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HSSB482: In life, all one asks for is a guilt-free heart


In the world within the great golden sun, Yan Zhaoge stood on the surface of the sun, witnessing that great golden seal at the centre of this world which captured all that radiance.

As he was thinking of a plan, he felt the heavens and earth he was currently in shaking in their entirety.

Stabilising himself, he gazed towards the great seal.

Suddenly, he saw infinite golden light congregating beside the seal, actually gradually condensing to form the figure of a person.

Meanwhile, within the deep abyss outside, the golden sun rumbled mightily at this moment as if it had been stimulated by the ‘East Rising Lord’ and the others.

The great sun itself had not received any damage.

However, countless streams of golden light coiled within the air, causing the surrounding space to shake along with them.

The black hole beneath Fang Zhun shuddered, numerous black streams of light surging within.

However, these black streams of light were connected to those numerous black chains.

Amidst the surrounding chaotic space, all was in pandemonium at this moment.

The intermingling black chains enveloped and restrained Yuan Zhengfeng like an all-encompassing net, the momentous force shockingly dragging Yuan Zhengfeng towards that black hole as well.

The two demonic claws clawed together at Yuan Zhengfeng.

Yuan Zhengfeng unfurled all his fingers, pushing his palms forward to the sides to parry the two demonic claws that were attacking him.

However, that momentous force still pressured Yuan Zhengfeng into falling towards the black hole.

Yuan Zhengfeng frowned, able to tell that these two Evil Devils actually wanted to make use of him to fill in and seal up the black hole.

The surrounding Nine Underworlds baleful qi formed a vortex which had been partially sucked into the black hole, but this vortex had caught a hold over Yuan Zhengfeng as well.

Under the joint effect of these many differing forces, Yuan Zhengfeng was sucked towards the black hole alongside the black vortex and those jet black chains.

As half his body fell within, he had actually sunk in even deeper than Fang Zhun for a time.

Fang Zhun formed a sword with both his hands, the left pointed towards his forehead while the right shot out towards the deep abyss down below.

A great amount of light attempted to clear away the devilish qi surrounding Yuan Zhengfeng.

True essence surged about Yuan Zhengfeng’s entire body as he resisted the Nine Underworlds baleful qi as well as the dual suction forces from the black hole down below.

However, the two massive demonic claws pressured downwards simultaneously.

Yuan Zhengfeng raised his hands in a poise of a heavenly king bearing a pagoda, blocking the two demonic claws.

Feeling that immense pressure, a decisive look flickered within Yuan Zhengfeng’s eyes as the palm force originally used by him to block the enemy was suddenly directed elsewhere!

He abruptly changed his palm into claws, no longer resisting as he instead caught those two demonic claws of purple and black, pulling them in his direction with all his might!

Yuan Zhengfeng sunk into the black hole at a greater rate, but the power in his hands had risen to the maximum as he began madly dragging those two Evil Devils, wanting to pull them into the same fate that awaited him!

Even if he fell into the chaotic space within the black hole, he had to drag those two Evil Devils within as well!

The great golden sun was shaken.

Currently, the seal was already virtually on the verge of complete collapse.

The Nine Underworlds baleful qi grew stronger and stronger.

The terrifying auras of Evil Devils emanating from the darkness from which the two massive devilish claws extended grew fiercer and fiercer as well, seeming as if they were truly about to descend within the Eight Extremities World.

Yuan Zhengfeng had currently cast his fate completely aside as he wanted to leave these two Evil Devils in the Eight Extremities World forever, dragging them directly from the Nine Underworlds into the black hole, not giving them a chance to cause any trouble within the Eight Extremities World!

The smile on the face of the ‘East Rising Lord’ vanished as his expression turned cold and gloomy.

Yuan Zhengfeng’s face held no fear as his expression was resolute, “This world is indeed very good.

That is why even more so, I cannot give it to you.”

The Sunset Lord had not been possessed, only having fallen to the dark side as bloodred light shot out of his yellowed eyes.

He looked at Yuan Zhengfeng, “Heaven Equaller Yuan, why are you trying so hard Look, Green Thunder Shen was just that bit smarter than you.”

Yuan Zhengfeng shook his head, “It is already so difficult fighting the Evil Devils here where there are seals suppressing their power.

