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HSSB475: Breaking their spines again!


Song Wuliang was worried that only just having stepped into the Martial Saint realm, Yan Di might not possess sufficient stamina to engage in protracted battle.

However, for now at least, Yan Di’s sabre rampaged as it presided over all living lifeforms.

Even that enraged Great Flame Devil King whose fury surged to the heavens was suppressed by him, unable to properly lift its head for a time.

Meanwhile, Huang Guanglie, Old Man Mo, Song Wuliang and the others had been wounded by the Great Flame Devil King, also having lost the protection of the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation.

Having originally already been at a numerical disadvantage, faced with the ferocious attacks of the host of Flame Devil Kings now, the experts of the human race were placed in an even more disadvantageous situation.

Even while Yan Di was currently battling the Great Flame Devil King, Song Wuliang and the others did not have it easy.

Old Man Mo said in a heavy tone, “The crisis is still far from resolved.

Everyone knows that there is a special reason that Great Flame Devil Kings are Great Flame Devil Kings.”

Hearing his words, Huang Guanglie and the other human experts all frowned.

Just the situation before them alone was already hard to withstand.

However, this didn’t mean that they had forgotten about the other dangers.

During the first invasion of the Flame Devils that year, the Eight Extremities World had seen the coming of the first Great Devil King.

Its strength was generally on par with a human expert at the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

However, the reason this Great Flame Devil King was specifically different from the other Flame Devil Kings was that it could draw upon the boundless blazing flames of the Flame Devil World, infusing it into the Eight Extremities World through the dimensional passageway, encroaching upon and assimilating the heavens and earth of this world!

Back then, infinite blazing fire devoured the heavens and the earth, the Outer East Sea vanishing, the rock formations at the bottom of the sea vanishing, the sky also vanishing.

All of these had transformed into flames, seemingly having become the same as that beneath the skies of the Flame Devil World.

The spiritual qi flow and earth vein circulation of the Eight Extremities World in the region of the Outer East Sea had virtually collapsed completely.

Led by that Great Flame Devil King, the Flame Devil World had seemed to possess a life of its own as the entrance of the dimensional passageway had transformed into the gigantic mouth of a strange, unknown beast, wanting to devour the Eight Extremities World.

Finally, led by the Exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge, the experts of the human race had exerted tremendous effort in finally repelling the Flame Devils into retreat, also sealing the abnormalities that had arisen due to the Flame Devil World.

Even so, it had been many years before the region of the East Sea had recovered, just that not long ago, it had once again been destroyed by the boiling of the surrounding waters due to the changes in the Fire Pith Veins here.

However, the previous boiling of the East Sea truly could not be mentioned in the same breath as the disaster brought about by the Flame Devil World that year.

From a certain perspective, that had truly been the invasion of one world into another.

It was also precisely due to repelling the encroachment of the Flame Devil World that the Exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge had overexerted himself and perished heroically at a young age, with many other experts of the Eight Extremities World having lost their lives in the process as well.

Old Man Mo who had personally experienced that era said in a low tone, “This Flame Devil King before us seems to only just have achieved its breakthrough, not being comparable to the one from back then.

Still, it probably also possesses the power to draw upon the fire of the Flame Devil World to assault our world.”

“Amidst the fiery environment of the Flame Devil World, the strength of the Flame Devils will skyrocket!”

The old man’s expression was solemn, his gaze drifting somewhat as his mind seemed to have returned to back then.

That had been the most tragic battle Old Man Mo had ever experienced.

It had truly been like the heavens had collapsed and the earth had split upon, resembling the Armageddon at the end of the world.

Numerous scenes that were buried deep within his memories yet he would never be able to forget flashed once more before his eyes.

In that great battle that decided the fate of the Eight Extremities World, that man from Broad Creed Mountain who presided high over this world stood one against five in the East Sea that had already turned into a world of blazing flames, mightily slaying the Great Flame Devil King which resembled a devilish divinity whilst also killing or heavily injuring the other four second step Flame Devil Kings.

That sabre-light which was majestic as the heavens forcibly split apart the world of flames, forcing the boundless devilish fire back into retreat, back into the dimensional passageway.

