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HSSB457: With the sweep of a hand


Seeing this man before them, the expressions of that couple from Changli Mountain both changed slightly, “Hai Zhengjie!”

Yan Zhaoge and the others naturally did not recognise this name.

However, this person was extremely well-known in the Vast Ocean World.

‘Blood Ocean Surging Dragon’ Hai Zhengjie, a direct disciple of the Blood Dragon Sect’s current Chief and one of the peak experts of the Vast Ocean World’s new generation.

Amongst the Seven Pillars of Good and the Six Evil Sects, there were abysmally few of the same age or a similar cultivation base who could match him.

While that black-robed old man was also a late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, his seniority also being higher, his strength still fell far short of Hai Zhengjie.

It was said that as one went higher in martial cultivation, the gap between martial practitioners of the same cultivation level decreased as surpassing levels to defeat a stronger enemy was a rather rare thing.

However, there were exceptions for everything.

There were always a few who had the ability to surpass the commonly set limits for most people.

In the Vast Ocean World, Hai Zhengjie was one of these exceptions.

“It is rumoured that when Hai Zhengjie stepped into the mid Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster realm and branches grew from his spirit sprout, there were eight leaves which grew.

Afterwards, when he stepped into the late Essence Spirit stage and the spirit flowers blossomed, eight flowers bloomed from those eight leaves.”

The expressions of that husband and wife of Changli Mountain were both solemn to the extreme as they looked rather worriedly yet also with some anticipation as they looked at Yan Zhaoge in mid-air.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per usual as he appraised Hai Zhengjie, “This guy’s true essence is indeed rather strong.”

Being appraised by Yan Zhaoge like a senior would appraise a junior, Hai Zhengjie snorted coldly, “Let us test it with our true abilities.”

The nine blood dragons spewed out bloodred dragonbreath in unison, shooting towards Yan Zhaoge.

Hai Zhengjie clawed out within the air, the dragonbreath transforming into a massive dragon’s claw within the sky and clawing down towards Yan Zhaoge’s head.

Executed by Hai Zhengjie, the might of the direct lineage martial art of the Blood Dragon Sect, the Blood Fire Dragon Claw, was displayed to the point of perfection.

From Yan Zhaoge’s perspective, it was like nine true dragons had extended their claws within the sky, clawing out towards him together.

The power of the nine dragon claws congregated together, transforming into a nine-taloned fiery claw, enveloping the surrounding heavens and earth.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge laughed, moving forth his left hand to meet it.

Numerous streams of icy qi shot out from Yan Zhaoge’s hand, intermingling together as they directly formed a massive ice dragon’s claw, heading straight towards the other party’s nine-taloned dragon claw in a straight-on clash.

Dragon claw met dragon claw, ice dragon met blood dragon.

The two forces of true dragons collided intensely in mid-air.

Frost and flames erupted and scattered everywhere, turning into a layer of frost in mid-air.

Yan Zhaoge nodded casually, “Right, it is cultivated with the help of a true dragon’s bloodline.

It seems like your Blood Dragon Sect truly has the essence blood of a blood dragon.”

With this being an ancient language of before the Great Calamity, Hai Zhengjie was somewhat able to comprehend it as well.

Now, his heart sunk greatly, “While it is the blood of a true ice dragon, he can still contest against me as a late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster whilst only being a mid Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster and not come out the inferior”

Hai Zhengjie dared not underestimate Yan Zhaoge in the slightest as he circulated his qi and roared, the sound of thunder resounding.

The secret art of the Blood Dragon Sect, the Blood Dragon Disgorges Orb, erupted mightily alongside his entire body’s true essence!

After the Blood Dragon Disgorges Orb had been used, a martial practitioner would fall into a period of temporary weakness.

However, right before it wore out, his power would skyrocket!

The true essence of Hai Zhengjie’s entire body surged as this moment, the power of his Blood Fire Dragon Claw abruptly shooting up to a whole new level!

At the same time, Hai Zhengjie extended his other arm, the nine blood dragons formed of his true essence coiling and soaring as they congregated together.

He was about to unleash another killer move, going all out to slay Yan Zhaoge for good on the spot.

