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HSSB461: The legend left behind by Yan Zhaoge


Having sent off Luo Jinghao and the rest of the demonic bloodline cultivators, Yan Zhaoge sorted out the Grand Spirit Stone Essence that he had obtained.

After having bid Su Yun farewell, bringing along some more talented young disciples of the Snow Crane Sect who were willing to leave their homelands, Yan Zhaoge and the others soundlessly departed from the Jade Ridge Snowy Mountains, hurrying towards the entrance of the dimensional passageway leading back to the Eight Extremities World.

Other than Su Yun and her family, even the disciples of the Snow Crane Sect only knew that some younger, more talented people amongst them were headed someplace miraculous that was much more suited for qi cultivation.

Yan Zhaoge’s group left the Floating Life World in a low profile manner, leaving behind infinite legends for this world.

As time passed and Yan Zhaoge still no longer made an appearance, Luo Jinghao and the others began guessing that like Xue Chuqing before him, he had removed himself entirely from worldly affairs, perhaps even having left for a whole different world altogether.

However, with Xue Chuqing before and Yan Zhaoge after, no one could say for sure when such people might step into this Floating Life World again.

This way, none of them dared to lay a hand on the Snow Crane Sect in the slightest.

During the great battle of the west domain, Yan Zhaoge had slaughtered three Clans and one Demon, having broken the courage of demonic bloodline cultivators as a representative of qi cultivators in doing so.

This was not something that could be revived within a short period of time.

While qi cultivating was extremely hard in the Floating Life World, not being mainstream at all, for an upcoming period of time, a surge of popularity was seen with it amongst youngsters that did not fade for a long time.

Every youth yearned to become a world-shaking expert like that legendary ‘Monarch Yan’, domineeringly suppressing all that stood in his path as he reigned supreme over all living lifeforms.

This was despite the fact that in the eyes of many, in the eyes of powers like the Blood Cloud Clan especially, Yan Zhaoge was really nothing but a complete demon king.

However, they would not dare to say so to Yan Zhaoge’s face, and would definitely not dare to give him a bad name.

Monarch Yan, presiding domineeringly over all under the heavens, reigning supreme over all living lifeforms.

This was the exalted form of address by the people of the Floating Life World towards Yan Zhaoge.

While he had left as suddenly as he had arrived in just a fleeting appearance, the global situation of the Floating Life World had been greatly changed.

Having appeared, his words held absolute weight as he commanded the heavens and the earth.

Even having removed himself from worldly affairs, he still intimidated every single person of the Floating Life World.

“It was indeed awesomely prestigious, but that was also because no tiger sits over the mountain that is the Floating Life World,” While bringing Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu and Ying Longtu along in passing through the dimensional passageway together, Yan Zhaoge laughed, “The titles of ‘Monarch’ and ‘Emperor’ were really not easily handed out at all in the pre-Great Calamity times.”

“Even now, no one would use it lightly.

The Chiefs of our Broad Creed Mountain have virtually all been peak experts of the Eight Extremities World amongst their generation.

Still, look at their titles.

Heaven Establishing Old Man, Exalted Heaven Shaker, Heaven Diviner, Heaven Equalling Saint.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “None of them ever used ‘Monarch’ or ‘Emperor’ in their titles.”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest laugh, “But Young Master, you seem rather happy that people are calling you this.”

Yan Zhaoge gave a dry cough, “Ahem, since they are calling it, I might as well just listen to it a little.”

Feng Yunsheng chortled by the side as Ying Longtu was smiling happily as well, “Senior apprentice-brother Yan is lying.”

Yan Zhaoge tapped Ying Longtu’s forehead, “Oh, you are really getting smart now.”

Ying Longtu held his head in simple joy as if he had returned to the days of his childhood.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “To be honest, as of right now, I am still not worthy of this name.

Still, it is indeed rather nice to hear.”

Feng Yunsheng blinked, giving an ‘Oh’, “As of right now…”

Yan Zhaoge blinked as well, “Is there a problem I feel I have been very careful in my words.”

Feng Yunsheng gave him a thumbs up, “I feel this way as well.”

They conversed happily as they traversed the dimensional passageway.

