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HSSB445: Smiting thee dead!


While able to take care of the Blazing Fire Mountain martial practitioners who had come to invade them, while having to smile awkwardly with Su Yun, the martial practitioners of Green Dragon Mountain were pained as well as happy.

It was not that they lacked backbones.

Instead, Yan Zhaoge’s sweeping dominance over the three clans earlier had caused them to deeply comprehend that they might not be on the same level at all.

Admitting inferiority under such circumstances didn’t have to do with one’s backbone at all.

…or at least, it was this way that the people of Green Dragon Mountain comforted themselves.

Whether or not others believed it, they themselves believed it whole-heartedly.

Meanwhile, the Blood Cloud Clan and the Thunder Rumbling Clan could currently feel only pain.

While they wished that they could give the people of the Blood Cloud Clan a vicious beating, with them being in the same boat now like ants attached to the same rope, the people of the Thunder Rumbling Clan could only suppress the despondent fury in their hearts.

Them having split up and escaped in two different directions, the Thunder Rumbling Clan believed that Yan Zhaoge would most likely chase after the people of the Blood Cloud Clan if he was of the mind to pursue.

After all, Yan Zhaoge had originally had old enmity with the Blood Cloud Clan.

The western invasion this time had also been orchestrated by the Blood Cloud Clan, being the ones who were the most responsible.

The Blood Cloud Clan also thought the same, but it wasn’t like they could flee towards the territory of the Thunder Rumbling Clan.

Fleeing back to their clan and borrowing the power of the Blue Bird was already the last hope that they could count on.

While after having seen Yan Zhaoge’s strength, no one thought that the Blue Bird might be able to obstruct him, it was, at the end of the day, a life-saving piece of straw for them to clutch at, allowing them to grit their teeth and proceed forth painstakingly.

Otherwise, they might just immediately break down.

Behind them, a sword-light streaked over from the western horizon, almost instantly catching up with them.

As the majestic dragon’s roar resounded, it was like the king of hell was summoning their souls as the martial practitioners of the Blood Cloud Clan and the Thunder Rumbling Clan quivered in fear.

As the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan gazed over, he saw Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light spin, indeed going off in pursuit of those of the Blood Cloud Clan.

Still, before those of the Thunder Rumbling Clan could catch their breaths, sword qi and sabre-light shot into the skies as Xu Fei, Ah Hu, Feng Yunsheng and Ying Longtu were now before them.

Xu Fei swivelled his head and said to Feng Yunsheng and Ying Longtu, “This is mainly for the two of you to temper yourself.

Just performing to your utmost is enough.”

Feng Yunsheng and Ying Longtu nodded, Ah Hu meanwhile laughing, “Having been beaten to an entire palace of wounded troops by Young Master, they won’t be able to stir up much.”

The Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan was greatly angered, as were the martial practitioners of his clan under him.

It was already tragic enough how Yan Zhaoge and beaten them to the point of losing their helmets and shedding their armour, huddling their heads and scurrying away like sewer rats.

Still, could it be that even some random qi cultivators randomly appearing out of nowhere would be able to act domineeringly in the Floating Life World as they liked

Not believing in the occult, the demonic bloodline cultivators of the Thunder Rumbling Clan surged forward ferociously.

Still, they quickly discovered that not believing in the occult was really not fine!

Perhaps Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei and the others weren’t actually as powerful of Yan Zhaoge, possessing his wide arsenal of powerful treasures.

However, after having truly clashed, the demonic bloodline cultivators of the Floating Life World now realised that Xu Fei, Ah Hu and the others had also not used their full strength back in Kanghe City of the Furan Kingdom as well.

Therefore, slamming into a wall once more, the hatred those of the Thunder Rumbling Clan felt towards the Blood Cloud Clan hereby became even more irreconcilable.

They could only feel extremely joyful at the thought of Lu Ming and the other martial practitioners of the Blood Cloud Clan having to face Yan Zhaoge’s personal pursuit, this even causing their current predicament to feel like less of a grim, dismal one.

Meanwhile, the Blood Cloud Clan martial practitioners were naturally feeling pained as if their parents had died.

Now, a clear phoenix cry resounded from the path before them.

Hearing the familiar cry of the Blue Bird, not only did Lu Ming and the others not feel joyful, their expressions instead changed greatly.

A blue silhouette soared into the air in the distance, its wings spread wide as its strength was even greater than when Lu Ming and the others had established the Blue Bird Crying Heaven Formation earlier.

The wings of the massive silhouetted Blue Bird seemed to extend into space as even the winds and clouds between the heavens and the earth were drawn by their movements.

A scholarly-looking middle-aged man stood beneath that Blue Bird, his pupils turned completely blue as countless bright flickering patterns of light could be seen on the surface of his skin.