Already no longer underestimating Yan Zhaoge, Hai Zhengjie directly employed his full power in this blow!

As long as Yan Zhaoge was forced into retreat by the suddenly mightier Blood Fire Dragon Claw or concentrated his full strength on combatting it, Hai Zhengjie was confident of following up with his second killer move, taking Yan Zhaoge’s life!

While the two had only just begun clashing, a critical moment was instantly reached in which life or death would be decided in a single moment!

However, just as Hai Zhengjie was thinking that Yan Zhaoge would be suppressed by him, boundless power emanated from beneath Yan Zhaoge’s claw.

Numerous ice dragons flew, entangling that nine-taloned dragon claw of Hai Zhengjie’s before numerous streams of qi that resembled chaos erupted within their bodies.

The extreme coldness turned blazing hot in an instant before an explosive power surged uncontrollably forth like a volcanic eruption.

Also, it was not just a one-time explosion, instead consisting of three consecutive terrifying explosions, each one stronger than the last.

The first explosion had already left Hai Zhengjie greatly taken aback, and he was shocked even more by the even fiercer third and second explosions that quickly followed.

Resembling a tsunami for which there was eternally no end!

Violent power surged within the numerous ice dragons, directly tearing that nine-taloned dragon claw formed of that dragonbreath apart!

Hai Zhengjie fell back with a muffled groan, shockingly having been repelled by the force of his clash with Yan Zhaoge!

Capitalising unforgivingly on his momentum, Yan Zhaoge strode forward within the air.

His left hand having disabled Hai Zhengjie’s Blood Fire Dragon Claw, he struck upwards with his right palm.

Within the sky, the nine blood dragons formed of Hai Zhengjie’s true essence were currently congregating together.

The dragon heads were converging at the centre with the dragon tails facing the outside, with them still yet to have completely merged.

Still, a massive ball of blood had already formed.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s terrifying true essence now condensed into a massive heaven-obscuring hand, directly grabbing that blood ball.

Everyone opened their mouths wide.

They watched on as the nine dragon tails could be seen struggling unceasingly through the gaps between Yan Zhaoge’s fingers like grass snakes as it made for a very amusing sight.

The Blood Fire Dragon Claw having been broken, Hai Zhengjie’s face had just been livid as the qi and blood of his entire body had fallen unstable.

Now, with Yan Zhaoge snatching the pre-emptive over him once more, he was shocked yet further.

Being an experienced veteran of many battles, he was not flustered as he inhaled deeply, drawing on his strength as he continued executing this Nine Dragons Congregating supreme martial art.

Multiple spirit flowers appeared above Hai Zhengjie’s head.

They shone, the bloodred light immediately enveloping the heavens and covering the earth.

However, Yan Zhaoge gripped the ball of blood formed of the nine dragons congregating with one hand while mightily striking out towards the sky above with his other palm.

The forces of two palms met, entrapping that blood ball between them and directly shattering it to smithereens!

An all-encompassing mist of blood instantly erupted and scattered!

Dragon horns, dragon scales, dragon feelers, dragon claws, dragon bones…

Countless damaged remains rained down from the sky above.

Hai Zhengjie was finally no longer able to suppress the backlash to his true essence as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He was stunned as he looked at Yan Zhaoge before him, unable to speak for quite a time.

The Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners and that couple of Changli Mountain were also wide-eyed and tongue-tied.

“I am giving you a chance to display your skills.

Show me all that you’ve got; I want to see to what extent the martial arts of your Vast Ocean World have developed to now,” Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per usual as he strode through the air, immediately arriving before Hai Zhengjie.

He extended both his arms forward, the massive heaven-obscuring hands formed of his true essence continuing to move towards each other with Hai Zhengjie wedged in their centre!

Hai Zhengjie let out a tragic cry.

A spiritual light suddenly lit up on him, forming an armour of light which helped him to resist Yan Zhaoge’s attack.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge shook his head slightly, “Calling on a spirit artifact just like this You no longer have any other trump cards”

Hearing this, everyone instantly felt their minds thrown into disarray amidst the wind.


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