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HSSB484: True martial soul, ten leaves blossoming ten flowers


Yan Zhaoge drew back the bowstring into a full arc, focused on the escaping ‘East Rising Lord’.

He released his fingers and the bowstring twanged.

The Devil Shattering Arrow shot out, instantly whistling through space and piercing through the ‘East Rising Lord’s’ chest!

The ‘East Rising Lord’ wanted to evade, but having earlier been affected by the power of the great golden seal, he was heavily injured and unable to move in time.

The Devil Shattering Arrow shot directly into his back and out of his chest, penetrating him straight through.

The hole broken through his chest began expanding unceasingly, the body of the ‘East Rising Lord’ being devoured within the wound that had appeared on his body.

“Merely a clone,” He snorted coldly, giving up on struggling as he appeared nonchalant, just a little regretful.

However, his expression then changed greatly, “…Devil Shattering Arrow! There’s actually someone in this world who knows how to forge Devil Shattering Arrows”

It was not just the body of the ‘East Rising Lord’ that was collapsing unceasingly.

Across multiple layers of space, in some distant and unknown land, there seemed to be something that was collapsing and being extinguished alongside it as well.

The Great Nine Underworlds Door down below that had been suppressed by the golden talisman even shook a little at this moment.

From the other end of the door seemed to emanate intense pain, fury, resentment, despair, all traversing through space at once as they could be felt even here.

After having shot out the arrow, Yan Zhaoge kept Heaven Shocker, ignoring the ‘East Rising Lord’ completely as he directly turned and rushed to the black hole on the other side.

Behind him came the final mournful wails of the ‘East Rising Lord’ before silence finally reigned.

Some scattered bits of Nine Underworlds baleful qi still permeated the deep abyss of the Earth Domain, but the rampaging devils were now already no more.

The golden light on the surface of the great golden seal vanished, its powerful aura being retracted alongside this as silently hovering within the air, it just resembled any ordinary red seal.

Yan Zhaoge cared not about even this seal as he shot before the black hole.

An immense suction force emanated from the black hole, wanting to suck Yan Zhaoge within.

Yan Zhaoge took out the Lofty Prestige Mirror, infusing his true essence within.

Light shot out from the mirror.

As the mirror’s light landed on the black hole, it seemed to fall silent for a time.

Yan Zhaoge stabilised himself before hurriedly gazing within the black hole.

Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun were trapped within the formless vortex and currently still in the midst of sinking downwards.

Yan Zhaoge felt pained.

Unlike those Evil Devils, the two had entered the black hole on their own accord, and had already long since sunk in to an all but irreversible extent.

The mirror light of the Lofty Prestige Mirror locked down the entrance of the black hole, but Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun were still continuing to sink downwards as they appeared about to vanish amidst the boundless flows of chaotic space.

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head, gazing at that great seal.

This seal was much too powerful, therefore being hard to wield as well.

The fist-intent incarnation left behind by the seal’s original owner had been specifically left behind to re-seal the Great Nine Underworlds Door.

Now, all of it had been depleted and vanished, the seal also having fallen silent once more, with it being an even greater and more complete silence than before.

Amidst the chaotic space, streams of clear qi extended from the Clear Qi Robe on Yuan Zhengfeng, vanishing as it clashed with the surrounding black hole.

The old man appeared tranquil as he smiled at Yan Zhaoge, “I can feel that the devilish qi outside has been swept away completely.

It’s probably not from Skinhead Shen having returned, but should instead be your work, right, Zhaoge”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Returned What happened with Shen Li”

Yuan Zhengfeng said, “He ran away.”

“If he had not run, we would not have to rely on this suicidal method, instead being able to hold on till your success.”

“However, having run, he indeed won’t have to bear any risk at all, without even the danger of the Nine Underworlds existing afterwards,” Yuan Zhengfeng laughed self-derisively, “Looking at it this way, Skinhead Shen is indeed smarter than this old man.”

Yan Zhaoge’s face sunk, “Shen Li…”

“Perhaps being a little dumber is true, but this old man does not regret it,” Yuan Zhengfeng said, “Having entered this chaotic space, this old man might not definitely die.

I might even be able to return to the Eight Extremities World in the future, or perhaps we might meet again in some other world someday.”

He looked to the side.

His eyes closed, Fang Zhun had already lost consciousness as he seemed to be in a deep slumber.

“However, your second apprentice-uncle cannot hold on anymore.

