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Chapter 473: Yan Di leaves seclusion!


The experts of the human race launched a joint attack from Jade Sea City, with the Extreme Yang Fist and the Jade Sea Formless Sword as the core, the Heaven Cleaving Axe and the Flowing Cloud Illusory Sword assisting them and the Painting Saint Old Man Mo coordinating and boosting all of these.

The vigorous power formed of toughness and softness as well as yin and yang coexisting erupted completely in an instant, rising unceasingly in strength as it shot upwards.

Jing Zhong and the other Flame Devil Kings let out terrifying howls in unison, blazing fire congregating.

The two forces met within the air, clashing intensely.

Now, a massive foot stomped down from above Jade Sea City.

Instantly, the very sky seemed as though it was collapsing!

The faces of Song Wuliang and the others turned ashen.

Infinite, boundless violent flames seemed to solidify at this moment as they agglomerated unceasingly at the bottom of that massive foot, fierce and oppressive.

As the current oldest person of the Eight Extremities World who had personally experienced the first and most intense invasion of the Flame Devils in the past, Old Man Mo’s face was currently sunken as water.

“Great Flame Devil King!”

Actually, while not having experienced that great battle, everyone here was already directly feeling it firsthand!

The terrifying force pressured downwards unceasingly, shattering the golden light and the jade sea.

Huang Guanglie, Song Wuliang and the others roared in unison, vigorous true essence congregating and roiling upwards, transforming into infinite, frenzied tides which obstructed the descending force.

That massive figure in the sky was now revealed to all.

It seemed as massive as a mountain peak, its lower body resembling a bull, its upper body resembling a tiger, a massive bull’s head sitting upon its shoulders with curved horns visible on it.

Its entire body was filled with patterns of flame, blazing fierily.

Its crimson eyes stared manically and viciously at the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation down below.

A deafening roar resounded as the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation mightily broke apart!

As the water screen which filled the entire sky was ripped apart, it descended like a torrential flood in the direction of East Dragon Island and Jade Sea City down below.

However, before the torrential waters could land on the ground, they had already been turned into steam by the blazing fire.

A dark, massive figure suddenly shot out from the dense white clouds of steam.

The one who was closest, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Chief Chu Yan, was virtually unable to react, relying completely on the spiritual guidance of the Sacred Artifact itself as he raised the Heaven Cleaving Axe up and cleaved outwards.

A terrifying fissure opened within the air, yet was instantly filled up by the blazing fire.

Incinerated by flames, those spatial tears actually healed.

The next moment, Chu Yan and the Heaven Cleaving Axe flew backwards together!

The Heaven Cleaving Axe was jolted out of Chu Yan’s hands as the black glow surrounding his entire body directly turned dim.

Blood splattered through the air as the face of the Chief of Infinite Boundless Mountain was pale as a sheet.

By the side, the clear moonlight of the Extreme Yin Crown was rippling ceaselessly like water.

Enveloped by its radiance, Meng Wan appeared even paler as blood was oozing out from the corner of her mouth as well.

Earlier, it was with her assistance that Chu Yan had barely survived.

Even so, Chu Yan had very nearly been slain on the spot while the Heaven Cleaving Axe had been gravely wounded as well.

Standing within the air, that Great Flame Devil King with an bull’s head had very nearly sent Chu Yan, equipped with a Sacred Artifact, into the afterlife with just a simple, casual attack.

He did not pursue as before him, Huang Guanglie, Old Man Mo, Song Wuliang and the others had already combined forces in attacking once more!

Huang Guanglie punched outwards, golden light shining as all turned bright between the heavens and earth for a great distance all around.

The large golden sun in the sky overhead seemed like it had descended from the nine heavens as it currently illuminated the surrounding area.

While the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation had been broken, Song Wuliang wielded the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword, the sword-light formless, resembling multiple huge waves which shot towards that Great Flame Devil King.

While he was currently still at the first level of the Martial Saint realm, wielding the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword, Song Wuliang was clearly much stronger than Chu Yan with the Heaven Cleaving Axe had been.

The integrated sword-intent and the Sacred Artifact unceasingly supported his attacks as the formless sword-light appeared endless yet was hard to discern.

Elder Mo’s expression was calm and silent.

This time, he no longer drew within the air.

Multiple lines of blood shot out from the acupoints of his entire body.

Guided by his true essence within the air, they transformed into a painting of blood.

As the Painting Saint killed, he would draw a painting with the blood of his enemies that, condensed within the air, would not disappear for a long time.