One of the current three strongest experts of the Floating Life World, once a Heaven’s favoured son of the Blood Cloud Clan, it was the ‘Phoenix Demon’ Shao Fengting.

Shao Fengting said calmly as he looked as Lu Ming, “Senior apprentice-brother ah, this is the first time I have ever seen you so harried.”

Lu Ming’s expression was extremely dark.

With the grave injuries his group currently had, how might they be able to stand against the Phoenix Demon of the Three Demons

Even if he awakened his bloodline and became a semi-demonised practitioner, he would still not be able to defeat Shao Fengting before him.

Shao Fengting chuckled, “Did you think I would be foolish enough to attack your headquarters with the Blue Bird guarding over it Waiting here for you to return from the western domain would instead be the best choice for me ah.”

“Even if you won, being prideful amidst high spirits, it would be easy for you to let down your guard.”

“And if you were defeated, you would be like how you are now, falling nicely right into my hands like this.”

Beneath the silhouetted Blue Bird’s wings, many powerful auras surged as a great number of semi-demonised practitioners revealed themselves.

Resembling wild beasts congregating by the side of their king, they closely followed after the ‘Phoenix Demon’, Shao Fengting.

Seeing Lu Ming and the others appearing before them, a bloodthirsty, brutal air could be felt from these semi-demonised practitioners.

Looking at Lu Ming, Shao Fengting tilted his head slightly, “Still, your three clans having joined hands to attack the western domain, how would you have lost just to that one Green Dragon Mountain That’s really a bit too useless, right While you lot are trash who dare not awaken your bloodlines, it is also the same for those of Green Dragon Mountain.”

“Even if all of them awakened their bloodlines, they still shouldn’t have been able to defeat the three of you all on their own, isn’t it”

“Unless, there was a Green Scaly Dragon hidden in Green Dragon Mountain”

“Or perhaps that ‘Jade Crane’ of the Snow Crane Sect whose strength we have never been able to ascertain for sure far surpassed your predictions”

Shao Fengting’s gaze flickered slightly, “While it was too far away and I couldn’t say for sure even with my sensory abilities, I felt like some extremely powerful fluctuations over from the site of your battle did not come from the hands of demonic bloodline cultivators like us, instead seemingly resembling that from a qi cultivator.”

He smiled, “Whatever the case, you’ve finally thrown yourselves into my net.”

The silhouetted Blue Bird flapped its wings, a terrifying storm sweeping over towards Lu Ming and the others.

Numerous streams of blue light formed a net, first enveloping and entrapping Lu Ming within.

As Lu Ming’s expression changed slightly, he heard Shao Fengting say, “Senior apprentice-brother, I’ll keep you alive first.

You’ll still be of use later when I return to your clan to deal with the Blue Bird there.”

Now, a sword-light lit up in the distance, completely ignoring Shao Fengting and the other semi-demonised practitioners as it continued shooting towards Lu Ming irregardless.

Shao Fengting frowned.

With a sweep of his hand, a wing of the Blue Bird was raised to block the incoming sword-light.

“Go back and tell Jade Crane that this Shao Fengting will be taking these people of the Blood Cloud Clan.

She doesn’t have to worry about me letting Lu Feng and the others off,” Shao Feng said mildly, “I will not interfere in the matter with the Blazing Fire Clan and the Thunder Rumbling Clan…”

Before his words had landed, a massive rumbling boom suddenly resounded between the heavens and the earth!

A massive purple orb hung high amidst the horizon.

Infinite, boundless thunderbolts mightily descended!

The entire world all around was completely enveloped in an ocean of thunder and electricity.

They had descended in merely an instant.

Shao Fengting’s composed expression that was as if all of the heavens and earth were under his control had still yet to fade, still in the midst of switching to gaping with mouth hanging wide as he and the silhouetted Blue Bird above his head had already been engulfed completely by the incoming thunderbolts!

The terrifying thunder only sounded an instant, next vanishing as quickly as it had come.

However, rumbling noises still resounded chaotically between the heavens and the earth, countless snakes of electricity unceasingly traversing the area, not dissipating in a long time.

Placed amidst such an environment, Lu Ming and the others could only feel as if electricity had been conducted about their entire bodies as unable to easily move, they felt numb and stiff beyond compare.

Wide-eyed and tongue-tied, they saw how Shao Fengting who had still been full of authority and grandeur just a moment earlier was now already completely nowhere to be seen, as though he had never appeared in the first place.

However, that scattered qi and blood as well as that air of death which came with the complete deterioration of life still proved a fact.

One of the mighty Three Demons, the expert Shao Fengting who stood at the peak of the Floating Life World, had been directly smited dead by a thunderbolt!


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