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HSSB464: Yan Di enters seclusion


Jade Sea City had to repair its guardian grand formation, and its Lord, Song Wuliang, had to recuperate from his wounds in secluded cultivation.

In consideration of this once in a lifetime chance, the troops of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall weighed down upon the border of the Water Domain, launching an attack.

Broad Creed Mountain and Infinite Boundless Mountain decisively lent a hand, obstructing the advance of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

In the end, just having begun, the great battle was then cut short due to external reasons.

A large scale incident had erupted in the Earth Domain once more.

The Sacred Grounds had no choice but to lay down their enmities, first directing their spearheads against the common enemies of the entire Eight Extremities World.

Many of their experts remained watching over the Earth Domain, while others returned to their clans and began making various arrangements.

Returning to Broad Creed Mountain, the first thing Yan Zhaoge did was go to see his father, Yan Di.

“Xiaoyanzi[1] has failed in finding his mother,” Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s first words upon their meeting, Yan Di was left not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

While he could not accurately comprehend Yan Zhaoge’s hidden joke, he could still understand the general gist of his words.

Yan Di sighed, “Yunsheng and Longtu have already told me the gist of the matter.

Such a result is really something that we are helpless about.”

After sighing, Yan Di’s gaze turned sharp, “World beyond Worlds, heh!”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “As it currently stands, mother should be fine.

While matters of the world are hard to predict, the tone in her message was still rather casual.”

“It is just that we cannot be too complacent.

If everything was really okay, she would not have gone to the extent of not even having gone to see Aunt Yun the second time she went to the Floating Life World.”

His hands behind his back, Yan Di gazed towards the distant southeast, in the direction of the Lake Domain.

Yan Zhaoge said, “Counting the days, the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow should already have vanished.

Still, I have obtained the Lofty Prestige Mirror left behind by Mother.

Analysing it a little, I might find it to have even greater uses.

It is just that if the World beyond Worlds is really as difficult to go to as Mother says, the Lofty Prestige Mirror alone should still be insufficient for it.”

Yan Di nodded silently, retracting his distant gaze after a while and saying in a deep tone, “If it is like you say and this Lofty Prestige Mirror really has numerous superb uses, you should pay more attention to it.”

“Xu Fei and Shi Jun are out alone with no support.

At the end of the day, this is really a worrying matter.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge nodded solemnly as well, “Please rest easy on this.”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “There is still one more matter.

Earlier, I inadvertently obtained a formation diagram, not being a formation that relies on the geography of an area like the Clear Qi Grand Formation or the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation, instead being a formation diagram for a battle formation.

It is known as the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.”

Yan Di’s gaze focused slightly, “Oh”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I had not mentioned it to anyone before, because the difficulty in setting up this formation was just too high.”

“Firstly, at least four Martial Saints at the second level of the Martial Saint realm would be required for the formation, the higher their cultivation base the better.

If such numbers really cannot be gathered, a Sacred Artifact added on to a Martial Saint of the first level would barely be passable as well.”

“Next, a large amount of Grand Spirit Stone Essence would have to be refined to support the formation’s establishment.

Only then would the formation work.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “The second problem was actually more challenging.

After all, Grand Spirit Stone Essence is already extinct in our Eight Extremities World.

Still, having gone to the Floating Life World this time, I inadvertently obtained a large amount of Grand Spirit Stone Essence.

Therefore, this difficult problem was solved just like that.”

Yan Di asked, “Therefore, it is the first problem that we face now”

Yan Zhaoge spoke candidly, “If the situation truly is urgent and we have to fill in the numbers, that would then be a necessary thing.

Otherwise, I naturally would not want to include the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie within.

After all, we are hated enemies with the Sacred Sun Clan.”

Yan Di’s expression was as per usual, “Within a short period of time, our clan definitely wouldn’t  be able to produce the required numbers.

In proposing this formation now, you should be targeted against the Earth Domain or the Flame Devil World, right”

Yan Zhaoge answered, “It is precisely so.”

“Master with the Clear Qi Robe, City Lord Song with the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword and Old Man Mo…” Yan Di raised his head slightly, “One more is still needed.”

He swivelled his head to look at Yan Zhaoge, “No unharmed eggs exist beneath a broken nest.

At the critical moment, all have to stand against external enemies together.

If the situation truly is urgent, we would only be able to count Huang Guanglie in.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded slowly, “You can rest assured that I will set up an additional hand of preparations.

Standing against external enemies together is only right, but vigilance against people is not to be lacked, and we all know the Sacred Sun Clan’s code of conduct.”

After pondering for a moment, Yan Di said, “The Earth Domain should still be remaining stable for a period of time, yes”

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge knew that Yan Di possibly had something in mind.

An accurate judgment was now required to facilitate Yan Di’s decision.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge thought earnestly for a moment before replying, “I, Grand Master and second apprentice-uncle all believe that save any major changes, there should not be any problem within a short period of time.”

“My personal judgment is that there shouldn’t be anything to worry about for the next half year.”

After hearing his words, Yan Di’s gaze turned resolute, “Notify your Grand Master that I am about to enter secluded cultivation.

Based on my on estimations, I should be in seclusion for a year or more this time.”

Yan Zhaoge was first shocked before his spirits rose, “Father, you…”

Yan Di nodded, “I remained at the ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, the Essence Talisman stage, for a rather long time, my accumulation being deep as a result.”

“After stepping into the Transcending Mortality stage, I have battled three Martial Saints, the Devil Saint Yuan Tian, the East Coming Martial Saint Huang Guanglie and the Green Thunder Martial Saint Shen Li.

I have also been sparring a little with Master.

With all of these, I have more or less felt something.”

“Afterwards, there was also that crimson pagoda that you brought back from the East Sea.

Comprehending the concept within was of great benefit to me.”

“Hearing all of you describe the cultivation of demonic bloodline cultivators after having returned from the Floating Life World this time, there has also been the effect of comprehending by analogy.”

Yan Di said quietly, “Under all these combined accumulations, I wish to give it a try.”

If this news were to spread, it would probably shake the entire Eight Extremities World.

After all, it was only during the great battle of Broad Creed Mountain just previously that Yan Di had stepped into the Transcending Mortality stage.

Him attempting his breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm after such a short period of time would truly be sufficient to leave all other Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters furious and embarrassed to death.

Due to his past injuries, Yuan Zhengfeng could be set aside.

However, before Xin Dongping had fallen to the dark side, he had not had sufficient confidence in taking that final step.

While Yan Di spoke of giving it a try, having attained his current cultivation realm, his grasp of himself would be extremely precise.

Daring to make the attempt, while he might not be absolutely certain of succeeding, he would definitely have some chance of successfully making the breakthrough.

This was related to Yan Di having intentionally suppressed his footsteps a little when at the ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, the late Essence Talisman stage.

Even Yan Zhaoge, having understood the situation, felt slightly surprised by this.

His father was truly extraordinary.

Still, while being happy for his father, Yan Zhaoge was not completely relaxed.

While Yan Di was fast beyond people’s imaginations, he might still not be able to make it in time.

While Yan Di had still yet to enter the Martial Saint realm, he was already equivalent to a Martial Saint expert now.

With this currently being a time of many matters, If something happened when Yan Di was in secluded cultivation and he was unable to participate in the battle, things then might be affected greatly.

Still, time waits for no man.

The opponents the Eight Extremities World might have to face did not merely consist of the Earth Domain and the Nine Underworlds.

There were still the Flame Devils as well!

Yan Zhaoge said solemnly, “I wish you swift and easy success.”




[1] Some Chinese drama.  Xiao means little, and zi can sort of be attached behind for familiarity sometimes


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