Numerous streams of spiritual qi intermingled between the heavens and the earth as the scene of the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow materialised once again before them, two rainbows that streaked across the sky, one horizontal and one vertical as they intersected in mid-air.

Feeling the distinctly different spiritual qi flow of their surroundings, Yan Zhaoge and the others sighed admiringly in comfort.

It felt like they had just emerged from a great desert, entering a village that was full of water.

However, located amidst the Marsh of Illusory Sea, despite the presence of the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow, illusory scenes were still born within the area.

Yan Zhaoge appraised their surroundings, “While the dimensional passageway over at the Floating Life World drifts about uncertainly, the entrance to it over in our Eight Extremities World should be fixed.

Still, we’ve never heard in the Floating Life World of others having gone over before.”

“From the surrounding environment, over such a long time, no one has even come near this area with the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow ah.”

Feng Yunsheng ventured a guess, “The Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow is already deep within the Marsh of Illusory Sea, and it would be very difficult for those with lower cultivation bases to come in here.

While the illusions are currently in a weakened state, it is possible for even Martial Grandmasters to get lost here.”

“As for why those with higher cultivation bases have not come to the vicinity as well…could it be that some major disturbance has occurred in our Eight Extremities World, occupying up everybody’s attentions”

Yan Zhaoge said, “We must first get out of this place.

After that, we can just ask anyone and we will know.

Fortunately, the timeflow of the Floating Life World is basically the same as in our Eight Extremities World.”

He glanced back at the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow within the sky, next lowering his head and looking down at the snow crane hairpin within his hand before shaking his head slightly.

For a place like the Marsh of Illusory Sea, it would be extremely hard to enter whilst similarly difficult to leave safely as well, due to the difficulty in identifying directions.

Finally, after spending some time, they finally managed to emerge from the Marsh of Illusory Sea.

On the territory of the Lake Domain, wanting to seek out news, they naturally had to look for those of Turbid Wave Pavilion.

Learning that Xie Youchan had still yet to emerge from seclusion, Yan Zhaoge’s heart relaxed slightly.

To him, it would naturally be best if Xie Youchan remained in seclusion all the way till Xu Fei returned safely to the Eight Extremities World.

While unable to meet Xie Youchan, Yan Zhaoge still had another acquaintance at Turbid Wave Pavilion.

When the young lady Zhang Yao saw Yan Zhaoge, she was extremely happy, “Senior Brother Yan, you have returned from the Marsh of Illusory Sea”

“That’s right, Junior Sister Zhang.

It’s been a long time, how have you been” Yan Zhaoge smiled as he introduced Feng Yunsheng and Ying Longtu to her.

Zhang Yao took an additional glance at Feng Yunsheng.

Zhang Yao was rather close to Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Maiden of Extreme Yin, Fan Qiu.

Currently meeting Feng Yunsheng who had defeated Fan Qiu in the previous fifth Extreme Yin Bout, she was inevitably a little curious.

Feng Yunsheng smiled and conversed naturally as after the three of them meeting a new face for the first time had exchanged greetings, she smiled, “How is Junior Sister Fan”

Zhang Yao said a little apologetically, “Senior apprentice-sister Fan admires Senior Sister Feng greatly.

Still, she still wishes to compete with you once more in the upcoming year.

Currently, she is in the midst of seclusion.”

Feng Yunsheng laughed magnanimously, “Junior Sister Fan is outstandingly talented, also being willing to work diligently in her cultivation.

I look forward to it.”

They all smiled, and Zhang Yao smiled as well, becoming much more casual with Feng Yunsheng.

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Junior Sister Zhang, did something major happen in the Eight Extremities World when we were in the Marsh of Illusory Sea”

Zhang Yao put on a solemn expression as she said, “Something very major.”

“Not long ago, the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall joined hands in causing trouble for Jade Sea City.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s Grand Elder, the East Coming Martial Saint, and the Chief of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Green Thunder Martial Saint, moved out personally, heading to the Water Domain.”

She looked at Yan Zhaoge and the others, “You clan’s Heaven Equalling Saint, donning the Clear Qi Robe, held off the East Coming Martial Saint in the Earth Domain, a major battle erupting between then.”


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