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HSSB449: My mood, your fate


The Dragon Bone Chain was Green Dragon Mountain’s supreme treasure, being a core of its foundation along with the Green Scaly Dragon bloodline.

And now, Yan Zhaoge was precisely making a move on the core of Green Dragon Mountain’s foundation.

If it had been elsewhere, they wouldn’t have known what hurt was.

If Green Dragon Mountain refused, Yan Zhaoge would instead think more highly of them.

Of course, this wouldn’t change the inevitable result.

Yan Zhaoge could just directly topple Green Dragon Mountain, at most just leaving behind Shen Rong and her husband’s family.

Right, in Yan Zhaoge’s eyes, Luo Jinghao only had one identity, and that was Shen Rong’s father-in-law.

As for the Chief of Green Dragon Mountain and whatnot, that was not worth mentioning at all.

Receiving Yan Zhaoge’s gaze, Luo Jinghao could only feel as though a huge mountain was weighing down upon him as he completely couldn’t breathe at all.

He laughed bitterly within his heart, “At least he has still given us some face on the account of Su Yun and her daughter.”

Having given the Dragon Bone Chain to Shen Rong, it would still be Green Dragon Mountain’s, at least by name.

While Shen Rong had not joined Green Dragon Mountain in marrying her husband, respecting her mother greatly, her relationship with her husband was very good.

As long as it did not clash with the interests of the Snow Crane Sect, she would usually treat herself as a member of Green Dragon Mountain as well.

Especially with Yan Zhaoge having said just now that the Dragon Bone Chain could be passed on to her children in the future.

Her children would also be Luo Jinghao’s grandchildren.

With them able to inherit the Dragon Bone Chain, it was also something that Luo Jinghao would be happy to see.

To him, to the Luo family as a whole, it was actually a good thing.

As long as her children were not too useless, it would be equivalent to the Luo Family having established themselves as the permanent Chiefs of Green Dragon Mountain.

Even if the Dragon Bone Chain was in Shen Rong’s hands, if Green Dragon Mountain were to get into a conflict with powers apart from Yan Zhaoge and the Snow Crane Sect, Shen Rong would still most likely wield it in battle on their behalf.

Luo Jinghao glanced at the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan from the corner of his eye.

With the other three clans all having suffered tragic losses, a great blow having been dealt to their vitality, only through their combined strength might they be able to stand against Green Dragon Mountain following this.

If Green Dragon Mountain could make use of this opportunity to raise their strength, they might even be able to achieve hegemony over the entire Floating Life World.

Thinking of this, Luo Jinghao’s heart jolted as he involuntarily gazed at Yan Zhaoge and then at Su Yun.

If one said that Green Dragon Mountain wouldn’t be able to achieve hegemony over the Floating Life World, the sole problem would be Snow Crane Sect.

A Green Dragon Mountain without the Dragon Bone Chain would not have the strength to suppress a Snow Crane Sect with the Dragon Bone Chain!

While the Snow Crane Sect’s overall ability, especially the strength of its younger disciples, had much room for improvement, its Chief Su Yun had gained her fame and risen to power within a rather short period of time.

Luo Jinghao did not usually say it, but he was able to feel Su Yun’s rapid rate of improvement.

The other three clans had been crippled, Green Dragon Mountain’s Dragon Bone Chain had fallen to the Snow Crane Sect and he believed that Yan Zhaoge would be taking care of the Thunder Demon, the Ape Demon and the powerful demonic beasts.

This way, even if Yan Zhaoge didn’t interfere, there would still not be anyone with the ability to do anything to the Snow Crane Sect.

Even if Shen Rong passed the Dragon Bone Chain down to her child in the future and he went over to the paternal side of his family, his heart inclined towards Green Dragon Mountain as the Dragon Bone Chain truly returned to their clan, Su Yun herself as well the rest of the Snow Crane Sect would already have had that most valuable time in which to grow and increase in strength, breaking through bottlenecks till they had reached a level where no one was able to do anything to them.

Even if Su Yun and the Snow Crane Sect had no intentions of ruling over the Floating Life World, the other powers would still not be able to shake them.

Wanting to gain hegemony over the Floating Life World or stay transcendent and above worldly affairs, becoming a figure of legend, it was all completely dependent on Su Yun’s own will.

As many things flashed through Luo Jinghao’s mind, he felt his back turn cold as his gaze that was on Yan Zhaoge changed once more.

Yan Zhaoge was not interested in playing whatever power of balance.

This time, he had just suppressed and crushed them based on his own abilities.