With the loss of his essence blood, he might die even if he does not fall into the chaotic space.”

As Yuan Zhengfeng looked at Fang Zhun, within his mind surfaced the scene of him coming under his tutelage all those years ago, just having entered Broad Creed Mountain in his youth.

Clear qi surged as the Clear Qi Robe suddenly left Yuan Zhengfeng’s body, enveloping Fang Zhun!

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge was shocked, “Grand Master!”

Yuan Zhengfeng laughed, “While I can’t escape myself, this old man can still send my disciple out of here.”

Amidst his laughter, Yuan Zhengfeng’s left arm suddenly exploded, erupting into a haze of blood!

The haze of blood flew upwards, transforming into streams of bloodred light which first snapped the lines of blood on Fang Zhun that connected him to the black hole before transforming into a massive hand, propelling Fang Zhun and the Clear Qi Robe simultaneously upwards!

Accompanied by the ascent of Fang Zhun’s body, Yuan Zhengfeng’s body plummeted downwards at an increased rate!

Pained, Yan Zhaoge dared not hesitate in the least, only fearful that Yuan Zhengfeng’s efforts might be wasted as he hurriedly received Fang Zhun with his full strength.

Looking at Yuan Zhengfeng once more, he saw that his body was already very blurred amidst the chaotic flows of space, appearing incomparably distant.

The old man laughed genially, waving with his remaining right hand, “Take good care of yourselves, my children.”

Yan Zhaoge could only feel something surging within his chest as he suddenly released a long roar.

A scene of light flickered into existence above his head.

Within that scene, nine spirit leaves could be seen that flickered with radiance.

On their surfaces were all inscribed mysterious runes, each different yet all containing extremely profound principles.

Outside of the nine spirit leaves, a tenth spirit leaf appeared within the air, as though existing on inestimable ground as it was hard to speak of, hard to describe.


The ten spirit leaves shook together.

Streams of radiance lit up on Yan Zhaoge’s body as numerous streams of pure, refined ice-blue qi as well as numerous rays of sunlight were infused together within those spirit leaves.

As the spirit leaves swayed, bright light condensed on their surfaces into spheres of light which rose slowly within the air.

Each light sphere hovered above a spirit leaf before their light abruptly illuminated the surrounding area, resembling the blooming of a flower!

Nine spirit flowers first bloomed together in unison.

The illusory light enveloped Yan Zhaoge’s entire body, forming a massive pillar of light which shot into the skies, piercing into the heavens.

In this light pillar that appeared illusory yet real, millions of scenes changed as the surrounding stars circulated, as though re-enacting the changes having occurred since prehistoric times.

Within the deep abyss of the Earth Domain which had earlier been filled with troubling and tragic clouds now resounded the ceaseless resonance of the grand daos of the heavens and the earth.

This was the resonance effect with the principles of the heavens and the earth when a martial practitioner achieved a maximum degree of spiritual connection, breaking through from the mid Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster realm to the late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster realm.

This step set down the foundation for martial practitioners as they strived towards greater peaks, deciding what sort of heights they might be able to attain in the future.

It was a deciding, once in a lifetime event for every Martial Grandmaster.

Nine leaves blossoming nine flowers was precisely the scenery at the peak, the grand daos of the heavens and the earth thereby resonating exceptionally clearly as their song was vast and distant, not dissipating for a long time!

Meanwhile, that illusory tenth leaf above Yan Zhaoge’s head that seemed somewhat illusory also now blossomed with light.

The light was neither bright nor dazzling, yet was even more profound and undecipherable.

A tenth flower blossomed above Yan Zhaoge’s head, enveloping the world within his illusory light pillar.

All the strange, colourful scenes within vanished, only chaos being left within.

It was like the workings of the world had instantly regressed to the time before the universe had opened.

With the essence blood of the ice dragon as a foundation and also having perused the changes of light of the Sun Star, receiving enlightenment from the true martial intent of the great golden seal, Yan Zhaoge successfully stepped into the sixth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, the late Essence Spirit stage.

True martial soul, ten leaves blossoming ten flowers!

Perfect and without flaw!

Seeing this, Yuan Zhengfeng was dazed for a moment before he then began laughing joyfully.

Amidst chaotic space, the old man laughed as he headed forth into the great unknown.

Unaware of whether life or death awaited him, he ventured forth with pleasure, satisfaction and unconcern.


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