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HSSB478: Nine Underworld True Devils


Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li who were currently suppressing the area both had their brows knit tightly.

They could both sense that in the deep abyss down below, other than that powerful aura which had originally been struggling rampantly as it tried to break free of the seal suppressing it, another similarly brutal and evil aura had appeared.

It was similarly powerful, momentous, violent and vicious.

As the two forces combined, the huge golden sun currently in the process of descending unceasingly instantly slowed.

Numerous wild torrents surged unceasingly upwards, causing the huge golden sun to seemingly shudder non-stop.

Yan Zhaoge and the other Martial Grandmaster experts present felt the changes below as well.

The numerous rampant black chains within the air grew even more wild and unbridled as they unceasingly traversed the area.

Bloodred light flickered unceasingly on their surface, growing brighter and brighter as well as more and more dazzling as the brutal air on them correspondingly grew even more terrifying.

The Evil Devils spawned from them grew even more brutal as well as they fiercely assaulted the human martial practitioners.

Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply, “Another Nine Underworlds true devil has appeared down below.”

An Elder of Broad Creed Mountain beside him was rather flustered, “Not having stirred anything up for so long, they are just suddenly popping up at this time The problem here at the Earth Domain has already existed for many long years.”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “Earlier, the seal loosened and this huge golden sun rose into the air.

This decreased the suppression effect on the crevice into the Nine Underworlds, causing some interaction between the spiritual qi of our two worlds.”

“Some Evil Devils were drawn over by these changes.”

“As even more time passes, perhaps yet more Evil Devils will come.”

Hearing these words, the expressions of those around him, having earlier already been discomfited, grew even gloomier.

The huge golden sun still brightly illuminated the deep abyss.

However, it no longer continued descending, instead hovering in mid-air.

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes into slits, able to feel the extraordinariness of this great golden sun.

Even despite having been assaulted by the two true devils earlier, the power within it remained abundant as it showed no signs of weakening in the least.

However, accompanied by the passing of time and the assault of the Evil Devils down below, the true intent as well as spirituality contained within the seal was dwindling away non-stop.

Therefore, while the huge golden sun appeared to possess boundless power, it still seemed slow and sluggish as it appeared to be at a disadvantageous, forced position.

While it currently appeared completely undamaged under the assault of the Nine Underworld Evil Devils, the power of the seal was growing weaker and weaker.

The darkness below grew stronger and stronger as the huge golden sun suddenly showed signs of rising up once more!

They all joined hands in supporting the sealing of the deep abyss down below.

“Huh” Yan Zhaoge suddenly felt an extremely restless, irritated feeling arise within his heart.

As he scanned the surrounding martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall through the corner of his eyes, his gaze sweeping past the East Rising Lord, the Sunset Lord and the others, he could only feel that he just didn’t like the sight of them at all.

The conflicts and enmity that had occurred between them thus far all drifted up into his thoughts.

Numerous scenes seemed to flicker intermittently before his eyes, finally stopping at the great tribulation of Broad Creed Mountain that year when they had tried to stage a robbery amidst a fire.

They had shot the Anti-Suns, shaking the Clear Qi Grand Formation and affecting Broad Creed Mountain’s defences as a result.

In their great battle with the Decimating Abyss, many of their martial practitioners who would originally have emerged unhurt had lost their lives in other to finally quell that great disaster.

The scene of his eldest apprentice-uncle Shi Tie covered completely in blood as he stood tall and unyielding before him like a broken statue remained within Yan Zhaoge’s mind for a long time, causing boundless rage as well as killing intent to arise within his heart.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze grew focused as he felt a chill within his heart.

Scanning his surroundings, other than the devils borne of the numerous black chains, within the dark deep abyss had appeared some additional formless flowing streams of qi.

These black flows of qi were coiling about unceasingly, formless and traceless as they were mixed in within the black fog, making it hard for others to detect them.

As this devilish qi invaded, Yan Zhaoge could only feel like his mind was exceptionally unstable and susceptible to being shaken!

