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HSSB483: Death to the Devils!


Devils danced madly within the deep abyss for a time.

Some attempted to break the threads of blood Fang Zhun was entangling the devilish claws with.

However, just having exerted strength, they would be like prey caught to a spiderweb, completely unable to move as they were led along by those threads to fall into the black hole, being devoured by the chaotic flow of space.

Some tried to attack and interfere with Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun.

Like their comrades, they were immediately sucked within the black hole as well.

The howls of devils rose and fell.

The great golden sun was unmoving within the air.

However, the terrifying aura originating from that extreme darkness grew stronger and stronger.

All-encompassing red light suddenly appeared within the darkness, dyeing the entire deep abyss the colour red.

It was the shocking scene of the descent of the Nine Underworlds as with the previous Devilish Domain Grand Formations before.

Back then, the Great Nine Underworlds had never completely opened.

Now, however, this was a true crevice to the Nine Underworlds that had appeared within the Eight Extremities World.

Two massive figures jostled, beginning to emerge from that terrifying ‘door’ side by side.

Their powerful auras swept through the deep abyss, causing everyone to feel suffocated and numbed.

Strange fiendish laughter resounded as those two devilish claws grew even more momentous, as though infinite power was emanating from within.

The thread of bloods entangling them began to snap one by one.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhengfeng felt that his hands were growing unable to hold those two devilish claws.

The old man’s expression was determined as before, not changing in the least as his gaze as he swivelled his head over and looked at his disciple was filled with regret.

Fang Zhun’s expression was peaceful, his face pale with all the colour gone from it and his eyes slowly closing, as though descending into deep slumber.

The two sunk deeper within the black hole of chaotic space, gradually being devoured by it.

Streams of black light and Nine Underworlds baleful qi as well as some fallen practitioners were swept in great amounts into the black hole as well.

Those two massive demonic claws attempted to extricate themselves from the black hole.

Now, however, infinite radiance suddenly shot out from that great golden sun which had seemed to have already fallen into deep slumber!

Sunlight instantly filled the deep abyss, completely sweeping away the fiendish devilish light!

The size of the great golden sun began expanding unceasingly as it devoured everything in its surroundings that it touched.

Outside the deep abyss, gazing down from the skies of the Eight Extremities World, one would see countless black patterns of light being extinguished as golden light came into being.

At this moment, golden sunlight shot into the heavens from all the entire vast territory of the Earth Domain!

At the exact centre of this bright sunlight was a great golden seal that flickered with golden light, dazzling one’s soul.

In its surroundings surfaced the figure of a person.

Yan Zhaoge appeared, but he instead looked towards the other side of the great golden seal.

The heavens and earth that had manifested with this great golden seal as their centre just now actually appeared blurry in the horizon as part of the heavens and earth had actually crumbled, becoming connected with the Eight Extremities World outside.

At the same time, endless golden light had come together to form the figure of a person.

The profile of a young man could barely be made out as he stood quietly there, raising his arm and punching outwards.

Amidst this punch, Yan Zhaoge felt as though all the light within the world was agglomerated within the man’s fist, the sun hanging overhead and sunlight illuminating all around.

Everything else was false, with this light being the sole reality.

Everything else was inconsequential, with this sun being the sole overlord.

Majestic and domineering, vast and intricate, the powerful concept within that fist came from the same source as that great golden seal which resembled the Sun Star of the Nine Luminaries.

It was precisely a technique of the most authentic Extreme Yang Scripture!

This was not a true person, instead being manifested of the fist-intent of the person who had left behind this seal, the owner of the great golden seal.

All was momentarily bright before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes.

The golden sunlight no longer seemed so piercing to the eye as the scene of the deep abyss outside reappeared before him.

Chaotic space had formed, a massive black hole visible before him.

The bodies of the two Nine Underworlds Evil Devils were already halfway out of the Great Nine Underworlds Door, each also having a devilish claw within the black hole which they were currently trying to extricate.

