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HSSB480: Fleeing in the face of danger!


Blazing hot, intense and unbearable.

This was Yan Zhaoge’s sole feeling at this moment.

His true essence was already a little unable to protect the clothing on his body’s surface which seemed as though it was about to catch ablaze.

A pain like simultaneous stabbing by innumerable needles emanated from his body’s surface.

Yan Zhaoge could clearly feel the pain of the Cold Marrow Needles that Feng Yunsheng bore now, just that one of them was hot while the other was cold.

However, they encapsulated every single part of the entire body, not letting a single inch of it slip by, causing one to feel extreme pain that they were unable to resist as it was in no way inferior to that at all!

Amidst his breathing, a fiery hot pain emanated from his nose to his chest.

The heat even travelled within his limbs and bones.

It was not just his body’s surface which felt blazing hot and hard pressed to resist.

The feeling of his internal organs coming ablaze emanated from within his body as well.

Accompanied by Yan Zhaoge’s rise in cultivation base, he had already not experienced such pain for a long time.

Forcibly bearing the pain, Yan Zhaoge steadied his mind and persisted in walking continuously forward.

Numerous profound golden runes flew out from his body, merging within the bright golden radiance in his surroundings.

This had been gained by Yan Zhaoge through his knowledge of the incomplete Extreme Yang Scripture.

Thanks to the Peerless Heavenly Scripture’s special trait of being able to contain all arts, despite it being a little impromptu and rushed, Yan Zhaoge was still able to barely draw upon some of the essential points of the Extreme Yang Scripture.

As those golden runes merged unceasingly within the surrounding golden light, Yan Zhaoge instantly felt as if that blazing hot pain had dispersed somewhat.

Sadly, Yan Zhaoge’s version of the Extreme Yang Scripture was incomplete.

Much of what he had projected was somewhat different from the concept within the great golden sun before him.

The terrifying sunlight still brought about immense harm as well as danger.

Yan Zhaoge grit his teeth, treading on the air as he progressed forward step by step, seemingly entirely walking within that great sun.

The heavens and the earth shook as Yan Zhaoge could only feel as though he had stepped into another world.

This great golden sun resembled a small independent world of its own as whilst sealing the crevice to the Nine Underworlds, it was also separated from the heavens and earth outside.

Stepping into this world, Yan Zhaoge could only feel that the world before his eyes had suddenly dimmed.

It was not that the sunlight had vanished or weakened.

On the contrary, the two extremes of light and dark had actually been reversed due to light having reached an extreme maximum.

All the rays of light between the heavens and the earth seemed to have been retracted as a scene of darkness was vaguely visible within the air.

However, as Yan Zhaoge lowered his head, there was no longer a deep abyss beneath him and clear skies for a thousand miles above him.

What he could see were only a bright stretch of flames, a crimson colour visible within the flickering golden light.

He seemed to be positioned at the very centre of the vast universe, standing just at the surface of that great bright sun.

Gazing over, the sun was filled with flames as solar winds howled unceasingly, with sunspots even appearing from time to time.

The space close to the sun’s surface seemed to be distorting as it was awed by the terrifying power of the Sun Star of the Nine Luminaries.

Feeling the majestic concept between these heavens and earth, Yan Zhaoge was rather inspired by it.

All the chaotic qi masses within his bodies seemed able to split the heavens and the earth apart as they rotated, golden radiance continuously being produced from within.

The sunlight shot out from the acupoints of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body before transforming into numerous profound sigils within the air that emanated a powerful, shocking feeling.

Lined up within the air, these sigils appeared scattered and unsystematic.

However, as numerous rays of light shone down between the surrounding heavens and earth, many even more powerful ones were formed which unceasingly polished and filled up the gaps in Yan Zhaoge’s learning.

Gradually, a complete scripture appeared before Yan Zhaoge.

It was just that this scripture still appeared profound and obscure as it remained extremely difficult to understand.

A solemn expression on his face, Yan Zhaoge slowly punched forward, numerous talismans of golden light flying together towards the sun’s surface.

