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HSSB481: Always regretted


After Shen Li had fled, the two massive devilish claws began targeting Yuan Zhengfeng together.

Numerous chains shot out from the purple devilish claw in an endless stream.

The chains intermingled, forming a layered all-encompassing net which came heavily enveloping over towards Yuan Zhengfeng.

The Nine Underworlds baleful qi in the form of a black fog around them grew even more ferocious as well as it shrouded Yuan Zhengfeng, forming a massive vortex as it tried to devour him.

“Junior apprentice-brother Xie, junior apprentice-sister Li!” Yuan Zhengfeng sucked in a deep breath, pain visible within his eyes as the last two longtime Elders of Broad Creed Mountain who had entered the Earth Domain together with him fell to the massive black Evil Devil’s claw as well.

Having tried to assist them, he had instead been obstructed by the enemy, even having himself been placed in danger.

The human martial practitioners who had entered the deep abyss of the Earth Domain perished one by one.

Finally, only a bunch of chaotically dancing devils was left within the deep abyss.

“Careful, Master,” Fang Zhun, currently above the great golden sun as he was enshrouded by golden and black streams of light, was the only other unharmed human martial practitioner apart from Yuan Zhengfeng visible here.

Entrapped by the Nine Underworlds baleful qi and the power of the great golden sun, he was completely unable to move.

However, a tall avatar stood behind him, a sword within its hand.

Where the sword-light passed, it was majestic as the heavens whilst stable as the earth, seeming boundless and endless.

After many years of cultivation, after having perused the concept within the crimson pagoda that Yan Zhaoge had brought back from the East Sea, Fang Zhun had now successfully broken through that bottleneck which had long held him back, successfully stepping into the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster realm.

It was precisely because of this that he had still been able to persist despite having been caught up by the power of the seal and the Nine Underworlds baleful qi in having entered the depths of the Earth Domain to keep watch over the area.

It was just that with the Evil Devils now looking like they would soon be breaking out of the seal, Fang Zhun’s situation was growing increasingly perilous as well.

While the Limitless Heavenly Avatar still stood tall behind him, its body was entangled by numerous black chains as well.

As the power of the seal weakened, the equilibrium between the two clashing forces was lost as Fang Zhun also faced immense pressure against the encroachment of the devilish qi.

Seeing Yuan Zhengfeng in danger, worry could vaguely be seen within Fang Zhun’s gaze.

His eyes suddenly closed as he forcibly stabilised his mind.

His entire body’s true essence rippled, agglomerated yet not unleashed as he seemed to be nurturing something, waiting for something to happen.

The Nine Underworlds baleful qi grew stronger and stronger; the power of the seal grew weaker and weaker.

When the golden light about Fang Zhun’s body had finally vanished completely with only black streams of light remaining, he suddenly opened his eyes.

Feeling something, Yuan Zhengfeng swivelled his head over to look even as he blocked the attack of a devilish claw.

Fang Zhun’s eyes were bright as the stars within the sky.

As a cold light flashed within, they were calm yet resolute, cold yet bright.

As their two gazes met, Fang Zhun smiled, “Master, this disciple is untalented, having recklessly advanced without thought of the consequences back then, finally culminating in this great disaster.”

“While the Decimating Abyss was founded by Xin Dongping, its source actually lies with me.”

“Because of me, so many incidents continuously happened afterwards, even having caused the deaths of eldest apprentice-brother and so many other fellow disciples as a result.”

“Due to slow and gradual depletion over time, the seal in the Earth Domain gradually fell apart to this point, with true Nine Underworlds Evil Devils about to be released into this world.

My research on the Earth Domain and the Nine Underworlds from back then can fortunately now be put to good use, preventing the descent of the Nine Underworlds.”

“My life alone is unable to make up for all those that have been lost.

I just hope that it will be able to slightly make up for my past mistakes somewhat.”

As Fang Zhun said this, the Limitless Heavenly Avatar above his head suddenly turned into spiritual light as it was retracted within his body.

