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HSSB468: Treasure of Divine Sun


As Yan Zhaoge looked at the East Rising Lord and the others, the East Rising Lord met his gaze expressionlessly.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge smiled at him.

Now, the rumbling of thunder resounded overhead.

As they gazed over, they saw a group of Heavenly Thunder Hall experts under Shen Li’s lead descend into the deep abyss as well.

Other than that, an expanse of clouds could also be seen as An Qinglin of Turbid Wave Pavilion led along their longtime Elders in descending over by the other end.

Seeing them, Yuan Zhengfeng and Huang Guanglie nodded slightly, Shen Li and An Qinglin reciprocating the greeting.

Now, intense fluctuations of aura began emanating from down below.

A suffocating, terrifying aura surged straight up.

The Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters travelling alongside Yuan Zhengfeng and the other Martial Saints all frowned.

As the only martial practitioner below the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster realm here, what Yan Zhaoge felt was naturally even more pronounced.

As the baleful qi entered his body, Yan Zhaoge could clearly feel his entire body’s meridians, flesh and blood seemingly showing signs of withering.

What was even more dangerous was that assaulted by the baleful qi, his body’s true essence showed signs of assimilating with it as it seemed as if it wanted to rise up in revolt against him.

“The baleful qi of the Nine Underworlds is indeed deserving of its reputation,” Yan Zhaoge shook his head slightly, a qi flow that resembled chaos appearing within his body and circulating smoothly all around, birthless and inextinguishable as it kept the baleful qi of the Nine Underworlds at bay.

Yan Zhaoge cultivated in the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, the number one technique of the pre-Great Calamity’s Clear Jade lineage.

It could birth all objects, tolerate all objects, extinguish all objects.

Naturally, it feared not even the baleful qi of the Nine Underworlds.

However, with regard to his current cultivation base, the Nine Underworlds baleful qi before him was really too great in amount.

Even while it could be refined and assimilated, a rather long period of time would be needed to do so.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge currently neither resisted nor absorbed it, just keeping it separated a distance away from his body.

To the Nine Underworlds baleful qi, it was currently as if where Yan Zhaoge was contained merely empty space, as if he did not exist.

The people from the other Sacred Grounds were also observing Yan Zhaoge.

Seeing him unhindered by the baleful qi of the Nine Underworlds, all of them showed various differing expressions.

The people of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall all had on slightly darker expressions while those of Turbid Wave Pavilion showed more admiration as well as respect.

Descending together, they suddenly saw golden radiance rise up down below.

As this golden light touched them, it was like Yan Zhaoge and the others had come to feel warm sunlight amidst winter.

The negative influences brought about by the Nine Underworlds baleful qi instantly dissipated greatly.

Even the true sun in the sky overhead had currently already been obscured behind a layer of baleful qi, the sky above pitch black.

However, another sun seemed to be present within the deep abyss down below.

Due to their close proximity, the strength of the warmth and the brightness penetrated through the layers of bewildering fog, bringing light before their eyes.

The heavens and earth seemed like they had been completely flipped around at this moment.

Light flickered unceasingly within Huang Guanglie’s eyes while shocking light shot out from the eyes of the Sunset Lord, the East Rising Lord and the other Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners as well.

As opposed to the others, they felt more deeply regarding the power fluctuations from the deep abyss down below.

While it was different from the legacies of the Sacred Sun Clan, Huang Guanglie and the others could feel that that was another concept related to the warm, bright sun within the sky.

Just being bathed under the radiance emitted from the deep abyss down below was sufficient to make all of them feel greatly comfortable.

While Huang Guanglie who possessed a higher cultivation base did not feel this so intensely, he felt more deeply regarding the concepts within as he could only feel infinite profundities for a time.

Yan Zhaoge, however, had his eyes slightly narrowed.

Having come to the Earth Domain many times before, directly viewing this golden sunlight now, he soon came to an understanding.

“No wonder it felt somewhat familiar,” Yan Zhaoge exhaled lightly, “Divine Sun Scripture.”

In Yan Zhaoge’s hands was clutched an ancient beastskin scroll.

This was an artifact that he had obtained along with the Immortal Crane Wings from entering the foreign dimension where Loose Practitioner He of pre-Great Calamity times had lived back then.

