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HSSB459: This parting may be eternal


Bai Jingkang and Wang Bing could not help but feel uneasy.

Two late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters, four mid Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters.

Amongst them, ‘Blood Ocean Soaring Dragon’ Hai Zhengjie had been famed greatly throughout the entire Vast Ocean World, a peak expert amongst martial practitioners of the same cultivation level who had surpassed all his peers.

However, these six Blood Dragon Sect Martial Grandmasters had all perished at the hands of a single person, a mid Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster.

And this mid Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster was merely around twenty years of age.

While he had a high-grade spirit artifact on him, Bai Jingkang and Wang Bing could tell that the crux of his victory lay not with that high-grade spirit artifact.

While they felt grateful to Yan Zhaoge for having saved them, they felt rather uneasy as well, especially having come through the dimensional tunnel to this completely foreign world.

After greeting Bai Jingkang and his wife, Yan Zhaoge ignored further pleasantries and cut to the chase, “I see that you have a mid-grade spirit artifact that flickers with a bright rainbow light.

Amongst the materials used to forge this spirit artifact, was there a treasure known as the Rainbow Dawn Jade Pith”

Hearing his words, the husband and wife exchanged looks.

Feeling that Yan Zhaoge did not seem like the kind to help them in return for a reward, having set his eyes on their spirit artifact, they could not help but feel puzzled.

With Yan Zhaoge’s current strength and the treasures that he had displayed, he naturally wouldn’t be so set on just a mere mid-grade spirit artifact.

Even if he was, there was no way they could prevent him from just forcibly snatching it away.

Thinking of this, Wang Bing answered candidly, “Your words are correct.

This mid-grade spirit artifact of mine, the Dawn Glow Bracelet, indeed had Rainbow Dawn Jade Pith integrated into it during its forging.”

Yan Zhaoge raised his head to look at the dimensional passageway in the sky above that looked increasingly unstable, as if it might close up at any moment, “I heard those people mention just now that you hail from the Vast Ocean World”

“Is Rainbow Dawn Jade Pith still produced within the Vast Ocean World How is their production rate”

The couple exchanged glances before the husband, Bai Jingkang answered, “While it is very rare, it is produced in more than one place.

It can be considered a rather valuable treasure, its production rate being rather low.

Still, a certain quantity is still being produced.”

Raising their heads and looking at the entrance of that dimensional passageway, worried looks involuntarily appeared on their faces.

Originally, they had still been worried about Hai Zhengjie blocking their path on the other side.

Now that Hai Zhengjie had chased them over to the Floating Life World and been slain by Yan Zhaoge as well, the two of them no longer had any apprehensions as they hoped to return to their Vast Ocean World as soon as possible.

Yan Zhaoge said, “To tell you the truth, I seek to find this Rainbow Dawn Jade Pith.

Going on a trip to the Vast Ocean World, I will have to depend on the two of you.”

Hearing his words, the couple nodded, “You are polite.

There are already quarries for Rainbow Dawn Jade Pith within the territory controlled by my Changli Mountain.”

Having the chance to repay Yan Zhaoge, their minds instead relaxed greatly.

Swivelling his head to look at Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei and the others, just as Yan Zhaoge was about to speak, Xu Fei interrupted him, “Junior apprentice-brother, you should not go.

Let me go.”

“The dimensional passageway leading from the Vast Ocean World to the Floating Life World is unstable and will be closing soon.”

“If we go over, we may very possibly be trapped within the Vast Ocean World, unable to return to the Floating Life World and the Eight Extremities World as well.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge said, “Senior apprentice-brother Xu, your concerns are not unfounded.

I have considered this too, and have thoughts of my own on this.”

He flashed the Lofty Prestige Mirror, “With this mirror having come together as one now, while a broken mirror is hard to fully restore, I have some methods of my own to traverse worlds with its assistance.”

“While I am not absolutely certain of its success, it is not like I have completely no hope of returning to the Eight Extremities World.”

Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath, “Amidst the vast infinity of space, there is still more or less a chance for us to determine the coordinates of our Eight Extremities World.

However, if we do not enter the Vast Ocean World now, if we want to find it again, there would only be trying our luck.”

“Sister-in-law Yuzhen’s current condition can still be considered stable; her life is not in any danger.

However, we have to make use of every opportunity that could help her to recover and wake up, increasing the chances of success as much as possible.”

“At the end of the day, people have limit to their longevities.

Even sealed within the ice coffin with her body preserved, if the great limit is reached, she might not be able to wake up ever again.”

Yan Zhaoge sighed, “While Sister-in-law Yuzhen is still young, not having reached the Martial Grandmaster realm and her vitality having been damaged greatly due to the grave injuries that she suffered, there should only be a few decades left to her longevity or even fewer.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Xu Fei asked, “Even if you do have a way to return after you have gone, you still cannot be absolutely certain that it will work, nor do you know how long it might take, right”

Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment, “I am still unable to say for sure right now.”

Xu Fei’s expression was earnest, “The time in which we have been stuck in this Floating Life World can be ignored, but if you are trapped within the Vast Ocean World for a few years or even longer, the consequences then would be very grave.”

“It is fine for me, but you definitely cannot go!”

Xu Fei said earnestly, “The clan can do without me, but if you, Zhaoge, are not there, the situation would then be greatly different.”

Yan Zhaoge’s brows were knit tightly, “If I go, even if I have to spend a little more time, I am still confident of being able to return sometime in the future.

If it is only you, senior apprentice-brother Xu, who goes, however, you might not ever be able to return to the Eight Extremities World!”

Their relationship not like that between normal disciples, there was naturally no reservations between them as they spoke.

Xu Fei nodded, “I understand, but there definitely exists hope.”

Yan Zhaoge pursed his lips, “Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Senior Sister Xie…”

Xu Fei inhaled deeply, saying slowly, “If you meet Senior Sister Xie after having returned to the Eight Extremities World, Zhaoge, please clearly tell her about my situation.”

As Yan Zhaoge looked at him, he shook his head, “I haven’t had a family since I was young, and my Master has already died as well.

Of my attachments to this world, it need not be said that the clan is one of them, and as for individuals, there are Jun’er and his mother as well as Junior Sister Xie.”

“Jun’er already knows of the situation.

He says that wherever Sister-in-law Yuzhen goes, that is where he will go as well,” Xu Fei shook his head, “My sole remaining consideration is of Junior Sister Xie, but living in this world, there are some things one just must do, that are rooted not in emotion but in responsibility.”

Xu Fei opened his accompanying Shadow Shrinking Pouch, the figure of Little Shi Jun appearing.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, he said urgently, “Little apprentice-uncle Yan, I want to go together with Master and Mother.”

Yan Zhaoge had a deeply solemn expression on his face.

To Shi Jun, it was surely best that he could be with his mother, Ying Yuzhen.

Whatever world that he would be living in seemed inconsequential in comparison.

However, to Xu Fei, this parting may well be an eternal one.

Those familiar heavens and earth, his beloved Broad Creed Mountain, his lover Xie Youchan whom he would miss greatly-they might never meet again.

Still, Xu Fei would do this without reservation.

After Shi Songtao and Shi Tie had died one after the other right before his very eyes, taking care of Ying Yuzhen and Shi Jun had come to hold great significance in his life that might even come to weigh more importantly than that very life itself.

Xu Fei had never said some things out directly, but when the time came when it was necessary to take resolute action in making a choice, no hesitation would then be seen on the man’s part.

The dimensional passageway overhead was already growing immensely unstable.

While Bai Jingkang and Wang Bing could still remain patient, the worry they felt could already be seen on their faces.

“While we are parting in life, it is in no way a parting in death.

If fate so allows it, we will meet again someday,” Looking at Yan Zhaoge with firm determination in his gaze, Xu Fei flashed a relaxed smile at him, “Keep your spirits up! I’ll still be depending on you to get us back over.”


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