The black streams of light which had entangled it followed and entangled Fang Zhun’s own body as well.

Fang Zhun’s face had paled, but his gaze shone even brighter than before.

He let out a low, deep roar.

The black streams of light entangling him suddenly began rotating rapidly with as their centre.

Fang Zhun sat in the meditative position within the air.

Below him whilst above the great golden sun, the black streams of light congregated as space itself began to distort intensely.

Amidst these spatial distortions, the space actually began to split apart, those streams of black light surging madly together towards that hole within space.

Space also shook unceasingly around Fang Zhun himself.

His body slowly slid downwards, gradually about to sink within and be consumed by that vortex of black light.

Seeing this, Yuan Zhengfeng’s body shook, “Fang Zhun, you!”

Fang Zhun’s expression was calm and at peace, “Please assist me, Master, and perhaps this matter may still be resolved.”

“Sadly, this method of mine is one where embracing peril would be required in order to ultimately survive, where the original seal may even be damaged as a result.

Otherwise, there would have been no need for the sacrifice of so many fellow disciples and martial practitioners of the other Sacred Grounds.”

Yuan Zhengfeng gazed at Fang Zhun.

This disciple of his was one whom he had never needed to worry too much about, able to perform everything most exemplarily no matter what it was, everyone being satisfied with his results.

As Yuan Zhengfeng saw it, other than sometimes being too radical in his mindset, easily susceptible to leaning towards the wrong path, Fang Zhun was virtually perfect as he was able to handle everything in an efficient, orderly manner.

Even when Fang Zhun was a child, Yuan Zhengfeng had never seen him looking flustered and helpless.

He always just seemed that calm and composed, not flustered in the least.

And now, sending himself into death, Fang Zhun still appeared calm.

With half of his body gradually sinking within the black hole, a hint of a smile was still visible at the corners of his mouth as he looked at Yuan Zhengfeng.

Yuan Zhengfeng was silent for a moment before he emitted a clear roar.

Surrounded by countless black chains, Yuan Zhengfeng still went and interlocked his palms as the surrounding space shook.

Within the deep abyss, the heavens and the earth seemed to flip in reverse as space broke apart and turned illusory.

The great golden sun was not affected by this.

Instead, the darkness of the deep abyss down below was sucked in greater amounts within the black hole below Fang Zhun.

For some strange reason, the more Nine Underworlds baleful qi that was sucked in, the greater the black hole, as well as the suction force emanating from it, became!

Some fallen practitioners tried to attack Fang Zhun.

However, they were unable to resist the pull of the black hole as they were sucked directly within.

As the ‘East Rising Lord’ saw all this, a strange smile suddenly surfaced at the corners of his mouth.

He attacked neither Fang Zhun nor Yuan Zhengfeng as he instead lunged towards the great golden sun down below.

Under his lead, the other Evil Devils did the same.

Due to depletion of its spirituality over time, the great golden sun currently seemed silent such that the power of the seal grew increasingly weaker as it shook beneath the attacks of the Evil Devils.

However, if anyone dared to touch it, an extremely powerful destructive force would immediately be emitted from within as all the Evil Devils who had dared to come close were reduced to ash.

The ‘East Rising Lord’ did not change in his expression as he raised his arms, black light vanishing and golden light appearing.

As a powerful direct lineage martial art of the Sacred Sun Clan was now executed, it had connections and commonalities with the concept within the great golden sun to some extent.

Perhaps having fallen to the dark side, perhaps having been refined to become clones of the Evil Devils, the Sunset Lord and the other Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners all smiled strangely as they did the same.

They did not think like Yan Zhaoge to enter the internal world of the great golden sun.

They only wished to further shake it externally, causing the seal that it sustained to collapse completely!

Seeing this, Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun’s gazes hardened.

While they did not understand why, they had both seen Yan Zhaoge vanishing within the infinite golden sunlight earlier.


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