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HSSB458: Sounds pleasing


Spiritual light lit up on Hai Zhengjie’s body as his accompanying mid-grade spirit artifact moved to protect him.

However, Yan Zhaoge was completely unconcerned by this as the two massive heaven-obscuring hands formed of his true essence continued closing in towards each other, that terrifying force causing the armour formed of that spiritual light to tremble and shudder unceasingly.

Hai Zhengjie being heavily injured, thanks to the protection of his spirit artifact armour now, he managed to forcibly regather his spirits and draw on his remaining energy.

While the blood dragons formed of his true essence had been mightily shattered by Yan Zhaoge, the Blood Dragon Disgorges Orb secret art was still in use.

Hai Zhengjie’s true essence surged, transforming into a bloodred light which surged out from all the acupoints of his entire body.

They were like fresh blood which had dried and condensed on his body as numerous dragon scales.

Unlike the manifested blood dragons of earlier when his power had been externalised, Hai Zhengjie currently had all of his power kept within his body to form a powerful defence.

The crimson light grew increasingly retracted and condensed, the bloodred dragon scales gradually turning black, incomparably tough and heavy.

Hai Zhengjie’s entire body was enveloped by bloodred scales, his entire person resembling a human turned dragon.

This was precisely the supreme defensive art of the Blood Dragon Sect, the Black Blood Dragon Scales Body.

As soon as the Black Blood Dragon Scales Body was accomplished, it would combine with the defensive power of that mid-grade spirit artifact armour, helping Hai Zhengjie to painstakingly resist those two massive palms of Yan Zhaoge pressuring towards him as though squeezing together the heavens and the earth.

Now, Hai Zhengjie was finally able to catch his breath for a bit.

He looked at Yan Zhaoge, asking with much difficulty, “Who exactly are you Why are you helping that Bai Jingkang and his wife of Changli Mountain and being enemies with our Blood Dragon Sect”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Although we come from two different worlds, I am somewhat ancestrally related with Changli Mountain.

The clan I come from is called Broad Creed Mountain.”

As Yan Zhaoge saw it, what was of importance was the Rainbow Dawn Jade Pith.

With it being produced in the Vast Ocean World, there wouldn’t be much of a difference whether he were to ask those of Changli Mountain or those of the Blood Dragon Sect.

Whoever to help was actually inconsequential; he was fine with either.

However, the actions of the black-robed old man had caused Yan Zhaoge to make his decision.

Since he wanted to fight, they would fight then.

Still, since he had already made a move against the Blood Dragon Sect, in order to make it easier for him to talk with that couple from Changli Mountain afterwards, Yan Zhaoge didn’t mind randomly giving out an excuse.

“Broad Creed Mountain…Changli Mountain…” Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words, Hai Zhengjie nearly topped, “The Five Peaks of pre-Great Calamity times are merely just a legend.

Could you really be a descendant of Broad Creed Mountain of before the Great Calamity”

“However, this Changli Mountain of the Floating Life World was absolutely founded only after the Great Calamity.

It merely took on the name of Changli Mountain, having nothing to do with the Five Peaks of pre-Great Calamity times in the slightest!”

Yan Zhaoge noted the coincidence.

It had been so for his clan as well, at most only having developed upon the foundation of one of their lineages.

The faces of that black-robed old man and those four other Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners turned slightly livid upon hearing those words at well.

The husband and wife who controlled the black and white sword-lights, Bai Jingkang and Wang Bing of Changli Mountain, had been feeling incomparably fortunate.

However, upon hearing Hai Zhengjie’s words, the couple began feeling a little uneasy.

As Hai Zhengjie had said, it was true that their Changli Mountain had been founded on the soil of the Vast Ocean World following the Great Calamity, slowly developing from there.

Yan Zhaoge did not cease in his actions, his palms still mightily closing in on each other as Hai Zhengjie was pressured to the point of being unable to move at all.

“Whether or not it has anything to do with the Changli Mountain of before the Great Calamity, this name, at least, sounds pleasing to my ears,” Yan Zhaoge said nonchalantly.

Hai Zhengjie and the others felt like weeping yet had not the tears to do so.

Having met someone who acted according to his mood and whims, based upon his likes and dislikes, what then did logic and reason mean

A thousand gold is hard pressed to buy someone’s happiness ah.

Hai Zhengjie said with some difficulty, “Fine, we were the inferior side today.

Since you have decided on protecting Bai Jingkang and his wife, we will not stand in conflict against you.”

Looking at him, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “How is it that I did not see you being as polite as this when you first made a move Having done that just now, if my cultivation base had been a little lower, I would already have died in your hands along with that couple.”

“If it were under different circumstances, perhaps I would still consider it,” Yan Zhaoge raised his head and gazed at the unstable dimensional passageway within the sky overhead, “With time being so pressing now, I have not the time to deal with you.

So then, let it be ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge abruptly exerted yet greater force under his palms.

Hai Zhengjie was greatly shocked, “You…”

Before he had finished, changes suddenly appeared between Yan Zhaoge’s palms.

Earlier, his hands had executed the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm together, a force that could flip the heavens and overturn the earth pressuring down on Hai Zhengjie from both sides.

However, that massive force suddenly vanished now as the heavens and earth seemed no longer to exist at this moment.

The world seemed to have returned to before the heavens and earth had been opened, everything still in a state of chaotic flux.

No yin, no yang.

No before, no after.

No beginning, no end.

No action, no inaction.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as he continued bringing his palms together.

The next moment, the chaos mightily exploded!

It was like all things had returned to chaos, before chaos was extinguished, the universe opening once more!

The infinitely majestic, rampantly tyrannical force mightily broke apart all Hai Zhengjie’s layers of defence!

Yan Zhaoge’s palms came together with that seemingly boundless force, Hai Zhengjie letting out a tragic cry as his body was crushed unceasingly.

Seeing this, the black-robed old man and the other Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners were instantly shocked and angered.

Having taken care of Hai Zhengjie, Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head over to find them fleeing together towards the entrance of the dimensional tunnel overhead.

“Go!” Yan Zhaoge did not move from his original position, a green light shooting out from his right sleeve straight into the sky.

The green light seemed to have merged as one with the sky, but a sharp crimson light flickered along its edge, seemingly having sliced open a tragic wound within the sky.

Where the sword-light of Yan Zhaoge’s accompanying high-grade spirit artifact, the Green Abyss Sword, went, frenzied waves of death swept through the area.

Bai Jingkang and Wang Bing of Changli Mountain were currently dumbstruck as they watched on from the side.

Exchanging glances, both felt extremely lucky whilst also fearful, “The spiritual qi pulse of this world does not seem suited for the cultivation of us qi cultivators.

How could this young man have such a strong cultivation base”

Yan Zhaoge now sent a sound transmission over to Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei and the others, “The level of restoration of their martial arts is not low, but it definitely does not surpass that in our Eight Extremities World.”

“This Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster was an elite of his generation in terms of talent and strength, being a peak existence in that area.

However, his accompanying spirit artifact was still a mid-grade spirit artifact.

This goes to show that like us, the Vast Ocean World has a great deficiency in high-grade spirit artifacts.”

“Perhaps it is restricted by their proficiency in artifact forging or the resources that they have, but the accompanying weaponry of martial practitioners over there definitely does not surpass that in our Eight Extremities World as well.”

Having taken care of the people of the Blood Dragon Sect, Yan Zhaoge descended from the air, bringing everyone before Bai Jingkang and his wife before nodding to them and saying, “Well met.”

Bai Jingkang and his wife dared not to even speak as their gazes that were on Yan Zhaoge vaguely seem to contain some unease.


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