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HSSB453: The opening dimensional passageway


They would first ascertain their path back to the Eight Extremities World.

Afterwards, if time still remained, they could think about how to use it then.

After obtaining the whereabouts of the other half mirror, Yan Zhaoge proceeded forth to Yaochen Mountain, Feng Yunsheng and the others going along with him.

They headed east, towards the territory of the Thunder Rumbling Clan where the Huoqin Mountain Range was located.

Before this, the Huoqin Mountain Range had bordered the areas of influence of the Thunder Rumbling Clan and the Thunder Demon.

However, with the Thunder Demon having been slain by Yan Zhaoge, the Huoqin Mountain Range had fallen completely under the Thunder Rumbling Clan’s control.

Yan Zhaoge having left the west domain and come to the Huoqin Mountain Range, the Thunder Rumbling Clan was naturally greatly welcoming of him.

Still, Yan Zhaoge did not let them participate too much, and they dared not casually interfere as well, just clearing the entire region of the Huoqin Mountain Range near its main peak, Beilu Peak, as per Yan Zhaoge’s instructions.

Having previously lost the Thunder Containing Tablet and had many of its experts wounded by Yan Zhaoge, the strength of the Thunder Rumbling Clan should originally have dropped drastically.

While the Thunder Demon was gone, there was still the mixed blood Suanni eyeing them like a tiger would its prey.

However, along with the arrival of Yan Zhaoge’s group, the mixed blood Suanni naturally wouldn’t dare to come near the Thunder Rumbling Clan’s area of influence.

“There should be where Yaochen Mountain is,” Treading within the air, Yan Zhaoge shaded his eyes with his hand as he gazed far into the distance, identifying their current position.

Their figures descended as they arrived in the vicinity of Yaochen Mountain, landing near the central mountainside.

Yan Zhaoge’s ears shook slightly as he could hear the sound of flowing water in the distance.

Following the sound of the water, a great waterfall very quickly appeared before them.

Yan Zhaoge took out that half mirror he possessed.

He saw that the mirror’s light still appeared rather dim.

Clearly, having had much of its spiritual power depleted earlier, it was currently still in the midst of recovery.

Still, having arrived in the vicinity of Yaochen Mountain, Yan Zhaoge had come to clearly feel the shaking and abnormalities in this half mirror that he had.

Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu and the others exchanged glances, nodding, “We have come to the right place.”

As he infused his true essence within the half mirror, Yan Zhaoge observed the waterfall before him.

Numerous streams of light flickered, gradually forming an illusory shadow which once again restored the fragmented mirror in his hands.

A streak of light shot out from the surface of the mirror that was half illusory, half real, circulating and sweeping between the heavens and the earth.

After a moment, the dispersed streak of light began congregating, coming together to form a single line which fell on a rock beneath the waterfall.

The rock shuddered, and Yan Zhaoge instantly smiled.

The streak of light from the centre of the mirror that resembled a line had connected to some existence beneath that rock.

Yan Zhaoge pointed, sword-light flashing as that rock instantly broke apart.

Treasured light instantly shot into the skies from within that shattered rock.

Yan Zhaoge made a grabbing motion within the air, and a black shadow flew over, landing within his hand.

It was precisely the other half of that fragmented mirror.

Its shape, design and the spiritual qi and concept contained within were all exactly the same as the half mirror that Yan Zhaoge already had.

Each being a half, they also joined perfectly together where they had disconnected.

Clearly, they had previously formed a complete mirror surface, just having split into two parts after.

Yan Zhaoge moved his hands together from the sides, piecing together the two halves of the mirror.

Instantly, numerous streaks of treasured light shot out from the complete mirror surface, illuminating the heavens and the earth.

All the space that was touched by this light actually distorted slightly.

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes lit up, “Indeed, its original quality is great.

The dimensional traversing technique inscribed on it is also a rather efficient one, being detailed as well as subtle.”

“If the mirror had not been broken earlier, when it had been complete and flawless, executing a dimensional traversing technique with it, it would have been very beneficial to dimensional travel.”