However, in having spared Green Dragon Mountain on Su Yun’s account, Yan Zhaoge had also casually helped to pave the road for the Snow Crane Sect’s future rise to power.

Even if he left and left no treasures behind for Su Yun to rely on, just the resources of the Floating Life World alone would already be sufficient to leave her and the Snow Crane Sect worriless.

Yan Zhaoge had no interest himself in the Dragon Bone Chain.

However, it just happened that it was suited to give to Su Yun and Shen Rong, also teaching Green Dragon Mountain a bit of a lesson in the process.

Seeing Luo Jinghao seemingly having comprehended something, Yan Zhaoge smiled mildly.

“Truly, he is no ordinary youth at all.

It is not just a matter of his great strength,” Luo Jinghao sighed inwardly, “Calling rain and overturning clouds amidst the casual raising of an arm or leg, with it just depending on whether or not he wants to do it.”

Thinking of how the Blood Cloud Clan, the Thunder Rumbling Clan and the Blazing Fire Clan had earlier called Yan Zhaoge a calamity for the entire Floating Life World, while he knew that that had been but the excuse on which basis they had jointly invaded the west domain, Luo Jinghao now felt that they had really been absolutely right in that term of description.

Retracting his thoughts, a genial smile appeared on Luo Jinghao’s face once more, “I had always felt before that our betrothal gifts last time were too light, not being sufficient to express our sincerity.

Every time I thought about this, I would feel rather regretful about it.

Today is a great time to remedy this.”

Having said thus, he straightforwardly handed the Dragon Bone Chain over to Shen Rong, also imparting to her the method of refining it.

The people of Green Dragon Mountain had complicated, conflicting expressions on their faces.

Still, they all turned into sighs in the end.

Looking at Luo Jinghao, some had such thoughts, “Your Luo Family possibly permanently gaining possession of the role of the clan’s Chief, no wonder you agreed to it so heartily.”

While they knew that this was possibly precisely the situation that Yan Zhaoge wished for, many still could not help but think such things.

Luo Jinghao knew this full well, but he could only accept it, sighing even more within his heart.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, pointing to the image of that woman which still remained within the air, “Oh, right.

I will entrust this matter to Chief Luo.

I believe that Chief Luo will not disappoint me.”

From Luo Jinghao onwards, all those of Green Dragon Mountain nearly vomited blood.

Having just gifted away their Dragon Bone Chain, Yan Zhaoge was now asking them to go to that final extent with the Blood Cloud Clan which still had the Blue Bird guarding over it.

Was he trying to play Green Dragon Mountain to death without making a move on them himself

Luo Jinghao’s lips had just moved when Yan Zhaoge raised a hand to stop him, saying mildly, “I tire of making another trip to the south.

If it’s that Blue Bird, ask it whether it wants to purify its bloodline, restoring the flair of its distant ancestor, the Blue Phoenix.”

“If it wants to, ask it to come to the Jade Ridge Snowy Mountain itself.”

Whether it was those of Green Dragon Mountain or the Thunder Rumbling Clan, all of them stopped breathing for a second.

If the Blue Bird’s bloodline could really be purified into that of a Blue Phoenix, their Green Scaly Dragon and mixed blood Suanni…

In just a short instant, Luo Jinghao was already saying solemnly, “I will definitely not fail you.”

What a joke.

In having been willing to remain at the Blood Cloud Clan, the Blue Bird had mostly likely been attracted by the nurturing of the Blood Cloud Gourd that was able to gradually birth its bloodline power.

Now that the Blood Cloud Gourd had been destroyed, if Yan Zhaoge truly had the ability to purify  the bloodline of mixed blood demonic beasts, that Blue Bird would most likely rush over to the west domain at lightning speed.

If he could properly achieve what was asked of him, perhaps there was also hope of their Green Scaly Dragon bloodline being improved yet further.

Just having been despondent and gloomy due to the loss of the Dragon Bone Chain, those of Green Dragon Mountain now felt as if the sunlight had turned bright once more.

Although losing one and gaining one, with addition and subtraction both coming together, Green Dragon Mountain’s strength might not have increased, the feeling of regaining what they had lost was always such a joyful one.

While it was still only a thought now, not having been proven for sure, those of Green Dragon Mountain all currently felt full of motivation.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Luo Jinghao could only feel as though Yan Zhaoge’s figure was gradually turning rather blurry.

His supreme dominance over the Floating Life World had begun turning from that previous sharp unstoppable-ness in his earlier battle with the three clans to heavy and unshakable.

He who had brought destruction had gradually become an unshakable overlord, presiding high over all, all subservient to his demands.

His mood, was everyone’s fate.


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