The sun shook mightily, rolling about!

A great door seemed to open, a path appearing within.

As Yan Zhaoge focused on that illusory ‘door’ on the sun’s surface, his attention was completely drawn by the scenes within it.

It was not just Yan Zhaoge’s line of vision.

Everything within this universe, including infinite heat and infinite light, was drawn within as well.

A seal appeared there, completely crimson in colour as it flickered with a golden light.

While silently hovering there, the seal guided along all light, all heat, all flames as well as all spiritual qi as it resembled the centre of the universe.

The universe and space all seemed to turn dim at this moment as if illusory.

It was as if there was just this seal here which was the one, sole truth, the highest, exalted principle.

Yan Zhaoge was drawn by it as he tried to approach it.

Suddenly, he felt the heavens and the earth where he was currently located suddenly shake intensely!

The sun before him suddenly turned restless, preventing others from easily drawing near.

In the Eight Extremities World outside, within the deep abyss, the darkness below unceasingly pushed the great golden sun upwards.

As the power of the seal grew increasingly weak, the expressions on the faces of Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li were ugly to the extreme.

The black fog that had bypassed the great golden sun and extended upwards grew denser and denser.

Eventually, space began distorting intensely amidst the Nine Underworlds baleful qi here!

From the distorted space, two massive palms suddenly extended outwards!

“The entire bodies still cannot yet pass, but the demonic claws can already pass through” The expressions on the faces of the human martial practitioners present all changed greatly.

Of the two massive demonic claws, one appeared pitch black like ink with a dim lustre on its surface.

While it did not appear very conspicuous, it seemed to emit infinite evil intent to bewilder peoples’ hearts as the martial practitioners here found it even more difficult to deal with.

The other devilish claw was completely dark purple in colour, its surface densely intertwined by numerous black chains on which red patterns of light flickered unceasingly.

The two devilish claws clawed outwards, instantly slaying a few Martial Grandmasters who had not been able to avoid them in time!

The Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters who presided high within the human world as they could push mountains and fill seas appeared incomparably frail at this moment!

The terrifying howls of devils reverberated within the entire deep abyss, even being emitted far away as they reverberated off the vast lands of the Earth Domain and shook the skies of the Eight Extremities World.

The faces of Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li were stern as they hurriedly moved to resist it.

The forces of the two sides surged in the air above the great golden sun.

The Green Thunder Martial Saint directly spat out a mouthful of blood.

As Yuan Zhengfeng’s figure shook, he was also temporarily unable to bolster the power of the seal.

The rate at which the Nine Underworlds baleful qi and the great golden sun rose abruptly increased, with the momentum of wanting to shoot into the heavens together!

The purple devilish claw shook as the black chains around it all unfurled, intermingling within the air densely as a net as they formed a terrifying domain of darkness which enveloped Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li.

Meanwhile, that black devilish claw first clawed towards Shen Li!

As Shen Li clashed with it, he could only feel as though he was about to collapse.

An exalted Martial Saint who stood at the peak of the Eight Extremities World now clearly felt the shadow of death looming over him!

Yuan Zhengfeng roared furiously, pushing forward simultaneously with his palms with the additional support of the Clear Qi Robe as he mightily slammed it down upon the great golden sun.

The seal which had been on the verge of shattering was stimulated once more, numerous streams of golden light surging madly as they suppressed the devilish qi of the Nine Underworlds down below.

The rate at which the great golden sun was rising dropped as those two massive devilish claws also stiffened momentarily.

“We can’t seal it, I’m going!” Shen Li howled madly as he transformed completely into a streak of green thunder and shot upwards, evading the black chains that were coming at him.

Yuan Zhengfeng roared, “You can run now, but can you run forever”

“No matter what, I will not die here today!” The green streak of light formed of Shen Li shot out of the deep abyss and was far away in an instant.

Yuan Zhengfeng was both enraged and shocked.

Now, having recovered from their momentary stiffness, the two massive devilish claws before him attacked once more!


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