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HSSB488: The heavens have always blessed the fortitudinous


Just as Yin Liuhua had relaxed a little, Yin Liuhua sighed, “Dispensing teaching according to the materials-it is easier said than done.

Even if Master and the clan can give you time, the Maidens of Extreme Yin of the other clans will not give you time.

This burden may indeed be rather too heavy for the current you.”

“Speaking of which, direct disciples have some choice in who their Masters are as well.

However, because of your uniqueness, Liuhua, you were directly arranged under my wing.”

“My personality is too hurried.

Perhaps having gone under another’s tutelage would have been more beneficial for your growth.”

“Bearing the responsibility for competing for the Extreme Yin Crown and taking me on as a Master are all things that we have placed on you, just hoping that your talent would not be wasted.

However, it seems like we overlooked other things, such as your feelings.”

Speaking with emotion, Fu Enshu’s tone was gentle.

However, Yin Liuhua’s heart instead beat faster as she heard it.

She hurriedly said, “Master, your disciple is slow, and has disappointed you.

Your disciple will definitely work hard in her cultivation.”

Her cultivation base being much higher than Yin Liuhua’s, Fu Enshu could easily observe her body’s state.

She also knew whether or not her disciple had been diligently cultivating thus far like the back of her hand.

Justly speaking, just having entered the clan, while she had also been rather lazy, she had actually still trod stably.

However, as time had passed, she had begun slacking off more and more.

Still, Fu Enshu was currently in a much calmer mood than before as she just said, “It is best if you really put in effort.

If you are too lazy, it will not only affect your cultivation as a Maiden of Extreme Yin.

It will be hard for you to ascend great heights in the martial dao as well.”

“It is not just for Maidens of Extreme Yin.

Laziness is a great vice for every single martial practitioner.”

Looking at Yin Liuhua, Fu Enshu sighed, “Liuhua, you are not lacking in talent.

Your talent is really rather good.

If you call yourself slow, most people under the heavens would then be fools.”

“However, even the kind of talent that Han Long’er has would fall to ceaseless squandering.”

She said to Yin Liuhua, “Having already been under my tutelage for a while, you should know that I have a straightforward personality.”

“What I have just said all came with my emotions.

I feel like I may indeed not have handled my guidance of you properly.”

“You are lazy, and this is really a difficult problem given the current pressing situation with the Extreme Yin Bout.”

Yin Liuhua was greatly shocked as she composed herself before hurriedly saying, “Please do not say that, Master.

This disciple was too lazy beforehand; this disciple will definitely correct herself.”

She spoke in a sincere tone, “I deeply remember how Master has been treating me well since I have entered the clan.

Entering your tutelage is one of the greatest happiness and fortunes of my life.”

“This disciple also often reminds myself to cultivate diligently during usual cultivation.

However, as soon as my body grows tired, my will grows unstable as I become unable to persist.”

“Please give Liuhua some more chances, Master.

Liuhua will definitely properly temper herself.”

Fu Enshu knit her brows slightly, “Do not let your thoughts stray, Liuhua.

While your Master has been strictly guiding and controlling you, all my words just now came from the bottom of my heart.

I was not speaking in reverse, forcing you to express your stance.”

“There are no disciples of I, Fu Enshu, that amount to nothing.

I am forceful and hurried in my personality, that’s true.

However, since hurried fire cannot produce good steel, I would also have sufficient patience and time to slowly build you up properly.”

Yin Liuhua directly knelt down towards Fu Enshu, “How can this disciple not have felt Master’s complete sincerity This disciple is also sincerely repenting, pleading for Master to give me a chance.”

Fu Enshu sighed, saying, “The cultivation of you Maidens of Extreme Yin cannot even be sufficiently described in its intensity by seizing the day and the night.

There really is not much time left for us.”

“Having accompanied Meng Wan, Fan Qiu and the others these past years as their cultivation bases have risen, the power that the Extreme Yin Crown is able to unleash has been gradually increasing.”

“All the Maidens of Extreme Yin are currently still Martial Scholars.

However, if one of them gets ahead of the rest and becomes a Martial Grandmaster, the wielded power of the Extreme Yin Crown would be greatly different.”