“Presiding over all living lifeforms at the second level of the Martial Saint realm-Heaven Shaker Zhan, you are indeed deserving of the title of the number one person in post-Great Calamity times,” Old Man Mo sighed, “Purple Sun Zhang was far inferior to you even having stepped into the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

If you had reached that same level as well, what dominance would you have achieved”

“If you had not heroically died young, where then would the future have led you”

Old Man Mo gazed at Yan Di, “Now, your descendant appears like he may be able to surpass even you.

Yet, he has only just stepped into the Martial Saint realm.”

“If this young man had stepped into the second level of the Martial Saint realm like you, he would probably be even more powerful than you.

Sadly, the heavens did not give him sufficient time, did not give us sufficient time, did not give our Eight Extremities World sufficient time!”

An Qinglin said through clenched teeth, “Hold them back here; do not give them the chance to retreat to the entrance of the dimensional passageway.”

While it was already an extremely difficult situation which they had only barely managed to tide through, if they could hold on till Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li finished handling matters in the Earth Domain and rushed over to reinforce them, they would still be able to end this matter well.

If they allowed the Flame Devil World to unceasingly encroach, devouring and assimilating the Eight Extremities World, no one would have the ability to remedy the situation in the end.

Song Wuliang snorted, “The Flame Devils are violent and easily angered.

As long as we constantly provoke them, they will not know what the word retreat means.”

Old Man Mo sighed, shaking his head, “As long as the Great Flame Devil King has entered the Eight Extremities World, the encroachment of the Flame Devil World would already have begun.

With it not waiting at the entrance of the dimensional passageway, the infiltration rate by the Flame Devil World would only be slower at most.

Having returned to the entrance to preside over matters, it would instead be even faster.”

“The Outer East Sea has probably already fallen to fire.”

Hearing his words, everyone’s hearts sank.

Huang Guanglie struck the Flame Devil King Jing Zhong into retreat with his palm, scanning the entire area as he remained silent.

“There’s a way.”

An unrestrained voice that was sharp and imposing like a sabre resounded.

Everyone was taken greatly aback.

This voice clearly belonged to Yan Di, currently in the midst of heated battle with that Great Flame Devil King!

Everyone was unable to recover for a time, “Could it be that you can instantly break through into the second level of the Martial Saint realm”

Striking out with his sabre as he clashed once more with the Great Flame Devil King, Yan Di simultaneously flicked out with the fingers of his left hand.

Three streaks of light shot respectively towards Old Man Mo, Huang Guanglie and Song Wuliang.

The three received the streaks of light, pondering slightly for a moment before a brilliant light shot out of their eyes in succession.

Yan Di said, “Before external enemies, with the entire Eight Extremities World in common mortal danger, we are all in the same boat.”

“This Yan asked just now whether you can still go on Since you can, let us battle.”

Saying thus, streams of radiance first appeared above Yan Di’s own head, shooting straight into the horizon before manifesting in the form of countless spirit patterns, coming together to form a massive spirit formation.

Huang Guanglie and the other two exchanged glances before slowly nodding.

The three circulated their profound arts together, spiritual light shooting into the skies from above their heads, manifesting into spirit patterns which formed spirit formations that were composed differently yet were closely connected.

Yan Di waved his hands, streaks of light flying out once more.

These were numerous weapons that flickered with spiritual light, emanating an unusual aura.

These weapons hovered within the air, forming a formation array which enveloped Yan Di, Old Man Mo, Huang Guanglie and Song Wuliang.

The individual spirit formations above the heads of the four rose, instantly expanding and coming together within the air to form a massive spirit formation.

The numerous formation-supporting weapons forged of Grand Spirit Stone Essence merged within it.

Instantly, an authoritative might that shook the heavens and the earth surged into existence!

With the Great Flame Devil King at their head, the Flame Devil experts all immediately felt fear surge within their hearts!

Yan Di’s voice resounded between the heavens and the earth, “This formation was unearthed from pre-Great Calamity legacies by my son, Zhaoge.

Its power is peerless and beyond compare.”

“We lack the time to practice it.

Having been hastily established, we will likely be unable to draw on its full power.

Still, it will be sufficient for battling the Flame Devils.”

“They have poor memories.

Since that is so, today, we will break their spines again!”


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