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HSSB447: Great Demon King Yan Zhaoge


Looking at Luo Jinghao and the others of Green Dragon Mountain, Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “Having ran around for a few days, I was rather tired, therefore not having attended.

You shouldn’t have come here specifically because of this, right”

Luo Jinghao sucked in a deep breath, “Of course not.

If you are willing to grace Dragon Peak with your presence, we would naturally feel incomparably honoured.

Still, whether or not to come is still definitely up to you.”

“In having come here, it is because external enemies came to invade us.

Afraid that you might be disturbed from your rest, we specially hurried over to deal with the matter.

We had not thought that you would still be alerted by the matter in the end.

This Luo expresses his deepest apologies here.”

The other Green Dragon Mountain martial practitioners all hurriedly nodded like chickens pecking on grain, “It is precisely so.”

Yan Zhaoge said nonchalantly, “If that’s the case, it’s fine.”

Having said thus, he turned and left.

The people of Green Dragon Mountain all heaved a sigh of relief.

Luo Jinghao hurriedly led them in capturing and killing the Blood Cloud Clan martial practitioners and the semi-demonic practitioners here.

Having finished dealing with the matter before them, receiving a report from their people, Luo Jinghao and the others then hurriedly rushed off in another direction.

Having arrived there, they saw Yan Zhaoge standing casually in mid-air, Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu and the others beside him.

Other than them, the Chief of the Snow Crane Sect, the Jade Crane Su Yun, was there as well.

Meanwhile, the Thunder Rumbling Clan martial practitioners were strewn dead or wounded across the ground.

The only exception was the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan, having only been captured alive, not having been killed like Lu Ming, the Chief of the Blazing Fire Clan and Shao Fengting.

As Luo Jinghao neared, he heard Yan Zhaoge laugh, “Although it was an accident, seeing how you gave me a huge gift, putting me in a rather good mood, I think that I’ll spare your life this time.”

The Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan forced out a smile that looked even uglier than crying, “It’s great just as long as you like it.”

Seeing this, the hearts of those of Green Dragon Mountain instead grew increasingly tense.

This was not because the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan had been spared by Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge’s great strength and earlier performances had already sufficiently demonstrated that he wasn’t interested in and also didn’t need to play balance of power between the strong powers.

What caused the people of Green Dragon Mountain to feel worried was that one who acted according to however he was feeling would always be far harder to serve than one who acted according to benefit or detriment.

This caused them to feel even more uneasy as they did not know when they might accidentally aggravate Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge looked at Feng Yunsheng and Ying Longtu, smiling, “How does it feel”

Ying Longtu seemed like he had still been thinking on the earlier battle as he only snapped out of his reverie upon hearing Yan Zhaoge’s question, “They…the fighting methods of those demonic bloodline cultivators are very immature.”

While he was still a little ignorant in matters of daily life, Ying Longtu’s intelligence had been gradually expanding as he had already begun acutely understanding the martial dao.

Even Su Yun who was unfamiliar with him, hearing him talk about the martial dao, would be able to tell that he had quite the insight in this area, rather than mistaking him as a fool of a child.

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, “Right.

While a general framework has already been set up for their training methods, they are still in the midst of development.

With that, even less has to be said about the striking techniques.”

“Although demonic bloodline cultivators actually place great emphasis on actual battles due to their environment and cultivation method, they still have a long way to go.”

Having said thus, Yan Zhaoge turned and looked at Feng Yunsheng.

He found Feng Yunsheng looking completely out of it, with it seeming as if her spirit had left her body as she stood silently on the spot, not reacting even having heard his question as she appeared even more dazed than Ying Longtu.

Seeing this, rather than looking anxious, a look of joy appeared on Yan Zhaoge’s face.

Beside them, Ah Hu, Xu Fei and Su Yun smiled as well.

While Luo Jinghao and the others of Green Dragon Mountain as well as those of the Thunder Rumbling Clan felt curious about this, they didn’t dare to interrupt them as they just waited silently by the side.

After a long time, Feng Yunsheng suddenly let out a clear roar, the acupoints of her entire body shaking together as aura-qi surged and was released out of her body.

The numerous streams of qi were lively and intelligent, resembling stones that had been infused with life as they were filled with spirituality.

Above her head, an indistinct spiritual light that was visible at times whilst unseen at others shot straight into the horizon!

At this moment, she had just successfully stepped into the early Xiantian Martial Scholar realm.