The martial practitioners of the Eight Extremities World had more or less been wiped out.

Even those fallen practitioners and lackeys of the Evil Devils were mostly all dead, with only the ‘East Rising Lord’ and the Sunset Lord remaining.

The devils stared blankly at Yan Zhaoge and the great golden seal, unconsciously feeling threatened.

Not seeing the seniors of his clan, Yan Zhaoge’s heart sunk.

He inhaled deeply, forcibly stabilising his mind before punching forward with his fist as well!

Radiance gradually shone on Yan Zhaoge’s fist, sunlight shooting out amidst the pulsing of his entire body’s acupoints.

Endless sunlight transformed into numerous golden talismans from which emanated a powerful aura.

The golden talismans gradually formed a complete volume within the air which enveloped Yan Zhaoge’s entire body.

Now, Yan Zhaoge resembled a bright shining figure of light.

The fist-intent left behind by the original owner of the great golden seal mightily erupted!

This incomparably powerful fist-intent instantly swept through the entire area.

Without even the time to let out a tragic cry, the fallen Sunset Lord dissipated amidst the infinite radiance as though his darkness had been expelled and dispersed by the light.

Those two Nine Underworlds Evil Devils emitted furious howls as well.

Dense smoke was emitted from the surface of their bodies which had already passed through the Great Nine Underworlds Door and appeared within the Eight Extremities World.

Stimulated by the fist-intent of the seal’s original owner, the seal shook as new spirituality seemed to be born within it.

The momentous power contained within the seal began to circulate.

As the seal descended, the space within the deep abyss broke unceasingly apart.

Limitless golden light mightily struck the opening Great Nine Underworlds Door which instantly grew distorted as a result.

The fiendish red light gradually vanished, the infinite golden light forming a massive sealing sigil within the air, boundless and without end as it encompassed and obscured the entire area.

The golden talisman descended, the Great Nine Underworlds Door having been sealed once more!

The two true Devils emitted simultaneous howls of fury.

Half of their bodies within the Nine Underworlds with the other half in the Eight Extremities World, they were shockingly distorting and being torn apart by the power of dimensional space!

Still having been full of authoritative might just a moment before, their bodies had directly been torn into two at this moment!

The great golden seal, whilst having always been powerful, had appeared silent and inactive, perhaps even a little stiff and awkward earlier.

Now, however, a fearsome authority that surged to the heavens erupted from it!

The ferocious great seal descended, directly shattering the bodies of those two Nine Underworld Evil Devils!

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge could clearly feel the entire Eight Extremities World shaking as a result.

The original might of this great golden seal was incomparably strong.

It had still been fine when it had been in a state of silent calmness before.

Now that it was truly baring its fangs, however, it instantly seemed about to surpass the tolerable limits of the entire Eight Extremities World!

Within the deep abyss of the Earth Domain, the Nine Underworlds baleful qi and the streams of black devilish qi were ceaselessly dissipating.

The ‘East Rising Lord’ howled mournfully in agony.

Just having been touched by the golden light, he had already been heavily injured.

While he had not instantly perished like the Sunset Lord, countless wisps of black qi evaporated off his body as it seemed about to break apart.

His true body having been ripped apart with the upper half completely shattered, having suffered such grave injuries, this clone was on the verge of collapse as well.

The Great Nine Underworlds Door had already been sealed.

He did not dare to hesitate in the least, hurriedly soaring upwards as he only wished to get out of this place.

After erupting, the fist-intent left behind by the original owner of the great golden seal gradually dispersed.

That great seal also fell silent once more, even its radiance being retracted as it turned rather dim.

The ‘East Rising Lord’ rejoiced, yet suddenly fell a chill permeate his entire body.

Beside the great golden seal, the golden light on Yan Zhaoge’s body had faded as well, but a purple bow had appeared within his hands.

A jet black arrow that flickered with a faint golden light was strung onto its bowstring.

Yan Zhaoge asked in an indifferent tone, “Where can you run”


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