“Is this the work of that second Evil Devil” Yan Zhaoge kept a firm grip over his mind, his entire body’s true essence circulating as it turned into chaos, keeping the devilish qi at bay.

The devilish qi affected one’s state of mind, being extremely hard to resist with a martial practitioner’s true essence or aura-qi.

Fortunately, Yan Zhaoge’s Peerless Heavenly Scripture was incomparably superb as it was still able to guard him from it.

Gazing over, it could be seen that the expressions of the others were incomparably stern as well, their gazes even beginning to flicker unceasingly.

Other than Yan Zhaoge, the experts of the human race present were all Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters as they all possessed comparatively firm wills.

However, with the exceptionally intense effects by the Nine Underworld Evil Devils on their wills, they could only feel their minds wavering continuously.

Other than Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li, all the other human martial practitioners were currently shaken mentally.

It was slightly better for the Turbid Wave Pavilion martial practitioners, but the gazes directed between the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners as well as those of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall were all growing increasingly sharp.

The enmities and tensions had always existed between them.

It was only because they currently had to join hands in dealing with external enemies that they had temporarily set their differences aside.

Now, however, sparks had leapt upon a pile of firewood as it instantly seemed like it would soon be ignited.

Yan Zhaoge yelled in a heavy tone, “It’s the Evil Devils’ little tricks! Raise your vigilance.”

They all actually understood this.

However, many thoughts of theirs just could not be kept suppressed.

If they could calm their hearts and stabilise their minds and conditions in the meditative position, it would still be fine.

However, there just had to be those devils spawning unceasingly from those black chains, launching attacks towards them.

In the midst of exchanging blows with these devils, the encroachment of devilish qi into their bodies became easier as it also caused their focus to split, finding it hard to concentrate.

Now, Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li suddenly roared in unison.

Like a bell that signalled the coming of dawn, their voices reverberated unceasingly within the deep abyss, seemingly having condensed to take tangible form as they beat down on the souls of everyone here.

Jolted by the roars of the two Martial Saints, the negative influence from the devilish qi and those unhealthy thoughts were all instantly cleared from their minds.

Everyone grew slightly more clear-headed.

They hurriedly stabilised their conditions, resisting the influence of the devilish qi.

However, the Martial Saints of Broad Creed Mountain and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, with their martial arts stemming from the same source, had been exceptionally effective in clearing up the minds of the respective martial practitioners under them with those roars as it had virtually showed an effect like yelling within their ears.

Yet, it had been much less effective towards the martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan and Turbid Wave Pavilion.

It was still fine for the Turbid Wave Pavilion martial practitioners, but the situation over at the side of the Sacred Sun Clan was not optimistic.

Especially the East Rising Lord, who was currently staring fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge straight on!

He had been humiliated and lost face due to Yan Zhaoge.

He felt the frustration and regret over that setback back them.

Yan Zhaoge had harmed his clan greatly as he still posed a great threat to them.

How he feared Yan Zhaoge’s future development.

Countless emotions, all able to form stubbornness.

The East Rising Lord was usually still able to maintain his rationality.

However, under this special environment, everything gathered together at once in a torrential flood as unable to resist it, he was engulfed and devoured completely by it all!

Suddenly, the East Rising Lord shuddered as numerous streams of black qi surged into his body from the surrounding area.

“Fallen to the dark side” Yan Zhaoge raised his brows, but then immediately realised that this was not the case, “No, it’s not that!”

As the East Rising Lord raised his head, his pupils were not yellowed and overflowing with a bloodred light like fallen practitioners.

His eyes sockets were shockingly completely pitch black as the white of his eyes as well as his pupils had completely vanished.

A terrifying and evil aura that was incomparably powerful emanated from his body!

“Stabilise your mind!” A Heavenly Thunder Hall Martial Grandmaster beside him called out, but before he had finished speaking, a terrifying black light had already flickered as this Martial Grandmaster was directly sent flying!

Black light flickered within the eyes of the East Rising Lord as the corners of his mouth arched upwards in a cold smile, “This world, is pretty good.”


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