Feng Yunsheng’s eyeballs which had not moved at all earlier as they had resembled carvings of wood now rotated, intelligent as they had never been before.

As she opened her eyes, a brilliant light shot out from them in all directions as her mind, qi and spirit contained strength in abundance.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Junior apprentice-sister Feng, congratulations on your successful breakthrough into the early Xiantian stage.”

Ah Hu and the others congratulated her as well.

Even Han Long’er was able to tell the changes in Feng Yunsheng, showing a simple and honest smile as he congratulated her repeatedly.

Looking at Feng Yunsheng, Su Yun inwardly clicked her tongue in praise, “People of the same kind gather together.

These fellow disciples of Young Master are all extraordinary heaven-defying geniuses as well ah!”

Full of energy, Feng Yunsheng looked at Yan Zhaoge, smiling, “While it was not a life or death battle wringing out my potential like I had thought, having clashed with this kind of martial practitioners that we had never faced before, quite some gains were made from it.”

“Seeming like demonic beasts yet not being demonic beasts, being completely different from us qi-cultivating martial practitioners.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly.

Feng Yunsheng’s shocking talent in the martial dao was often not directly reflected in her daily cultivation.

Instead, she could grasp things that most people couldn’t in actual, serious battle amidst clashing with others.

Meanwhile, some of this enlightenment from those battles could benefit Feng Yunsheng’s daily cultivation, helping her to reach even greater heights.

While they did not understand the content of this conversation which had proceeded in the language of the Eight Extremities World, they were still able to tell that Feng Yunsheng seemed to have achieved some sort of breakthrough.

They hurriedly went up cautiously to congratulate her as well.

Yan Zhaoge looked first at Luo Jinghao and next at the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan before he nodded slightly, then turned and returned to the Jade Ridge Snowy Mountains along with Su Yun and the others.

The people of Green Dragon Mountain hurriedly followed.

Looking in the direction of the western domain, the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan hesitated slightly.

Still, he grit his teeth, bringing his people along in following after them.

Seeing this, Luo Jinghao and the others directed unfriendly gazes at them.

Having already made their decision, the people of the Thunder Rumbling Clan no longer hesitated as they completely ignored the glares from those of Green Dragon Mountain.

Luo Jinghao and the others secretly ground their teeth at this.

Still, unable to understand Yan Zhaoge’s thoughts, they were afraid to make any rash movements.

At this point in time, they didn’t dare to invite Yan Zhaoge to Dragon Peak again.

Wherever Yan Zhaoge was willing to go, that was where they would be going.

Having arrived at the Snow Crane Sect, Yan Zhaoge and Su Yun sat on the host seats together.

Seeing Luo Jinghao, the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan and all their bunch of people gathered on the guest seats, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “There are some things I want.

Can you people prepare them for me”

Luo Jinghao and the others raised their spirits, answering in unison, “Please say it.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Grand Spirit Stone Essence.”

Luo Jinghao asked, “How much do you need”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Two thousand catties at the very least; the more the merrier.”

Luo Jinghao and the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan let out a breath of cold air as they exchanged looks and smiled bitterly, “Just we two clans will be hard pressed to mine out such a large amount of it within a short period of time.”

“Just spread the news,” Yan Zhaoge said nonchalantly, “Tell everyone under the heavens.

Say that I am the one who wants it.”

“Aunt Yun, please have your disciples help go around and collect the Grand Spirit Stones from the various places, retrieving them back here.”

Hearing his words, Su Yun smiled, “Yes, Young Master.”

Luo Jinghao said in a low tone, “In the current Floating Life World, there are still the Ape Demon and Thunder Demon active.

Also, there are a few extremely powerful demonic beasts, each occupying some territory.

Especially over at the Blood Cloud Clan; there’s a Blue Bird there…”

“Oh, speaking of the Blood Cloud Clan, I suddenly remember,” Yan Zhaoge interrupted him, “Tell the Blood Cloud Clan to bring this person over to see me.”

Now, Yan Zhaoge raised his finger and drew within the air as traces of light were left behind in mid-air, the figure of a woman taking form.

She wore the garb of a disciple of the Blood Cloud Clan, her features clear and beautiful.

Luo Jinghao and the others nearly choked on their own saliva.

Domineeringly suppressing all under the heavens, wresting and taking whatever he liked.

He did not put the powerful demonic beast, the Blue Bird, in his eyes at all.

Instead, what he was concerned about was forcibly abducting a beauty.

This great demon king…


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