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HSSB470: Fire singeing their brows


Amidst the grand waves of the Outer East Sea, there was not even a single isle that could be seen.

The isles here had all already been long since levelled and destroyed during the previous invasions by the Flame Devils.

Currently, numerous large air bubbles had risen to the surface of the Outer East Sea, the entire ocean seemingly boiling.

Sky could no longer be seen up above as there were only all-encompassing flames which ran rampant all around.

Many powerful Flame Devils traversed the horizon, scattering outwards in all directions as they brought along with them an air of destruction and disaster.

The Great Flame Devil at the forefront had the body of a tiger-man as he appeared savage and terrifying, roars emitted unceasingly from his throat.

Suddenly, his body abruptly halted in mid-air.

The next moment, countless flames shot out from behind him.

The back of his head, the back of his neck, his back, the back of his waist, his backside, his limbs, the soles of his limbs…flames shot out from all of these.

The flames condensed in the air behind this Great Flame Devil, instantly forming a splendid scene.

A painting formed completely of blazing flames that was filled with great mountains and rivers gloriously filled the air in all its majestic beauty.

The scene of flames hung within the air, incomparably splendid, incomparably brilliant, not dissipating for a long time.

Terrifying power was contained within this beauty as it resembled a cage.

As the next Flame Devils rushed forward, as they failed to stop in time and slammed headlong into that ‘flame painting’, it was as if they had been transported into another world.

A world of mountains and rivers that was formed completely of flames.

While Flame Devils did not fear blazing fire, while within this world, they were subject to many powerful attacks of qi that struck fiercely at them.

Meanwhile, the light of fire in the body of that Great Flame Devil was extinguished, the roars in his throat ceasing as he plummeted towards the sea’s surface down below, no longer exhibiting any signs of life.

A refined-looking old man, his hands behind his back, appeared slowly within the air.

The Flame Devils speeding over from another direction suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable.

With their natural bodies of fire, they could clearly feel the amount of water vapour in the surrounding air suddenly increasing greatly.

Before they could react, the surfaces of their bodies suddenly exploded with sparks.

It was like a person’s skin splitting apart and fresh blood spurting out from within.

A fine yet majestic power that was formless yet hard to resist instantly enveloped all these Flame Devils.

While they wanted to avoid it, they were completely unable to do so.

These attacks came from all directions, came from every single corner within the air, enveloping every single inch of their entire bodies without exception.

Penetrating all, omnipresent, potent against all.

The source of these formless sword blades was the water vapour that densely enveloped the surrounding area.

While under the blazing fire, the water vapour should originally be eradicated completely, the blazing fire seemed completely helpless in the face of it.

The water vapour had transformed into innumerable sharp swords at this moment as it assassinated these Flame Devils from all directions.

Meanwhile, this weak-looking water vapour just seemed completely indestructible, awesomely sharp as the Flame Devil experts were hard pressed to defend against it.

Some struggled to resist, but the water vapour seemed infinite and boundless, flowing forth in an endless stream.

Countless assassinations via swords occurred, the bodies of Flame Devils collapsing directly.

Bodies being ripped into ten thousand parts were insufficient to describe this scene.

It was like a human’s body of flesh and blood had been shredded through a grinder into a messy rain of flesh and blood!

An infinite sea of flames exploded, scattering towards the ocean down below.

The Lord of Jade Sea City, Song Wuliang, appeared in this direction, innumerable illusory lights circulating unceasingly about him, streaks of sword-qi indistinct to the eye densely suffusing his surroundings.

Against the countless attacking Flame Devils, clear moonlight arose above the sea’s surface.

As the moonlight arose, it seemed actually able to compete with the light of the sun.

The insufferable heat borne of the infinite blazing flames instantly dropped, a pleasant coolness that was long overdue appearing within the air.

Very quickly, however, extremely powerful fluctuations emanated from the direction of the incoming Flame Devils, the temperature between the heavens and the earth rising once more.

