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HSSB465: The Sixth Extreme Yin Bout


Receiving the news of Yan Di’s imminent seclusion in an attempt to break through into the Martial Saint realm, Yuan Zhengfeng was worried whilst also happy.

With no abnormalities present in the Earth Domain for the time being, he returned with the Clear Qi Robe to sit over Broad Creed Mountain.

After sending his father into secluded cultivation, Yan Zhaoge began preparing in earnest as well.

First, he settled down the girl who resembled Sikong Qing whom he had brought back from the Floating Life World, He Ning.

Next came the matter of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

With the assistance of the Internal Crystal Furnace, refining a large amount of Grand Spirit Stone Essence to form formation-supporting artifacts would be comparatively easy, and Yan Zhaoge could complete it confidently and with relative ease.

However, wanting to fix the two broken halves of the Lofty Prestige Mirror required much effort as well as much time spent diligently analysing and comprehending the profundities within.

Time was little but matters many.

Other than spending some time preparing back at Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge still had to make a trip to the Earth Domain every once in a while, observing the specific situation there and conferencing and exchanging opinions with Fang Zhun who remained stationed there, watching over the area.

Like this, moving between Broad Creed Mountain and the Earth Domain, time flew by in a flash just like that.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had already gone by.

Fortunately, though, no major incident had yet occurred in the Earth Domain.

Yan Zhaoge’s earlier words to Yan Di had been kept a conservative estimate as much as possible.

With the situation progressing like they had anticipated, Yan Zhaoge, Yuan Zhengfeng and the others all felt much more at ease.

It was just that much time probably still remained before Yan Di emerged from seclusion.

The impending situation of the Earth Domain was an unknowable variable, and it was still yet unknown whether Yan Di might be able to make it out in time.

As yet more time passed, the experts of the Eight Extremities World grew increasingly vigilant, paying close attention to the situation in the Earth Domain at every single moment.

With this period of stability, Jade Sea City and the Water Domain finally successfully shook off their earlier disadvantageous position.

Their guardian grand formation was re-established, and Song Wuliang came out of seclusion fully recovered from his injuries.

Possessing the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword, Jade Sea City’s power had skyrocketed, coming to preside over that over Infinite Boundless Mountain, Turbid Wave Pavilion and the Heavenly Thunder Hall as it successfully became a massive powerhouse to be mentioned in the same breath as Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan.

This was not something the Sacred Sun Clan was happy to see.

Sadly for them, however, they had already missed out on their best chance to beat down Jade Sea City.

Still, with the Nine Underworlds currently restless with a disaster set to occur in the Earth Domain at any moment, Jade Sea City could only set aside this enmity and not seek vengeance from the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall for now.

After all, Jade Sea City could be considered the Sacred Ground who had it worst in terms of geography.

The Water Domain had the Earth Domain directly to its west and the Outer East Sea to its east, just happening to be perfectly sandwiched between the Nine Underworlds and the Flame Devils.

So long as something cropped up, they would always be placed within the most perilous situation.

However much Jade Sea City wanted to exaltedly release all their pent-up emotions and exact whatever vengeance was due, they would still first have to deal with these external threats.

The reclusive Old Man Mo who had returned to Verdant Pill Island following the battle of the East Sea was alerted again as well as he dispatched his disciples to establish contact with the six great Sacred Grounds on the mainland, understanding the happenings in the Earth Domain.

The entire Eight Extremities World was currently filled with an atmosphere that seemed relaxed, yet was actually tense.

Whatever the atmosphere, though, the Sixth Extreme Yin Bout proceeded as planned.

While the Sacred Sun Clan tried to dismiss the Sixth Extreme Yin Bout on the grounds of this especially tense situation, none of the other Sacred Grounds, Turbid Wave Pavilion included, would agree to it.

Yet, the final result still went according to the Sacred Sun Clan’s wishes.

Having successfully reached the mid Xiantian Martial Scholar realm, Meng Wan obtained victory once more, successfully securing the Crown.

Having won the crown in four of the six Extreme Yin Bouts, securing it so long as nothing was wrong with her condition, Meng Wan once again showed how she was the strongest Maiden of Extreme Yin.

