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HSSB472: Great Flame Devil King


Huang Guanglie and An Qinglin shot within the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation together.

The earlier eruption of force from the grand formation had been like the moment of added clarity before death as after its initial fierceness, its momentum could not help but begin falling once more.

Assisting Huang Guanglie and An Qinglin to enter unavoidably caused the circulation of the grand formation to become rather sluggish.

The experts of the Flame Devil race roared as they lunged over, their violent strength directly locking the grand formation in place for a moment, causing the empty space opened up within it to be unable to close up once more.

Song Wuliang glanced at Huang Guanglie before forming a sword with his middle and index fingers, formless swords shooting into the skies in an endless stream.

Having entered the grand formation, not stabilising his footing, Huang Guanglie had already turned and struck out with his palm.

Numerous rays of golden light, condensed into a tough power of extreme yang, shot upwards, piercing straight into the sky.

Those numerous formless sword-lights currently manifested as a soft power of extreme yin, merging together with the force of Huang Guanglie’s palm.

While they were not completely in sync, the two majestic forces, one tough, one soft, still merged, toughness and softness coexisting, yin and yang congregating.

Old Man Mo extended his finger, drawing within the air.

Numerous streams of light were inscribed within the air, several paintings of mountains and rivers taking form.

This time’s paintings did not carry any killing intent at all, instead appearing extremely mild and ordinary.

Within the depicted scenes, the tall tough mountains of yang and the soft flowing rivers of yin were visible alongside each other, yet appeared incomparably harmonious.

An indistinct Taiji diagram vaguely seem to appear within the air.

Enveloped by these paintings of mountains and rivers, yin and yang came to coexist within the attack by Song Wuliang and Huang Guanglie which instantly became much more coordinated and synced.

Between extreme yin and extreme yang, extreme softness and extreme toughness, there was unceasing fusion as well as mutual bolstering as the resultant force was strengthened as a result, now containing an even more shocking power.

On the other end, Turbid Wave Pavilion’s An Qinglin also lined up her middle and index fingers into a sword, activating her sword arts as numerous white clouds suffused the area.

The dense sword-light seemed dim yet endless, the light clouds not dissipating even as it clashed with the blazing fire.

The supple flexibility and boundless illusions of this sword art were currently displayed to the point of perfection as it was soft and yin to the extreme.

The sword-light in the form of white clouds accompanied Huang Guanglie’s Extreme Yang Fist and Song Wuliang’s Jade Sea Formless Sword in shooting upwards together.

His expression grave, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Chief Chu Yan raised a dense black clump of light high within the air.

That clump of light appeared formless, just being completely pitch black as an incomparably heavy power emanated from within.

With Chu Yan’s upraised hands, it was like he was raising a thousand mountains.

Accompanied by the lowering of his hands, as that clump of black light slid in motion, a fissure was shockingly cleaved out in the air before him!

The fissure distorted madly, an incomparably tough and heavy power erupting within as it seemed to want to rip that crack apart even further.

This was precisely the strength of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Sacred Artifact, the Heaven Cleaving Axe!

The black clump of light was precisely the axe itself, using light as an axe to cleave the heavens and break through the enemy.

The fissure and the shattered space had been the result of the axe’s blade!

It was fine if it didn’t attack, but once it did, an opponent would be cleaved into two.

However, affected by Old Man Mo’s paintings of mountains and rivers, the fissure and the shattered space within the air actually gradually disappeared.

That immensely tough, terrifying force turned formless, yet did not vanish as it was also swept along together with Song Wuliang’s and Huang Guanglie’s joint combination attack.

The power of the Heaven Cleaving Axe and An Qinglin’s Cloud Flowing Illusory Sword lined up together as the opposing forces of extreme toughness and extreme yang as well as extreme softness and extreme yin.

The two forces respectively assisted the Extreme Yang Fist and the Jade Sea Formless Sword.

The torrential tide of yin-yang coexistence grew vaster and more majestic, sweeping across the horizon as it extinguished a great amount of flowing fire within the sky!

Such a domineering power was one that even the Flame Devil Kings had to be wary of.

They hurriedly acted in concert, unleashing blazing fire that surged to the skies in order to resist this torrential tide of power.