There had not just been a single one of these powerful fluctuations of strength.

Gathered together, their momentum was fearsome as they headed on westward with the momentum of crushing all that stood before them.

To the east of the great sea, the boundaries between the heavens and the earth had grown blurred, only a crimson colour remaining as blazing fire enveloped the entire sky.

Song Wuliang and the refined-looking old man drew close to the moonlight at their centre together.

“Elder Mo, we should currently be seeking stability,” Song Wuliang said in a heavy tone.

The refined-looking old man was naturally the Painting Saint Old Man Mo.

He nodded, retreating slowly alongside Song Wuliang.

Meng Wan, currently controlling the Extreme Yin Crown, was naturally without objection as well as she cautiously followed her two seniors.

While the Outer East Sea had not turned completely into a sea of flames like it had the last time, four whole Flame Devil Kings equivalent to level two Martial Saints now stood before them.

Adding on the other Flame Devils Kings and the Great Flame Devils, the destructive torrent they had formed left even Song Wuliang and the others only able to gradually retreat rather than resist head-on.

Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Chief, Chu Yan, had originally been located right between the East Sea and the Earth Domain, prepared to reinforce any of the two sides if so necessary.

Upon receiving this news, Chu Yan immediately brought along Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Sacred Artifact, the Heaven Cleaving Axe, in hurrying over to East Sea.

Even so, however, it still felt insufficient as the experts of the human race could only continually retreat amidst the continuous advance of the Flame Devils, giving up on the Outer East Sea once more as they retreated all the way to Jade Sea City in the Inner East Sea, relying on the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation as their base and fortress with which to block the Flame Devils’ footsteps.

Jade Sea City was embroiled in perilous winds and storms once more, seemingly about to collapse at any moment.

Within the Earth Domain, having received this news, Yuan Zhengfeng and the others exchanged looks.

As compared to the Earth Domain before them, the situation in the East Sea was even more urgent.

Perhaps the underlying threat over at the Earth Domain here was even greater.

Still, the East Sea was already at the point of fire singeing their eyebrows.

Yuan Zhengfeng said in a heavy tone, “Nothing will happen here so long as the seal is not broken.

However, the situation over at the East Sea is perilous.

Other than the four Flame Devil Kings equivalent to human experts at the second level of the Martial Saint realm, there are also the other Flame Devil Kings who are equivalent to level one Martial Saints!”

Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Pavilion Lord An Qinglin said to Huang Guanglie, “East Rising Huang, let us go to the East Sea.

The martial legacies of our two clans would be comparatively beneficial in combatting the Flame Devils.”

A Turbid Wave Pavilion Martial Grandmaster said hesitantly, “If there are only two Martial Saints here…”

Yuan Zhengfeng shook his head, “Unlike earlier, the seal has already been stabilised.

Four people would just help the suppression to be a little faster at most, with it being a little slower for two people.”

“If the seal were really to be broken, while it may be depressing to say this, it might not be of use even if all of us remain here.”

Huang Guanglie looked at Yuan Zhengfeng.

Yuan Zhengfeng pointed to the huge golden sun down below as he looked straight at Huang Guanglie, “Unreasonable Old Huang, this old man knows that you want that treasure down below us.

This old man does as well.

Everyone does.

Who doesn’t like the good stuff”

“However, if the seal were to be broken, not even mentioning the descent of the Nine Underworlds afterwards, this old man and Shen Li here would be the first to perish.

If it were you, would you want the treasure at the cost of your life”

Shen Li nodded gravely as well.

Huang Guanglie looked at the huge golden sun down below that was sinking unceasingly into the deep abyss, pondering for a moment before he finally still nodded, “Fine.”

All of those present were bigwigs of their clans.

Having made their decisions, they were prompt in its execution as they immediately abided by it.

Huang Guanglie and An Qinglin extricated themselves from the huge golden sun before rising together, leaving the Earth Domain and rushing over to the East Sea.


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