She managed to retain the Crown for a second consecutive year for the first time in the history of the Extreme Yin Bout, also successfully keeping the Extreme Yin Crown with the Sacred Sun Clan.

Still, under Meng Wan’s dazzling radiance, someone did not appear any less bright in comparison.

That person was naturally Broad Creed Mountain’s Maiden of Extreme Yin, Feng Yunsheng.

The final battle of the Sixth Extreme Yin Bout occurred between Feng Yunsheng and Meng Wan once again.

It was not like last time, when Feng Yunsheng’s strength had virtually been completely depleted in her battle with Fan Qiu, with her possessing limited strength in her later battle with Meng Wan.

In this Extreme Yin Bout, a fierce, intense battle between a dragon and a tiger occurred between the two.

At the very end, the two maidens nearly fell together by each other’s moves.

Meng Wan barely managed to obtain victory, securing the Extreme Yin Crown through the slimmest of margins.

There were many who believed that if Feng Yunsheng had successfully improved yet a step further and stepped into the mid Xiantian stage as well, it was extremely likely that this battle would have seen a different result.

This was especially so with Feng Yunsheng having exhibited extremely shocking power in the Sixth Extreme Bout that actually seemed vaguely possible to break down the Extreme Yin Arts of all the other Maidens of Extreme Yin, Meng Wan included.

Everyone had been stunned by the sight.

Due to her having once borrowed the Yin Yang Cloud Spring at the Mountain Domain’s Cloud Portent Mountain to recover her Extreme Yin Physique as well as Lin Zhou having spread the news, Feng Yunsheng’s matter had gradually become widespread within the Eight Extremities World.

After Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan had completely fallen out with each other, they cared even less that this matter was kept secret.

Therefore, there were already many who knew that Feng Yunsheng had once plummeted to the deepest ravines, two years of her time having been lost before she had finally been able to resume her progress.

However, she had performed a stunning debut in the Fifth Extreme Yin Bout.

In the Sixth Extreme Yin Bout now, she was even displaying an even fiercer momentum in her growth than Meng Wan.

Based on this speed of development, in the next Extreme Yin Bout, would Meng Wan still be able to retain the Extreme Yin Crown for the Sacred Sun Clan

Those of the Sacred Sun Clan would feel their hearts sink just considering this matter.

“Zhaoge, your estimates were indeed very accurate,” Fu Enshu sighed rather regretfully back at Broad Creed Mountain, “If not for the Sacred Sun Clan also having developed an Yin-Yang Coexisting Technique to boost Meng Wan’s Extreme Yin Physique, the Extreme Yin Crown would have been our Broad Creed Mountain’s this Sixth Extreme Yin Bout.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It is indeed a pity, but it was also something that we could have no control over.

With the Sacred Sun Clan having begun early in the matter of the Extreme Yin Crown, it is indeed also to be expected that they have more preparations as well as some real abilities.”

While she knew this to be true, Fu Enshu still shook her head repeatedly, regretful beyond compare.

Swivelling her head to look at Feng Yunsheng, she said, “Do not slack down in your efforts.

Continue cultivating diligently and in the Seventh Extreme Yin Bout, the Extreme Yin Crown will definitely be ours.”

Feng Yunsheng’s expression was calm and her gaze resolute, as if she had not been affected by this matter at all.

“You can rest easy, Master.

Your disciple will do all that she can,” Feng Yunsheng let out a long breath.

Without requiring Fu Enshu’s reminder, she would go all out all the same.

That pure white crown had always been the goal towards which she strove.

Those clouds which she had once thought out of her reach forever were currently someplace her hands could reach, with her currently just being a single step away from that pinnacle.

How would she allow herself to slack off now, and let this all drift away from before her very eyes

Fu Enshu swivelled her head and looked to the other side, where stood Yin Liuhua.

While Yin Liuhua had not accompanied Fu Enshu and Feng Yunsheng in attending the Sixth Extreme Yin Bout, Fu Enshu had recorded the process of the Bout and brought it back for her, supplying her with additional explanation as she gained experience from viewing the battle.

“Liuhua, you cannot slack off as well, understand”

Yin Liuhua hurriedly answered, “Yes, Master.”

Fu Enshu nodded, “Yan Zhaoge previously mentioned that he would be applying the secret technique on you as well.

How did it go”


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