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HSSB446: I don’t feel like being a hero today


While Lu Ming and the others hadn’t been directly targeted by the thunderbolt, just having been struck by its aftereffects, their bodies still felt greatly numb.

The semi-demonised practitioners who had followed Shao Fengting here were also in the same situation.

Those who had been standing closer to him had even been smote completely to smithereens alongside him, with not even the bones of their bodies remaining.

All of them looked dazedly at this scene, unable to recover for a long time.

For just that one moment, the same ridiculous thought even appeared within all of their minds.

Could it be that the heavens, really unable to stand the sight of them discarding their human identities and even going to the extent of killing and devouring the flesh and blood of their fellow humans, had therefore directly sent heavenly punishment down upon the semi-demonised practitioners

The rumoured divine punishment, a bolt of thunder descending directly to smite the guilty.

However they looked at it, that shocking bolt of thunder which descended from the skies earlier just seemed like a punishment from the heavens!

While they clearly knew that this was a rather ridiculous thought, all of them here still couldn’t help but tremble involuntarily.

From the perspective of an ordinary person, the scene before them was truly rather hard to process and register.

The ‘Phoenix Demon’ Shao Fengting, known alongside the ‘Thunder Demon’ and the ‘Ape Demon’ as the Three Demons, had presided at the top of the Floating Life World together with them.

Even with the power of the Four Clans, they had still only been able to stand against them with the help of their treasures and a great amount of experts formed into a battle formation.

Any single one of the Three Demons were figures who had run domineeringly rampant within the Floating Life World for many years as the three represented the highest level of personal combat power in the Floating Life World.

Now, however, right before their eyes, the ‘Phoenix Demon’ Shao Fengting had been smited to smithereens by a single thunderbolt, dying without a ground of burial!

If one said that this was the work of someone, how then wouldn’t they feel shocked and stunned

At this moment, a leisurely expression on his face, Yan Zhaoge strolled casually out from amidst the light of thunder.

After having unleashed An Instant’s Thunder, the power within the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment had been used up completely as it had returned to being a completely unobtrusive, grey and dusty stone orb once more.

Yan Zhaoge kept the stone orb before lightly pointing at the blade of his Green Abyss Sword.

“Now, who still wishes to bar my path”

The semi-demonised practitioners could only feel their bodies trembling involuntarily against their will as they hurriedly scurried off to the sides.

Lu Ming forcibly raised his spirits, saying tremulously and respectfully, “Thank you, O exalted one, for saving us.

If we had fallen into the hands of the Phoenix Demon, it would truly have been a fate worse than death for us.”

“While the semi-demonised practitioners were born human, they have all forgotten their ancestors, willing to become demons as they feast on the flesh and blood of their fellow kin.

While their appearance might bewilder you as to the fact, they are actually more dangerous to us human martial practitioners than are the demonic beasts.”

“In having slain the Phoenix Demon, O exalted one, you have rid our Floating Life World of a great evil.

This old man expresses my greatest gratitude and respect to you here on behalf of all who have died under the hands of the Phoenix Demon and those semi-demonised beings that follow him.”

The martial practitioners of the Blood Cloud Clan all looked rather shockedly at their Chief.

Some with quicker reactions gradually regained their wits, hurriedly doing the same as him.

Some of the Green Dragon Mountain martial practitioners had stayed behind to deal with the Blazing Fire Clan martial practitioners, while others had followed Yan Zhaoge over here.

After getting over their initial shock, they quickly made this link as well.

Luo Jinghao and the others could not help but curse inwardly at Lu Ming’s shamelessness.

Treating his old face like it was nothing, actually having found such a chance to beg Yan Zhaoge for mercy.

However, amidst their cursing, they could not help but admit that this was really a good chance that Lu Ming had grasped.

Luo Jinghao and the others felt rather uneasy as they all looked worriedly at Yan Zhaoge.

The ‘Phoenix Demon’ Shao Fengting being a sworn enemy of the Blood Cloud Clan, in killing him, Yan Zhaoge had indeed done the same as rescuing the Blood Cloud Clan as well.

This caused their hearts to beat frantically.

If Yan Zhaoge was really of a mind to let the Blood Cloud Clan go, they weren’t in a position where they could kick at them when they were down.

