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HSSB476: Yan Zhaoge’s Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation!


Four circular spirit formations arose around Yan Di, Old Man Mo, Huang Guanglie and Song Wuliang, hovering amidst the horizon.

The four circular spirit formations each composed a corner as they came together to from a squarish spirit formation array.

Numerous formation-supporting artifacts forged of Grand Spirit Stone Essence hovered within the grand formation, acting as nodes as they connected countless spirit patterns.

White spiritual light shot into the skies, instantly dispersing the surrounding blazing fire as the surrounding heaven and earth was completely enveloped by white radiance.

Innumerable profound runes hovered amidst the dense white sky, inscribed within space.

As they lit up, the heavens and the earth shook.

Let alone bystanders, even Old Man Mo, Huang Guanglie and Song Wuliang felt shaken, “Never before has such a powerful and profound battle formation been seen in the Eight Extremities World!”

The white light began expanding towards the surrounding area.

Wherever it touched, the surging blazing fire between the heavens and the earth began dispersing in retreat.

That Great Flame Devil King howled furiously, clawing towards the formation with both its claws!

While feeling the intimidating power within the grand formation, the Flame Devil race had always been rash and loved battle, being stronger the more powerful the enemies they fought.

The terrifyingness of the grand formation instead summoned forth this Great Flame Devil King’s rage and brutality, spurring him to challenge it with all its might.

Looking at Yan Di within the formation, the rage and killing intent within its eyes had reached the maximum as it wished to slay him on the spot no matter what person tried to stand in its path.

The terrifying blazing fire left marks behind between the heavens and the earth, directly burning through space itself.

The fearsome flames instantly condensed as they became increasingly refined.

The embers actually ceased to leap, instead concentrated with a destructive explosive power of disasters.

The next moment, they mightily exploded with an even more violent momentum!

However, after this blazing fire had rushed into the domain of white light, it was instantly suppressed as it instead grew sluggish.

Amidst the rising of the flames, they appeared extremely slow.

Enveloped by the white light, before Yan Di and the others, they appeared as though they were moving in slow motion.

While clearly being extremely fearsome, as the flames leapt, they instead appeared slow as well as clumsy.

Jing Zhong and the other Flame Devil Kings shot forward as well, fiercely attacking towards Yan Di and the others.

However, as soon as their attacks entered the space enveloped by the white light, they instantly grew sluggish.

The blazing fire unleashed by the Flame Devil Kings equivalent to human experts at the first level of the Martial Saint realm was directly locked down and prevented from moving by the white light!

However much they tried, however violent the flames outside of the white light area, as soon as they had stepped past this boundary of white light, the violent blazing fire would instantly halt!

The flames that had originally been expanding and exploding unceasingly as they leapt fiercely about, having entered the domain encapsulated by the power of the grand formation as supported by Yan Di and the others, immediately stopped.

A moment earlier, they had still been violent flames.

Now however, they resembled pictures drawn on a piece of paper.

Fully lifelike, intricate and sublime, yet just going against the laws of nature as they did not move.

Jing Zhong and the other three level two Flame Devil Kings were in a comparatively better state.

Their attacks did not cease completely having entered the vicinity of the white light as they were still able to shift and flash about.

However, they also appeared extremely slow, the terrifying explosive power within also being whittled away unceasingly.

Instead, due to the other Flame Devil Kings having taken away some of the pressure on it, the great surging devilish flames unleashed by the Great Flame Devil King appeared even more lively than before within the white light.

However, enveloped by the white light, it was still slow and sluggish.

Within the grand formation, Yan Di said mildly, “This Yan will be the main attacker.

Please forgive any arrogance and recklessness on my part.”

Saying thus, at the very forefront, he chopped out with his sabre!

The domineering, unparalleled sabre-light instantly split the heavens and the earth as it chopped towards the host of Flame Devils.

The attacks of the Flame Devils were slow and sluggish amidst this white light.

However, Yan Di’s sabre-light, bolstered by the power of the grand formation, was swift beyond compare.

In just an instant, he was already before that Great Flame Devil King!

Even the great power of this Great Flame Devil King would be insufficient to easily face this peerless sabre.