On the mirror’s surface, the words ‘Lofty Prestige’ appeared.

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows, smiling, “Lofty Prestige Mirror, is it Interesting.

Now, I wonder where exactly my mother was from”

It could already be confirmed that Xue Chuqing had merely been a passing visitor with regard to the Floating Life World.

According to the words his mother had left behind, Yan Zhaoge felt that she possibly came from the World beyond worlds that she had mentioned.

If it indeed was such, that meant to say that martial practitioners below the Martial Saint realm lived within the World beyond worlds as well.

Perhaps that place had its original inhabitants, possessing its own developing civilisation, also being separated by ordinary people and martial practitioners.

It was just that in worlds like the Floating Life World, the Flame Devil World or the Eight Extremities World, wanting to ascend to the World beyond worlds, one either had to surpass the third level of the Martial Saint realm or rely on the help of some special treasure.

This sort of treasure was naturally very difficult to find.

Yan Zhaoge’s heart jolted slightly, “If we want to go over from here, it would be rather difficult, but if they want to come over from there, it seems not to be that difficult”

“It is just that taking the third level of the Martial Saint realm as the limit, if one does not surpass it, they will not be able to go to the World beyond worlds, but if they do, is it possible for them to continue remaining in that original world that they came from”

Yan Zhaoge was momentarily overtaken by countless thoughts, “What exactly has that Great Calamity made our heavens and earth into now”

“The Purple Sun Martial Saint of the Sacred Sun Clan, Zhang Chao-I didn’t hear of him having surpassed the third level of the Martial Saint realm that year ah…”

After considering for a moment, Yan Zhaoge calmed his thoughts, refocusing his attention on the Lofty Prestige Mirror before him.

“Go!” With a mere thought on Yan Zhaoge’s part, while the Lofty Prestige Mirror was half bright and half dim, it still released a stream of light which pierced straight up into the sky above.

The stream of light abruptly dispersed within the air, forming numerous glows that resembled little shooting stars of varying sizes that scattered into their surroundings down below.

Yan Zhaoge and the others concentrated, paying attention to the directions the many streaks of light were travelling in, capturing the most obvious one of them.

“Towards the north, around fourteen thousand six hundred li from here,” As Yan Zhaoge observed the directions travelled in by the streaks of light, he also simultaneously analysed the order of the circulation of the spiritual qi flow between the heavens and earth of the Floating Life World.

After calculating for a moment, Xu Fei nodded, “It is basically around that distance.

The dimensional passageway leading back to the Eight Extremities World should be there.”

“Still, the entrance to it is unceasingly changing.

By the time we arrive there, the coordinates would probably have changed again.”

Yan Zhaoge snapped his fingers, “It is fine.

I have comprehended a bit of the natural laws on which it operates.

Having arrived there, looking for it will be much easier.

Moreover, we still have this Lofty Prestige Mirror to help us.”

“Still…” Yan Zhaoge frowned slightly, raising his head to look at the sky where light was actually still agglomerated, having yet to completely disperse into the surroundings.

Discovering the abnormalities here as well, the others also raised their heads and looked above them.

There, space shook unceasingly, actually gradually beginning to tear apart.

A terrifying dimensional force distorted unceasingly, shockingly ripping apart a massive tear in the sky above.

Light flickered within that tear, only dissipating after a long time.

As the light faded, that tear in space turned illusory, actually forming a dimensional passageway right before Yan Zhaoge and the others.

“It does not lead to the Eight Extremities World, instead leading elsewhere,” Yan Zhaoge’s pupils dilated abruptly, “The strength of the dimensional power of the Floating Life World with regard to this other world was already perhaps rather weak at this moment.

Others are also distorting space on the other side, the two forces just happening to converge at the same point, temporarily opening a dimensional passageway between the two worlds”

Gazing carefully, indistinct figures could shockingly be seen within that dimensional passageway as they rapidly flew over from the other side.


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