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HSSB452: The whereabouts of the other half mirror


Yan Zhaoge was slightly taken aback as he looked at Feng Yunsheng.

He composed himself, smiling as he asked, “Why would you think that It’s the same head over the two shoulders for everyone-how different can it be”

Feng Yunsheng shook her head lightly, not holding anything back since she had already spoken up about it, “It is just a feeling that I have.

It may not definitely be accurate.”

“The difference that I speak of is that sometimes, I feel that you, senior apprentice-brother Yan, are thinking about something that others are unable to understand.”

Looking straight at him, she said gently, “Also, sometimes, while placed within crowds of people, I feel like you, senior apprentice-brother Yan, are detached from this world.”

“At that time, you give off a very lonely feeling.”

The smile on Yan Zhaoge’s face did not ease, “Is it only purely just a feeling”

Feng Yunsheng said, “Actually, this feeling has already seldom appeared in recent years.

It is just that I had it again when you were looking at the Blood Cloud Clan’s Miss He just now.”

“Before that, the time when the feeling was most intense was back then at Cloud Portent Mountain of the Mountain Domain, when you were handling the Giant Spirit Magnetite Vein there.”

Feng Yunsheng raised her head slightly, looking slightly out of it, “How do I describe it It is like you’ve found a very great enjoyment, but this enjoyment is one that only you yourself can understand, therefore basking in it alone.

However, amidst that joy, that feeling of loneliness and being different from others will come off as exceptionally intense.”

“No one can understand what you are thinking-you seem to be different from everyone else.”

While still carrying a smile on his face, Yan Zhaoge did not immediately reply..

He pondered for a while before smiling, “Is it because I said some strange things at the time due to that Zhao Hao guy Don’t think too much about.

Everyone has their moments when they’re thinking randomly about stuff.

And you know me-sometimes, I really don’t follow the mood.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng smiled after a while, “Right, that’s true.

Maybe the one thinking randomly about stuff is me.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, retracting his gaze.

Tapping the table lightly, while he was looking towards the distance, his gaze had no focal point as he looked a little like he was in a daze.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng suddenly felt that at this moment, that sense of loneliness and estrangement on Yan Zhaoge was intense as it had never been before.

It was intense to the point that her heart ached at seeing it.

Feng Yunsheng was startled.

Feeling the intense changes in Feng Yunsheng’s emotions, Yan Zhaoge looked back at her.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge’s face, Feng Yunsheng’s emotions suddenly calmed as meeting his gaze that was peaceful as water, she felt some things.

The youth before her was not weak, and did not require the pity of those around him.

Having some totally random thoughts once in a while that would completely bewilder those around him seemed to be a form of relaxation as he adjusted his state of mind.

Thinking of this, Feng Yunsheng said nothing else about it as meeting Yan Zhaoge’s appraising gaze, she merely smiled, “What, is there something on my face this time”

As they looked at each other, the two smiled.

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, refocusing his gaze.

Yan Zhaoge no longer let his mind drift as his gaze clear and focused, he got up and said, “We’ve already stayed long enough in this Floating Life World.

Luckily, we already have clues to the whereabouts of the other half mirror.”

Feng Yunsheng asked, “You already know where it is”

Yan Zhaoge answered, “That’s right.”

The two having communicated via sound transmission earlier, Xu Fei, Ah Hu, Ying Longtu and Su Yun had not been privy to the contents of their conversation at all.

However, everyone could more or less feel that the air between Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng had been a little delicate earlier.

While they felt a little curious, none of them had the intention of prying into Yan Zhaoge’s matters.

“Aunt Yun, please help me to verify where exactly that location is,” Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge then went together with Su Yun into the Snow Crane Sect’s ancestral temple, entering the small scale foreign dimension there.”

Currently, the crevice on the rock had had its other half completely filled by water, depicting a complete, stable scene together with the half mirror that was inserted within.

Within the image, there were lush mountains and clear water with a waterfall descending from high above, the scenery being rather exquisite.

Su Yun recognised it with just a single glance, “It’s the waterfall region by Yaochen Mountain of the Huoqin Mountain Range in the east with Beilu Mountain as its main peak.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Since that is so, I will first be making a trip to Yaochen Mountain.”

Su Yun sighed, “Young Master, you are about to leave this Floating Life World”

Yan Zhaoge said, “You should reconsider my earlier suggestion, Aunt Yun.

While the current global situation of my Eight Extremities World cannot be considered stable, there would be no problems were the Snow Crane Sect to move over there.”

“The circulation of the spiritual qi in the earth veins of the Floating Life World is really too unfriendly for qi cultivators here.”

“While you and Rong’er won’t be affected, if your other disciples are to accomplish anything in the martial dao of qi cultivation, it is not suitable for them to remain in the Floating Life World.”

Su Yun smiled, “In having founded the Snow Crane Sect, my intentions were to leave Lady’s legacy behind.

I would naturally be happy to see my disciples developing properly on the path of the martial dao in the long term.

After all, all those here who have been able to persist and stay on are firmly devoted to the martial dao.”

“If they remain in the Floating Life World, it would indeed be holding them back.

Young Master, why not look over and bring away all those of them who capture your eye.

I will also not forbid them from switching over and joining the clan that you, Young Master, are in instead.”

“Still, I will not be leaving.

My husband is a demonic bloodline cultivator, with the Floating Life World being the place that is suitable for him to cultivate in.

It is the same for Rong’er’s husband as well.

I’ve asked her, and she is also willing to stay.”

“With the two of us possessing the Living Source Physique, our cultivation will not be held back as a result,” Here, Su Yun sighed, “It’s just a pity for Chang’en and the others, who are actually rather talented.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, “The Body Refinement realm and the Martial Scholar realm, especially before the Xiantian Martial Scholar stage, emphasise on the tempering of the qi and blood.

If one is held back for too long or starts too late, however talented they are, it would also have been wasted.

After all, as normal people grow older, their qi and blood continually deteriorate.”

Martial cultivation could not be begun too early on, or it would instead harm one’s foundations.

However, it was also not okay to start cultivating at too high an age.

There were indeed those who had risen up to prominence later on, but all those common examples had actually not started off too late.

Long before the Great Calamity, it had already long been said that if one did not become a Martial Scholar by the age of thirty, they would not reach the Martial Grandmaster realm by the end of their lives.

It had already been so during that flourishing martial era, much less now.

Yan Zhaoge and his fellow disciples naturally did not have to worry about this.

Those who were able to enter Broad Creed Mountain would all be geniuses with regard to the outside world.

Coupled with the clan’s great legacies as well as abundant resources, it would instead be a little harder not to have any accomplishments.

However, for the first-rate, second-rate or even inferior powers outside of Broad Creed Mountain, for many small sects, martial centres and families scattered all around the world, being as many as the hairs on the back of a cow, reaching the Martial Scholar realm by the age of thirty was a very lofty goal that they all aspired towards.

Other than Su Yun and her daughter who possessed the Living Source Physique, the other Floating Life World martial practitioners who walked the path of qi cultivation would all have to face this problem as well.

Yan Zhaoge said, “You can rest easy, Aunt Yun.

If your Snow Crane Sect disciples accompany me in leaving the Floating Life World, I will make the proper arrangements for them.”

“Now, I’ll first be heading off to Yaochen Mountain.”


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