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HSSB455: If we save the wrong guys, just slaughter them afterwards


His hands crossed before his chest, Yan Zhaoge enjoyed the major battle currently unfolding in mid-air before him.

With Feng Yunsheng’s and Ying Longtu’s current cultivation bases, it would be very difficult for them to resist the stray ripples of power from the battle between Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters.

Yan Zhaoge and the others stood at the front, helping them to block the dangerous aftershocks of the battle.

The six doing battle were all mid Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters.

Standing by the side, Xu Fei and Ah Hu felt some pressure at this.

“Their martial arts are rather unique, being of a very high standard as well.

Placed in our Eight Extremities World, they would be on the level of the direct lineages of our six great Sacred Grounds,” Xu Fei said after a moment’s observation, “Able to cultivate to the Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster realm, none of these people are easy to deal with.”

Yan Zhaoge had a look of relish on his face, “Seven Pillars of Good, Six Evil Sects.

From that, there should be a total of thirteen such powers when they come from.”

“The question is-are there any powers above these thirteen sects”

Unlike those of the Floating Life World, Yan Zhaoge and the others almost instantly understood the level of strength of these Vast Ocean World martial practitioners as they exhibited their skills in actual battle.

Xu Fei said, “From the looks of it, they should be important figures within their sects, but still not those standing at the very top.”

“From this, there must at least be Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters above them.

As for Martial Saints, we have no way of knowing.”

Feng Yunsheng said, “Having thirteen such powers is already rather great.

The martial standard of this Vast Ocean World should be higher than that of the Floating Life World.”

Ah Hu smacked his lips, looking at Yan Zhaoge, “Young Master, there seems to be a side of these known as Changli Mountain Do we help that side”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, laughing, “While there was indeed the saying of the Five Peaks before the Great Calamity, East Broad Creed, South Changli, after the Great Calamity, all of these now mean nothing.”

“Our clan was founded after the Great Calamity, re-developing based on the legacies of the past.

It should have been the same for them as well.”

“This meeting is indeed very coincidental, but there is no logic in speaking of our innate closeness.”

Hearing his words, Ah Hu spread his palms apart, “If that is so, let us just watch on casually.

Helping would be okay if they were someone we know, but this conflict here has nothing to do with us at all.”

There was a somewhat regretful expression on the big guy’s face.

Having been by Yan Zhaoge’s side by so long, Ah Hu had rubbed off him, now also gleefully watching things blow up without fear of to what proportions they might grow.

Still, their current foremost priority was indeed ascertaining the location of the dimensional passageway back to the Eight Extremities World.

While Ah Hu usually liked happily messing around, he still knew how to weigh his actions when matters of importance were placed before him.

Xu Fei knit his brows, “This is a situation of many against few, but we do not know the root of the matter and which side is in the right, while the others are the ones who deserve to be punished.”

Stroking his lower chin, Yan Zhaoge raised his hand to his forehead, observing the battle in mid-air, “Well, we don’t actually have to ascertain who is right and who is wrong as well as what should be done with them.”

“If we save the wrong guys, we can just slaughter them afterwards.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoge say this, Ah Hu burst out chuckling while Xu Fei sighed, shaking his head as he said to Feng Yunsheng and Ying Longtu, “You shouldn’t learn everything of what he does.”

Feng Yunsheng blossomed into a smile, Ying Longtu looking like he understood whilst also not.

As Yan Zhaoge gazed at that couple controlling the black and white sword-lights, Yan Zhaoge saw spiritual lights lighting up elsewhere on their bodies as well.

Other than their accompanying swords which were mid-grade spirit artifacts, this couple had other spirit artifacts on them as well.

The husband had a piece of light armour while the wife had a bracelet.

Of course, their opponents, those four Martial Grandmasters of the Blood Dragon Sect, had spirit artifacts on them as well.

Still, Yan Zhaoge was not concerned about this.

Of that couple, Yan Zhaoge had no interest at all in the light armour the man was wearing.

A considerable portion of Yan Zhaoge’s attention was placed on that bracelet which emanated a seven-coloured spiritual light from time to time.

The seven-coloured spiritual light had defensive capabilities as it helped that woman to block the attacks of the four Blood Dragon Sect Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters.

Observing that seven-coloured spiritual light, Yan Zhaoge murmured to himself, “Why does that spirit artifact seem so much like Rainbow Dawn Jade Pith has been integrated within”

Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei and the others all looked mystified, “Rainbow Dawn Jade Pith”

Observing the battlefield in the sky, Yan Zhaoge said slowly, “Rainbow Dawn Jade Pith, not having appeared in our Eight Extremities World following the Great Calamity, seemingly having gone extinct.”

“However, according to the ancient records, there was a treasure before the Great Calamity known as the Rainbow Dawn Jade, possessing a jade pith at its core that resembles the circulation of rainbow light.”

“This thing could prove crucial in Sister-in-law Yuzhen’s recovery.”

Yan Zhaoge exhaled lightly, “Its effects would be much greater than our original motive in coming here, the Empty Spirit Rain Mist of the Marsh of Illusory Sea.”

Hearing this, the expressions of Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu, Xu Fei and Ying Longtu all changed.

Even Han Long’er, who was slow in everything other than matters related to the martial dao, had a blazing glow in his eyes at this moment.

Xu Fei’s expression was solemn as he stared intently at the dimensional passageway in the sky above, his gaze seemingly piercing through the multiple layers of space and arriving straight in the world beyond.

He asked slowly, “Might there be Rainbow Dawn Jade Pith in the world these people come from”

Yan Zhaoge focused his gaze on the bracelet that was flying about the sky along with that woman, “I should not have seen wrongly.

Still, it would be best to truly get into contact with it and feel the concept of its spiritual qi before being able to confirm this for sure.”

“If the Rainbow Dawn Jade Essence was really one of the main materials during the forging of her bracelet, it would then definitely exist in that Vast Ocean World from which they hail.”

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes into slits, “Even if it is no longer produced, having already gone extinct, that would still not be a problem.”

“While it would exceptionally troublesome, I have a way to extract the original materials that have already been used in forging an artifact.

As long as the item still remains, there are methods to be had.”

Ah Hu rubbed his fist on his palm, “Young Master, what then Do we help the Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners to capture that couple, they taking the people while we take the bracelet, or do we help that husband and wife”

Before Yan Zhaoge could speak, the black-robed old man overhead let out a cold snort.

While there was a language barrier between them, having always been keeping an eye on this side, the black-robed old man had quickly discovered that Yan Zhaoge and the others were gradually showing signs of wanting to interfere.

He said coldly, “Outsiders are not to interfere in the affairs of the Blood Dragon Sect, lest they harm themselves in the process.”

The acupoints of his entire body shuddered, numerous streams of bloodred light circulating as they gradually condensed to form the scales, claws and tail of a dragon.

His dense true essence gradually formed a layer of blood clouds.

These were not blood clouds that had been released from the Blood Cloud Gourd of the Floating Life World.

Instead, they were formed of the black-robed old man’s true essence, being existences like the mighty authority of a dragon and auspicious clouds!

The majestic blood clouds hung high overhead, enveloping the surrounding area.

While they were condensed and not unleashed, they completely locked down the area between Yan Zhaoge and that couple.


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