moment, all of them rejoiced from the bottom of their hearts that they had not expressed such thoughts to Yan Zhaoge in front of him.

Matters now could still be salvaged.

Thinking of this, all of them turned and looked at Su Yan, neither hurried nor slow as she arrived late to the matter at her own pace.

The Chief of the Snow Crane Sect seemed not to have been worried at all that her Young Master might be unable to deal with the previous situation.

Looking at Su Yun’s face now, Luo Jinghao and the others could only feel their faces burning with a fiery pain.

However, they had to be shameless now and awkwardly face Su Yun as they tried to remedy the mistakes that they had made back at Green Dragon Mountain.

However, while feeling awkward, all of them of Green Dragon Mountain now rejoiced greatly at their Chief having agreed upon that marriage for his son that year.

Those who had once opposed that marriage all now wanted to whoop towards the skies, “All hail Chief’s brilliance!”

Facing those respectful people of Green Dragon Mountain, Su Yun’s expression was calm and her tone mild as she said, “This is my Young Master’s way of resting.

My Young Master says that as compared to undertaking an expeditious journey and meeting with others, this is quite less tiring.”


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