Only with these four Flame Devil Kings who were equivalent to human experts at the second level of the Martial Saint realm on the frontlines did the other Flame Devils dare to fight.

Otherwise, just those slightly weaker Flame Devil Kings alone could only be destroyed by such tyrannical power.

A majestic screen of light swept along a great amount of jade water, clashing together with the all-encompassing sea of flames within the sky above.

The sea of flames was directly torn apart at its centre, the blazing fire extinguished unceasingly as an area of empty space appeared there which expanded unceasingly in all directions.

However, that majestic pillar of light condensed of the true essences of Huang Guanglie, Old Man Mo and the others also mightily shattered, exploding into an all-encompassing rain of light.

The Flame Devil Kings let out ear-shattering howls in unison as the blazing fire congregated within the air once more, about to surge again towards Jade Sea City.

Now amidst dense, cold, quiet white light, the Extreme Yin Crown rose slowly into the air.

Where the moonlight touched, all was cool between the heavens and the earth as the downward momentum of the congregated blazing fire actually also eased slightly.

Taking advantage of this moment, Song Wuliang quickly stimulated the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation.

The grand formation circulated and closed back inwards, torrential seawater obscuring the sky as it enveloped East Dragon Island and Jade Sea City once more, keeping the attacks of the Flame Devils outside at bay.

Illuminated by the moonlight, her face pale as a sheet, Meng Wan kept the Extreme Yin Crown.

The one who had been under the greatest pressure, Jade Sea City’s Lord Song Wuliang, had a mouthful of blood spurt directly out of his mouth from the backlash.

Beside him, the faces of Old Man Mo, Huang Guanglie, An Qinglin and Chu Yan also flashed intermittently with red and green as their qi and blood were thrown into disarray.

Having yet to enter the Martial Saint realm, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Chief Chu Yan had fresh blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

His hand held no object, the black clump of light manifested of the Heaven Cleaving Axe already having vanished.

Still, his earlier axe-wielding right hand was currently tremoring unceasingly.

Jing Zhong and the other Flame Devil Kings also didn’t have it good, but their injuries left them even more rash and furious.

Having allowed Huang Guanglie and An Qinglin to successfully join up with the defenders, they felt extremely angered and humiliated as they launched furious attacks like fire once again!

Song Wuliang inhaled deeply, his complexion having improved greatly as he now wielded the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword and the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation in meeting the enemy once more.

Old Man Mo, Huang Guanglie and the others did the same as well.

At this moment, with them having joined forces, relying on the geographical advantage provided to them by the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation, it became easier for them to stand against the host of Flame Devil Kings.

Because of their numerical inferiority, the human martial practitioners were placed at a disadvantage.

However, as they focused on defending, they were still able to hold on.

It was finally no longer like earlier when it had seemed as though the place might soon easily collapse at any moment.

“If we can hold on till Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li re-seal the situation in the Earth Domain and hurry over to reinforce us, we will then be able to plan for our counterattack.

This time, we definitely have to make those Flame Devils know what’s good for them!”

“If they are unable to take down Jade Sea City after a long time and decide to manoeuvre past it to attack elsewhere, what should we do”

While resisting the attacks of the Flame Devils, Song Wuliang and the others exchanged their opinions.

Now, however, the expressions of Old Man Mo and Huang Guanglie both changed as they looked towards the east.

Soon after, Song Wuliang’s and An Qinglin’s expressions changed as well.

The three Sacred Artifacts, the Extreme Yin Crown, the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword and the Heaven Cleaving Axe, shook together.

Meng Wan and Chu Yan were greatly startled before they felt an extremely terrifying aura appear in the distance, next arriving in the air above East Dragon Island in an instant!

A heaven-shocking, earth-shaking roar resounded as the screen of water enveloping Jade Sea City shuddered intensely, seemingly about to shatter just like that.

Without the slightest hesitation, Huang Guanglie and the others combined all their powers once more, erupting with their greatest, most ferocious strength!

The majestic pillar of light swept along the limitless jade sea as it shot into the skies once more.

In the sky above, the sea of flames split apart to reveal a massive figure which stomped downwards!

Old Man Mo appeared grave as he had never been before as he let out a long breath, “Great Flame Devil King!”


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