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HSSB486: Obtaining the Extreme Yang Seal


Within the scene, that woman suddenly appeared before the Extreme Yang Seal.

She seemed to completely not fear the bright radiance and blazing heat of the great sun at all as she walked neither hurriedly nor slowly on its surface.

Streams of clear radiance descended from the Extreme Yin Crown on her head, the moonlight resembling water.

Touched by the radiance of the Extreme Yin Crown, the Extreme Yang Seal seemed slightly stimulated.

That woman’s gaze was condensed to the point of being tangible as two streaks of light shot out from her eyes, landing on the Extreme Yang Seal which suddenly shook as a result.

Then, bright light illuminated the surrounding area all around as the manifested true martial intent of the original owner of the Extreme Yang Seal that was concealed within the Sacred Artifact appeared.

Seeing the figure manifested of the agglomerated sunlight, the woman was silent for a long time.

While her face was enveloped by the moonlight and her true features could not be seen, Yan Zhaoge was still vaguely able to feel her disappointment.

“Fist-intent incarnation No wonder you left the Extreme Yang Seal here; so it was sacrificing the lesser for the greater,” The woman sighed softly, “You’ve really hoodwinked so many people.

Yet, I wonder where you are now”

Looking at the Extreme Yang Seal, she shook her head, “Forget it.

Since you have arranged it so, I will not wreck your plans.

Let the Extreme Yang Seal continue remaining here then, awaiting a future destined one.”

As the woman turned to leave, she said, “I guess I’ll also leave the Extreme Yin Crown in this world.”

As Yan Zhaoge recovered from his ponderings, he thought about what that woman had said earlier.

“There were some fortunate experts who survived the Great Calamity,” Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath, “That woman indeed wasn’t an ordinary person as well.

It is just that I had not expected that she had actually come to the Earth Domain, also being an old acquaintance of the original owner of this Extreme Yang Seal.”

“Objects are classified by type, people are separated into groups.

Her cultivation base must not be low as well.

Even if it were low, it would also not be much lower than the original owner of this Extreme Yang Seal.”

“That she was able to reside within the Eight Extremities World-is my deduction of those at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm being unable to exist within this world false or is there any other reason for this”

“Or is there instead no longer a restriction after having exceeded a certain cultivation base, one being able to freely enter or exit a world like this Eight Extremities World as they like”

Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment before calming his thoughts, gazing at the Extreme Yang Seal once more.

Whether it was the Extreme Yang Seal or the Extreme Yin Crown, both of them were more powerful than Sacred Artifacts like the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword, the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, the Clear Qi Robe and the Heaven Cleaving Axe.

It was just that it was very hard for people to currently wield their full power.

They were only able to wield a very small portion of their power.

Yan Zhaoge enveloped Fang Zhun in the Clear Qi Robe before approaching that great golden seal.

The fist-intent incarnation left behind by the Extreme Yang Seal’s original owner had already completely transformed into the seal that suppressed the entrance of the dimensional passageway between the Eight Extremities World and the Nine Underworlds.

The Extreme Yang Seal could be brought away from the place, not having to remain.

“Sacrificing the lesser for the greater…awaiting a future destined one…” Yan Zhaoge pondered upon the meaning in those words, “That fist-intent incarnation has disappeared, sacrificing the lesser for the greater, his hoodwinking of others having reached an end with the Great Nine Underworlds Door having been sealed as well.

Therefore, the Extreme Yang Seal can also be brought away”

The Extreme Yang Seal currently looked like just any ordinary seal, completely crimson in colour as it resembled copper and jade.

Yan Zhaoge reached out, sunlight emanating from his palm as he grabbed the Extreme Yang Seal.

The Extreme Yang Seal shook slightly for a moment before the golden light was gone in a flash, silence instantly reigning once more.

“A Maiden of Extreme Yin can already wield the Extreme Yin Crown as a Martial Scholar.

However, it seems that my cultivation base has to be a little higher before I can wield this Extreme Yang Seal.”

Yan Zhaoge frowned for a moment but then relaxed, “The Extreme Yin Crown can only be wielded by maidens possessing the Extreme Yin Physique.

This Extreme Yang Seal has no such special requirements, just requiring that one cultivates in the Extreme Yang Scripture.”

Thinking of the Extreme Yang Scripture, Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips.

While having perused the concept within the Extreme Yang Seal, he had already generally filled up the gaps in his understanding of the Extreme Yang Scripture, only the concept of the Extreme Yang Scripture had been acquired through this, being extremely pure whilst also extremely primordial, fitting with the grand daos of the heavens and the earth.