Panicked, this Great Flame Devil King drew upon all its strength to resist as it howled in pain.

A great amount of flowing fire sprayed out from its arm, resembling the gushing of blood as the numerous patterns of light that densely filled its skin surface unceasingly collapsed and fell apart!

Yan Di strode forward, the other three human experts in their individual formations shifting alongside his movements as they supported the grand formation.

Now, Yan Di’s sabre-light rampaged, presiding over all living lifeforms between the heavens and the earth as where it passed, two level one Flame Devil Kings were slain on the spot, sliced directly apart into two halves!

The Flame Devil King Jing Zhong whose strength was equivalent to a human expert at the second level of the Martial Saint realm howled in rage as one of its arms was hacked off, flying off into the distance!

Yan Di’s sabre-light did not cease as he chopped towards that Great Flame Devil King yet again, his attack swift to the point that it was extremely hard to avoid.

The Great Flame Devil King was instantly wounded once more, a tragic wound carved out on its body!

The Flame Devil race was both shocked and angered as even the experts of the human race felt shocked as well.

The Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, through the changes between ‘action’ and ‘inaction’, contained infinite profundities as it displayed a shocking power!

Chu Yan and the Heaven Cleaving Axe were heavily injured and temporarily unable to move.

Meanwhile, Meng Wan with the Extreme Yin Crown and An Qinglin entered the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation as well.

Enveloped by the grand formation, they withstood the attacks of the Flame Devils together.

Through its weakening by the grand formation, the devilish fire which had earlier resembled Armageddon at the end of the world as the heavens collapsed and the earth split apart, while still being fierce and powerful, was no longer as terrifying as before.

Meanwhile, as others helped to block the counterattacks of the Flame Devils, Yan Di completely disregarded his defence as he struck out continuously with his sabre, fierce and domineering to the extreme as he mightily pursued the Flame Devils with his own power, attacking them frenziedly!

Other than his Extreme Heaven Domineering Sabre, Yan Di was proficient in many other powerful martial arts as well.

Now, he unleashed all of them one by one, the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre, the Eight Extreme Arts, even some of the other supreme martial arts collected by Broad Creed Mountain.

There seemed to be no end to his attacks as one wave after another was launched at the Flame Devils.

Yan Di executed all that he had mastered to the point of perfection.

Endless flowing fire splattered between the heavens and the earth, with the broken carcasses and limbs of the Flame Devils plummeting down into the great sea below.

The domain of white light formed of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation unceasingly advanced east, beating the Flame Devil race into continuous, harried retreat!

While the Flame Devils had incomparably violent tempers, they could currently only move back bit by bit.

Many of them were swept through and slain with the passing of time.

As they retreated, extreme blazing heat suddenly emanated from the nearby heavens and earth.

Very quickly, the boundaries between the heavens and the earth grew completely blurred.

Two different sets of heavens and earth seemed to have appeared before their eyes.

Behind them were the blue sky and the jade sea.

Ahead of them was instead a world composed entirely of crimson flames!

The sky was composed of blazing fire; the earth was composed of blazing fire.

The ocean had already vanished completely, only infinite flames and destruction existing between the heavens and the earth!

As the Flame Devils continuously retreated, they had already retreated to the original territory of the Outer East Sea.

Meanwhile, this area had already been corrupted by the Flame Devil World, turning into a world of flames!

Having entered this world, all the Flame Devils howled madly as they were filled with the emotions of joy and release.

With that Great Flame Devil King at their head, the auras of all the Flame Devil experts began to skyrocket as the wounds on their bodies began to heal as well.

The triumphant Flame Devils wanted to counterattack.

However, waiting for them was an even more domineering sabre!

The fearsome sabre-light ripped apart the sea of flames, directly hacking off the remaining horn on the head of the Great Flame Devil King as well!

Bolstered by the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, Yan Di was unstoppable in the brandishing of his sabre!

As the domain of white light moved forth, the all-encompassing devilish fire grew slow and sluggish wherever it went.

At this moment, the flames seemed to have turned into solid form.

As Yan Di stomped downwards, the flames shattered into dust like sculptures of sand.


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