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HSSB450: Authoritative words


The ordinary folk of the Floating Life World might not have yet noticed anything.

However, the martial practitioners of the Floating Life World could clearly feel the changes in this world.

It was no longer the Three Demons and the Four Clans who reigned at the top.

The Blazing Fire Clan, the Thunder Rumbling Clan and the Blood Cloud Clan had been swept through by a single person.

While the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan was still alive, the other two Chiefs had been slain, their clans having suffered a huge blow to their vitality.

Of the Three Demons, the Phoenix Demon Shao Fengting had perished within the west domain.

Very quickly, another of the Three Demons, the Thunder Demon, fell at the hands of the same person as well.

The Four Clans were left scrambling in the dirt while the Three Demons were consigned to history forever.

The one who had caused all of this was a youth who, having appeared from nowhere, now presided at the very top of the Floating Life World, looking down at all under the heavens.

His name was Yan Zhaoge.

A single day earlier, none in the Floating Life World had heard before of his name.

A single day later, his name sounded as commonly as thunder to the ear.

No one knew of his origins.

They just knew that if there was someone in the Floating Life World whose words were the most useful, holding the most weight, it would surely be none other than him.

If Yan Zhaoge said that he wanted Grand Spirit Stone Essence, all under the heavens would collect it for him.

The available Grand Spirit Stone Essence was gathered and sent directly to the Jade Ridge Snowy Mountains.

The quarries of the various lands all went on a frenzied mining spree, the original stone being refined at an increased rate.

The final of the Three Demons and the current number one expert of the semi-demonised practitioners, the Ape Demon, instructed the semi-demonised practitioners under him after a short period of silence to collect Grand Spirit Stone Essence as well, sending it over to Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge asked one of the peak demonic beasts of this world, the Blue Bird, whether it was willing to refine its bloodline to restore the body of its ancestor, the Blue Phoenix.

After considering for a time, the Blue Bird left the Blood Cloud Clan and headed for the west domain.

No one doubted Yan Zhaoge’s ability to achieve this.

It seemed like as long as the words had been said by him, they were surely trustworthy.

Yan Zhaoge said that he wanted to meet the disciple of the Blood Cloud Clan, He Ying.

However unwilling the Blood Cloud Clan following the departure of the Blue Bird was, as the Chiefs of Green Dragon Mountain and the Thunder Rumbling Clan arrived personally at their clan, they could only grind their teeth to dust and swallow the fragments into their bellies.

If they continued resisting now, there was only the fate of destruction.

Many couldn’t really come to terms with this, but they had to accept it.

The heavens and earth of the Floating Life World which they had lived in for so many years had changed completely overnight.

Amidst the surging clouds and rising winds in the outside world, in the ancestral temple of the Snow Crane Sect within the Snow Ridge Snowy Mountains of the west domain, Yan Zhaoge sat quietly in the meditative position within that small foreign dimension.

The massive rock before him had a cavity that had been half filled up by a semi-circular mirror, the other half unceasingly being filled in by water.

Currently, it had almost completely been filled up.

Resembling a mirror as well, the light reflected off the water was pieced together with that half mirror as an image was formed together by them.

The image flickered indistinctly, gradually growing clearer.

Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes as he sat, slowly moderating his breathing and qi circulation as many clear jade stones hovered about his body in mid-air.

These pieces of white jade flickered with a faint light, gradually transforming into a layer of mist which enveloped Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes, spiritual light flickering within as he focused on the mist before him.

Numerous patterns of light lit up, forming several strange images.

While these seemed strange, they also seemed to contain the supreme principles of the heavens and the earth.

“Grand Spirit Stone Essence is indeed filled with spirituality, carrying with it many principles of the heavens and the earth,” Yan Zhaoge smiled as numerous patterns of light also seemed to shine within his pupils, flickering alongside the scene before him.

A great amount of spiritual light appeared above Yan Zhaoge’s head, condensing into a real scene.

The seed of principles nurtured amidst chaos birthed sprouts, unceasingly growing stronger.

Gradually, that young seedling actually began growing tender leaves.

One leaf, two leaves, three leaves…till there were nine in total.

There were different patterns on each of the nine leaves, all containing various profound principles of their own as those viewing them would be absorbed within their midst.

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly as he appeared calm and leisurely.

The tender seedling shook, the chaos below it that resembled soil surging as the surrounding space distorted unceasingly as a result.

Below, the heavens roiled, the earth overturned.

Above, however, the nine spirit leaves were very quiet as soundlessly, the tenth tender leaf sprouted.

Accompanied by the appearance of the tenth spirit leaf, the chaos below suddenly fell silent.

This spirit leaf did not contain any patterns, instead being completely empty.

It was just that some sort of profound principle seemed to be contained within this emptiness.

“Hah, mid Spirit Essence stage, achieved with such ease,” Yan Zhaoge could not help but smile before he shook his head, “Still, ten leaves.

It is good that it is perfect.”

Accompanied by Yan Zhaoge’s thoughts, the spiritual light above his head suddenly vanished, his body returning completely to its original state as no abnormalities could be seen in it at all.

He extended a hand, the Grand Spirit Stone Essence hovering beside him in mid-air transforming into a streak of white light and falling within his hands.

Yan Zhaoge kept the Grand Spirit Stone Essence before getting up and looking at the scene depicted on the stone upon the combination of the half mirror and the water.

“Young Master, another batch of Grand Spirit Stone Essence has arrived,” Su Yun’s voice resounded from outside the foreign dimension.

While this was the forbidden ground of her Snow Crane Sect, without Yan Zhaoge’s permission, even Su Yun herself could not step into the ancestral temple now.

She could only send Yan Zhaoge a sound transmission from outside the temple.

“Other than that, that little lady, He Ying of the Blood Cloud Clan whom you wanted to meet has already been brought over by Chief Luo and the others.”

Hearing Su Yun’s words, Yan Zhaoge walked out of the foreign dimension, asking her, “Aunt Yun, they’re in the guestroom”

Su Yun nodded, and Yan Zhaoge promptly headed over.

Having entered the guestroom, he found Luo Jinghao and the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan both waiting there as they chimed in unison upon his arrival, “We have fortunately managed to fulfil your summons.”

Gazing over, Yan Zhaoge saw a rather listless-looking girl standing there.

Feeling Yan Zhaoge’s gaze, she raised her head, meeting his eyes.

From her eyes, he could see stubbornness and unyieldingness as well as sorrow and resentment.

Having been abandoned by her clan and sent before a youth who had requested to meet her, there was no girl who would feel good about that.

Hearing the news, Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei and the others all curiously came over as well.

After seeing that girl, they exchanged looks.

“She actually really looks completely the same as junior apprentice-sister Sikong,” Xu Fei surprisedly sent a sound transmission to Feng Yunsheng who knit her brows, replying, “Her age is also similar to senior apprentice-sister Sikong.”

As compared to the rest of them, having seen Ouyang Qi and Chang Ning before, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu were clearly much more composed.

Seeing the girl before him who looked no different from Sikong Qing at all as if merely having changed into the raiments of the Blood Cloud Clan, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “My purpose in looking for you is to confirm some things.

No harm will come to you-from what we currently know, you will not be losing anything.

Still, with the time not yet being ripe, you should just rest here in peace.”

“Still, you don’t have to think about returning to the Blood Cloud Clan.”

He Ying fell silent.

She could understand that Yan Zhaoge was merely telling her, not discussing with her.

Looking at the silent He Ning, Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin as he felt rather amused, “With this, I’ve truly become a villainous great demon king.”


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