He would still require some time to analyse all of its profundities, completely taking it for his own use.

He would have to decipher the profundities of the Extreme Yang Scripture just like the cracking of a password.

Clutching the Extreme Yang Seal, Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply, attempting to place it within his Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

Having been put in, the Extreme Yang Seal actually showed completely no reaction at all as it just landed stably within the pouch like any ordinary copper seal.

“Divine object self-conceals, falling into a state of slumber, its power completely harboured within as it does not leak externally in the slightest,” Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly.

The dragon corpse that he had obtained last time had been unstable in its spirituality, unable to enter the Shadow Shrinking Pouch without the suppression of the pillar of the Divine Palace.

Sacred Artifacts like the Clear Qi Robe could also not be kept within a Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge had to personally bring Fang Zhun and the Clear Qi Robe all the way out.

Rising upwards in leaving the deep abyss, Yan Zhaoge lowered his head and looked downwards.

The Earth Domain was still Hell, filled with chaotic streams of baleful qi as humans and beasts would still find it hard to draw near.

However, it was no longer like before, demonic qi surging to the heavens as it resembled a scene from the end of the world.

The threat of the Nine Underworlds had temporarily been taken care of.

This human realm would no longer have to worry about the incursion of the Nine Underworld Evil Devils that left all lifeforms dead in their wake.

They would not have to worry about Hell continuing to expand, turning the entire world into a land of death.

However, all of this had been premised upon the tremendous price paid in blood by the martial practitioners of the Eight Extremities World.

His Grand Master, Yuan Zhengfeng, was lost amidst the flows of chaotic space.

His second apprentice-uncle, Fang Zhun, had fallen to the brink of death, currently being in a coma.

All these aside, numerous experts of Broad Creed Mountain, Turbid Wave Pavilion, the Heavenly Thunder Hall and the Sacred Sun Clan had permanently lost their lives within.

Of all those who had initially entered the Earth Domain to prevent the seal from being broken and the Nine Underworlds from descending, other than Huang Guanglie and An Qinglin who had first left to reinforce the East Sea as well as Shen Li who had fled midway, there had actually only been him and his second apprentice-uncle Fang Zhun who had made it out alive from the place in the end.

Due to the dangerous nature of this undertaking, other than Yan Zhaoge, all the other experts of the four Sacred Grounds who had entered the Earth Domain had been Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters.

Experts of this level were all peak figures at the top of the power pyramid of the Eight Extremities World.

Now, however, they would forever sleep within the Earth Domain, even their corpses and bones hard to find.

Yan Zhaoge’s mood was heavy.

After the previous great tribulation of Broad Creed Mountain and also the great battle with the Flame Devils on the East Sea, his Broad Creed Mountain had already suffered a great blow to its vitality.

In having entered the Earth Domain this time, their group of longtime Elders had been completely wiped out.

The entire Broad Creed Mountain would feel incomparably pained at this.

Currently, other than the various seated Elders, the rest of Broad Creed Mountain’s longtime Elders had virtually all perished.

Such a huge loss was not something that Broad Creed Mountain could make up for with time.

It was pretty much the same for the other three clans, with the exception of Turbid Wave Pavilion.

As Yan Zhaoge left the deep abyss and came to the outer boundaries of the Earth Domain, he found Ah Hu and some others of the clan waiting there, frantically awaiting news.

They had just been rejoicing upon seeing the disappearance of the abnormalities within the Earth Domain.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge and hearing from him the events which had transpired, their hearts all sunk as well.

“That old skinhead Shen Li!” Hearing that Shen Li had fled midway, Ah Hu broke out scolding him.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was cold, “We will settle this with him sooner or later.”

He looked at Ah Hu, “How goes the East Sea”

Jolted by his question, Ah Hu hurriedly answered, “Young Master, Family Head has left secluded cultivation, having Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood!”

Hearing this, Yan Zhaoge’s spirits rose greatly.

Along with the good news, Ah Hu also hurriedly told Yan Zhaoge the rest of the news that was currently available to them, “Family Head and the others are currently in a stalemate battling it out with the Flame Devils in the vicinity of the dimensional passageway entrance.”

“In a stalemate” Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment before saying, “I’m going to the East Sea.

You guys escort second apprentice-uncle back to the Mountain.”

After giving them some instructions, Yan Zhaoge immediately turned and left, hurrying over to the East Sea.


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