Now, while the Immortal Crane Wings had already been left to Ah Hu, this beastskin scroll still remained in Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

The surface of the beastskin scroll was completely empty, with merely a squarish pattern at its centre that seemed to have been left behind like some kind of seal.

The pattern left behind by the seal resembled a sun.

When analysing the concept within back then, Yan Zhaoge had felt like it was from a rumoured pre-Great Calamity supreme scripture, the Divine Sun Scripture.

Before the Great Calamity had descended, the powerhouse creator of this Divine Sun Scripture had only just created it, still being in the process of refining it as it had yet to reach its final, desired form.

Sadly, the Great Calamity descended, and all was then no longer the same.

This supreme martial art also became one of the few supreme martial arts not fully recorded within the book repository building of the Divine Palace.

Still, Yan Zhaoge had encountered some incomplete versions before.

The martial legacies of the Sacred Sun Clan had been developed from unearthed legacies of the pre-Great Calamity martial civilisation coupled with one’s own comprehensions.

Within it was vaguely contained some traces of the Divine Sun Scripture.

However, feeling the concept within the sunlight before him, as Yan Zhaoge saw it, it was likely to be the main, orthodox direct lineage form of the Divine Sun Scripture.

While it had yet to fully reach a completed stage before, it had still been an extremely powerful martial art.

As Yan Zhaoge currently carefully analysed the golden light within the deep abyss down below, he could only feel that it seemed even deeper than the deep abyss itself.

“A pity that I do not possess the complete Divine Sun Scripture from back then, or I could do a number of calculations,” Yan Zhaoge thought, “Still, if my feeling is not wrong, the Great Calamity should not have led to the Divine Sun Scripture’s extinction.

Instead, it has been continually refined, till the point that it has finally reached completeness and perfection.”

He had never heard of such a figure existing in the Eight Extremities World before.

However, other than the Flame Devil World that was not occupied by humans, Yan Zhaoge was currently already able to confirm the existence of other worlds of human martial practitioners such as the Floating Life World and the Vast Ocean World.

There was that legendary World beyond Worlds as well.

Therefore, he did not find this expected.

Especially when from having seen the recording of that woman while refining the pillar of the Divine Palace back then, Yan Zhaoge could be certain that there must still have been some people who had successfully escaped the Great Calamity and survived.

“This seal seems to be reliant on some kind of treasure,” After gazing at the golden light down below for a moment, Yan Zhaoge ceased in such thoughts as he returned his attention to the deep abyss of the Earth Domain before him.

He saw the golden light and the black fog clashing unceasingly.

The Nine Underworlds baleful qi grew denser and denser, fiercer and fiercer as it shot upwards unceasingly.

Accompanied by the increase in strength of the black fog, the golden light’s resistance seemed to have increased alongside it as well.

However, if one observed closely and carefully, it would be apparent from the changes within that it had become more stiff and awkward somewhat.

They understood as soon as they saw it.

While the seal below seemed like it still possessed abundant strength, under the accumulated assault of the Nine Underworlds baleful qi over a long period of time, its spirituality had gradually began deteriorating as it weakened unceasingly.

The more this was so, the more one would feel like sighing in admiration.

After all, the tragic state of the Hell had already been the status quo for an extremely long time.

Despite all that, however, the seal below had managed to hold on for such a long time, still persisting on irregardless.

As they descended, Yuan Zhengfeng’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Fang Zhun.”

The next moment, however, his expression turned grave.

He saw his disciple Fang Zhun shrouded completely by the clashing Nine Underworlds baleful qi and golden sunlight, his body sinking downwards unceasingly.

Fang Zhun had been remaining on the very frontlines, observing the changes in the Earth Domain.

He was the first to have reported on the intensification of the situation this time.

However, the result of going in too deep was himself currently being trapped within as well.

While Fang Zhun’s expression was stern, it was not due to his own personal situation as he was instead staring intently at the deep abyss down below.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, Yuan Zhengfeng and the others arrive, he raised his voice and shouted, “It’s coming!”

Before his words had landed, golden light exploded down below, seemingly pushed all the way up by a certain something.


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