If the Nine Underworlds Evil Devils truly descend within our Eight Extremities World, able to unleash their true power, how would we be supposed to fight them then”

“The Nine Underworlds has far more than just two true Devils.

If the seal cannot be repaired and the passageway opens, as time passes, wouldn’t more true Devils come to pay attention to our world”

“This old man sincerely hopes that in having left this time, Shen Li did so with special considerations in mind.

Otherwise, running away so easily now, when a great amount of Evil Devils surge into our Eight Extremities World in the future, where can he run to Hide in the Flame Devil World”

The Sunset Lord laughed loudly upon hearing his words, “So you too know that there are many Evil Devils who are truly powerful, just that there are only two concerned with the dimensional passageway to this world for the time being.”

“When more and more Evil Devils have noticed this place, what would you be able to do Just mere mantises trying to stop a chariot.

You, Green Thunder Shen and everyone else will only be separated in whether you die earlier or later.

The fate of the Eight Extremities World is already set in stone!”

“Why not just let yourself go and be like us You will discover that these heavens and earth where you can do whatever you like has a wonderfulness and flair of its own!”

Yuan Zhengfeng did not appear shaken in the least, “If these two true Devils can be dragged within chaotic space, they will not be able to immediately enter and bring disaster to our Eight Extremities World.”

“Without them causing harm, before the other true Devils notice this place, this great golden sun might already be able to re-seal the entrance to the Great Nine Underworlds Door here.”

He looked at the Sunset Lord and the ‘East Rising Lord’, “Just you lackeys and fallen practitioners alone still aren’t sufficient to shake this great golden sun.”

“This old man is hereby betting on this possibility, wresting a chance for survival for our Eight Extremities World!”

A mocking look appeared on the ‘East Rising Lord’s’ face, “Just based on you The difference in our power when fully manifested and with merely an arm having descended-such is greater than even the distance between the heavens and the earth.”

Yuan Zhengfeng smiled calmly, “Humans do what they can do and leave the rest to the heavens.

Only having put in one’s greatest effort can one calmly face the fate the heavens bring them.”

“In life, all one asks for is a guilt-free heart.”

Hearing these words, Fang Zhun beside him let out a soundless laugh.

He raised his hands, forming a sword with the index and middle fingers of his right hand before lightly sliding it by the vein on his left wrist.

Essence blood spurted out.

Guided by Fang Zhun’s sword techniques, it transformed into threads of blood which moved within the air.

The threads of blood resembled ropes as they entrapped those two massive claws of black and purple.

Furious, the two Evil Devils shook, a momentous force emanating to rip those blood threads apart.

Now, Fang Zhun activated his sword techniques once more, pointing towards the black hole down below with his right hand as blood also shot out from his right fingertip, descending within the black hole formed of chaotic space.

The next moment, the rate at which Fang Zhun was being sucked into the black hole rose as well!

Following this, the blood threads from his left hand which entangled those two devilish claws were bolstered by a formless power as the space around them distorted unceasingly, temporarily preventing the two devilish claws from being able to break free.

Accompanied by Fang Zhun’s increased rate of descent, immense force also came which helped Yuan Zhengfeng to pull those two devilish claws towards the black hole.

“In this world, it is often said that blood brothers beat tigers together; father and son stand together on the battlefield,” Fang Zhun said, “It can be so for Master and disciple as well.”

Yuan Zhengfeng looked regretfully at his disciple.

Having entered chaotic space, fortune or calamity was hard to predict as one might be slain by the chaotic flows of space or sent into an unknown world.

However, the technique Fang Zhun was currently using in which a great amount of his body’s essence blood had been called upon was burning his own life force.

It was likely that even without the Evil Devils or the chaotic space coming to claim his life, he would already first have perished.

“This child…You’ve always been like this since young, looking calm and refined yet being the most frenzied and intense within your bones,” All the worry disappeared from the space between Yuan Zhengfeng’s brows as he laughed loudly, “Alright, together!”

Master and disciple roared loudly in unison as they wielded their maximum power in forcibly dragging those two Evil Devils along.

When their bodies had sunk within the chaotic space of the black hole, those two devilish claws of purple and black gradually began getting devoured by the black hole as well.

The ‘East Rising Lord’ and the others howled simultaneously in rage, the deep abyss filled with the mad howls of numerous devils.


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