This was one of the most terrifying legends of the Eight Extremities World.

Now, he was painting with his essence blood, painting a majestic, catastrophic scene of the heavens collapsing and the earth breaking apart!

True space seemed to merge together with Old Man Mo’s painting at this moment, also possessing the momentum of the heavens collapsing and the earth breaking apart.

That Great Flame Devil King seemed to chuckle strangely before a howl like the explosion of thunderbolts resounded.

It struck out with its claws, its left claw aimed towards Huang Guanglie while its right claw targeted Old Man Mo.

Blazing fire agglomerated on its left claw, resembling a cage which enveloped Huang Guanglie within.

Huang Guanglie’s tyrannical The Sun Comes East was solidly trapped by that cage, actually unable to erupt.

The great golden sun roared, clashing with the flames before it finally split apart and exploded.

As all-encompassing golden light and crimson flames flew together, Huang Guanglie retreated with a muffled groan.

The Great Flame Devil King’s right claw viciously targeted Old Man Mo’s painting of blood.

The heavens and earth that had already been showing signs of collapse now broke apart completely!

However, the Great Flame Devil King seemed unaffected, its claw seemingly having penetrated through space as it still grabbed towards Old Man Mo.

Meanwhile, facing Song Wuliang’s sword-light, it opened its mouth and spat out clumps of flame.

Infinite flames transformed into countless runes within the air, all composed of flames and leaping about unceasingly.

The millions of runes came together to from a sea of flames, extinguishing Song Wuliang’s sword-light.

As the boundless sea of flames expanded, it was even more vast and majestic than Jade Sea City’s Lord Song Wuliang’s formless, endless sword-light!

After easily breaking through the full-powered attacks of the trio, the Great Flame Devil King strode forward.

It trod within the air with its feet that were like the hooves of bulls, roiling flames instantly extending towards its surroundings in all directions wherever it walked.

The infinite waters of the Jade Sea shrunk back from it, the heavens and earth turning into a sea of flames.

While the Fire Pith Veins of the area had not been triggered, while the affected area was much smaller than before, at this moment, wherever this Great Flame Devil King stepped, the waters of the sea actually seemed like it was being cooked by blazing fire just like it had been back then!

The massive bull’s head lowered slightly, the horns on it pushing outwards as explosions seemed to resound within the sky.

Jade Sea City’s Lord Song Wuliang was instantly wounded, the sword-light of the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword also dimming somewhat.

The Great Flame Devil King clawed forward, clawing the heavens and grabbing the earth.

Huang Guanglie and Old Man Mo fell into continuous retreat, finding it hard to resist those attacks as blood trickled out from the corner of both their mouths.

On the other end, An Qinglin, Meng Wan, Chu Yan and the martial practitioners of Jade Sea City were all critically pressured by the other Flame Devil Kings!

That Great Flame Devil King chuckled strangely, its massive frame descending on East Dragon Island.

Accompanied by him landing, East Dragon Island instantly began to completely split apart!

Jade Sea City that sat on the island resembled a sandcastle against the tides of the sea as it was on the brink of collapse.

Old Man Mo said bitterly, “This place is going to fall!”

Everyone had bitter expressions on their faces.

Not only was this place going to fall, everyone here apart from Old Man Mo and Huang Guanglie basically had no chance of escaping at all!

It was even uncertain whether the two of them might be able to successfully break out of this encirclement and escape with their lives.

Song Wuliang looked at Jade Sea City and East Dragon Island with a pained expression on his face, gripping his sword as his gaze remained resolute.

All the Jade Sea City martial practitioners felt despair as they gazed at that massive frame that made it seem as though a devilish divinity had descended into this world.

Suddenly, they discovered that that Great Flame Devil King had a look of surprise within its massive bloodred eyes as it gazed towards the distance.

Taken aback, everyone unconsciously gazed over.

A streak of purple light suddenly shone by the horizon, the roar of a dragon resounding.

The purple light grew greater and greater till finally it resembled a heavenly pillar as it split the boundless sea of flames apart with a momentum that seemed able to cleave through the very heavens and the earth!

Amidst the imposing sabre-light emerged a man, arriving close by them in an instant.

While he appeared not much older than thirty, his brows were already white as they were speckled with some bits of frost.

However, his entire person carried no feeling of agedness at all, instead being sharp and edged as well as intractable and domineering to the extreme, resembling a sabre that could hack the heavens apart!

Seeing the newcomer, everyone was more stunned as compared to joyful, “Yan Di!”

“You’ve Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood”


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