Being the Chief, Luo Jinghao had even more considerations.

Yan Zhaoge was really too powerful.

Could it be that he truly wanted to conquer and take control over the entire Floating Life World

Conquest through power was easy, but if one wanted to rule over a world with a high degree of control while also allowing the world to continue moving along normally according to their will, that wasn’t something that could be achieved simply through a conquest of strength.

Luo Jinghao was thinking: Could it be that Yan Zhaoge wanted to take the Blood Cloud Clan under his rein

Proceeding down this line of thought, the same could apply with the Blazing Fire Clan and the Thunder Rumbling Clan as well, whom he had taught a good lesson today and coerced to behave obediently.

As for Luo Jinghao’s Green Dragon Mountain, it would be unable to resist Yan Zhaoge’s orders as well.

After today’s lesson, with the other three clans all falling obedient, they might even be made to suppress Green Dragon Mountain somewhat such that they would not be solitarily strong on their own.

Having such thoughts in his mind, Luo Jinghao felt even gloomier.

Lu Ming’s thoughts were much simpler, being: Young people generally love face, love being a hero, love acting on the spur of the moment based on their emotions.

“Clearly pointing out the evils of the semi-demonised practitioners and emphasizing how we as human martial practitioners fall in the same camp, this should be sufficient to alleviate his antagonism and killing intent, right”

“If I praise him up to the skies and push him to a corner with words, as long as he goes according to my words and gets his identity raised up, cherishing his fame, he should no longer be making a move, right”

The more Lu Ming thought like this, the more sincere and humble he became, “The people of the Floating Life World have always been threatened by the powerful demonic beasts and semi-demonised practitioners.

We human martial practitioners have always wanted to vanquish them, yet have been unable to achieve it simply because their abilities are truly too great.”

“Luckily, you, O exalted one, descended like a divinity upon our soil, a true dragon descending from the heavens.

With a mere flip of your hand, you slew a semi-demonised hegemon like the Phoenix Demon, ridding the Floating Life World of a great evil.”

“My mere unworthy Blood Cloud Clan is willing to follow you, O exalted one, in vanquishing demons and vanishing evils.

Not having earlier recognised the true divinity before our eyes, we inadvertently offended you, now feeling incomparably regretful about this.

I beseech you, O exalted one, to forgive us for our ignorance.”

Looking calmly at Lu Ming, Yan Zhaoge kept the Green Abyss Sword in his hands.

While appearing even more humble, Lu Ming actually inwardly heaved a sigh of relief, “Young people are still young people at the end of the day.

I don’t know how he managed to cultivate out such truly shocking strength, but as long as he is just praised somewhat, he would then be very easy to deal with.”

He glanced at the Chief of Green Dragon Mountain, Luo Jinghao, from the corner of his eye, “Perhaps something can still be made out of this.”

As he was thinking this, the world before his eyes suddenly grew dim.

Lu Ming stared wide-eyed as Yan Zhaoge raised his hand, slamming downwards with a palm!


The Chief of the Blood Cloud Clan was shocked and bewildered.

He wanted to resist, but his head had already been caved in by that palm which seemed able to collapse even the very heavens!

The others all gaped, mouths hanging open in shock.

Yan Zhaoge calmly retracted his palm, “This time, I don’t want to be some sort of hero or saviour of the world.

I want to be a great demon king for once.”

“Right, and a great demon king who doesn’t have to use his brain at that.”

Yan Zhaoge had naturally known all of what Luo Jinghao had been formulating.

However, he was too lazy for all of that.

This time, he just wanted to go with something a little more simple and violent.

Looking at the remaining Blood Cloud Clan martial practitioners as well as semi-demonised practitioners, Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head and asked the people of Green Dragon Mountain, “Is there any problem if I leave them for you to handle”

Luo Jinghao and the others hurriedly answered, “No! Absolutely not!”

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, his hands behind his back as he strolled leisurely away.

Two steps later, he suddenly stopped and asked, “Right, I remember that you people of Green Dragon Mountain once invited me over to your place as a guest”

Just having heaved a sigh of relief, Luo Jinghao and the others instantly felt like crying yet not having the tears for such.


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