Yin Liuhua said softly, “Master, didn’t you say earlier that after our Chief Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, he has already surpassed many seniors and become the current strongest With Grand Master as well, our clan is currently already indisputably the number one of the Eight Extremities World.”

“Since that is so, why is there still a need to participate in the Extreme Yin Bout Our clan can just directly wrest the Extreme Yin Crown from the Sacred Sun Clan’s hands.”

Fu Enshu said, “While that is true, in planning for future situations, we cannot only see the side of things that is beneficial to us.”

“First not speaking of the public outrage amongst the other Sacred Grounds that would easily be caused by forcibly seizing the Extreme Yin Crown, while junior apprentice-brother Yan has already far surpassed those of the same generation after having Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, stably exceeding the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie, the Sacred Sun Clan might not only have Huang Guanglie.”

“The Purple Sun Martial Saint Zhang Chao.

Let alone the two of you, this name sounds even a little foreign to Master.

However, no one knows where this person currently is or the circumstances surrounding this.”

“Over these years, he has not appeared even when the Sacred Sun Clan has suffered losses.

However, it may not be that he really isn’t in the Eight Extremities World anymore.”

While unyielding in her personality, Fu Enshu was not a wholly reckless person, “Purple Sun Zhang was already at the third level of the Martial Saint realm that year.

With so many years having passed, it is hard to predict how strong he might be right now.”

“Maybe the possibility of him still being alive is very small, but our clan cannot afford to not guard against this point when truly entering a life and death struggle against the Sacred Sun Clan.”

Fu Enshu’s gaze swept over Feng Yunsheng and Yin Liuhua, “At a time like this, if a Maiden of Extreme Yin truly steps into the Martial Grandmaster realm and wields the Extreme Yin Crown, the overall situation would very likely be decided by this.”

Yin Liuhua lowered her head.

She was still a great distance away from the Martial Grandmaster realm.

Looking at Yin Liuhua, Fu Enshu said mildly, “Liuhua, while you have started out late, this doesn’t mean that the fight over the Extreme Yin Crown has nothing to do with you.”

“Your senior apprentice-sister Feng and the Sacred Sun Clan’s Meng Wan have both sustained injuries before Extreme Yin Bouts before, their ability to compete being affected as a result.”

“Meanwhile, wielding the Extreme Yin Crown and battling the enemy, Maidens of Extreme Yin have the possibility of suffering injuries this way as well.

If our clan really obtains the Extreme Yin Crown and Yunsheng is injured in battle, it would then fall to you to wield the Crown.”

Why was it that whether it was the Sacred Sun Clan, Broad Creed Mountain or anyone else, all of them tried to groom more than a single Maiden of Extreme Yin as much as possible regardless of the cost in resources This was the reason.

It was the so-called double-layered insurance.

This was not just for during the Extreme Yin Bout.

Fu Enshu said in a heavy tone, “When a clan has two Maidens of Extreme Yin, while there might exist competition between them, with the most outstanding one being the one to obtain victory and win the Extreme Yin Crown for their clan, your true opponents will forever be the Maidens of Extreme Yin of the other Sacred Grounds.”

Yin Liuhua said in a low tone, “Your disciple will definitely do all she cans, going all out…overcoming my own deficiencies.”

Looking at Yin Liuhua, Fu Enshu sighed softly before she nodded, “Liuhua, the heavens have always blessed the fortitudinous.

Work hard, and in the long term, it will ultimately be yourself who benefits.”

Yin Liuhua hurriedly bowed, “Yes, Master.

Your disciple understands.”

Lowering her head, she sighed in relief, “I have managed to tide through today.

Still, what am I to do in the future…”

Thinking like this, countless emotions surged within her heart.

“I originally started out late, and senior apprentice-brother Yan is also biased towards senior apprentice-sister Feng, intentionally withholding some secret techniques and not teaching them to me.

Like this, senior apprentice-sister Feng is able to finish all that training, but I am unable to do so, always making it seem like I have not put in effort.”

“However much effort I put it, I will also never be able to satisfy Master.

She will definitely lose her patience one day.”

Amidst her thoughts, Yin Liuhua could only feel endless frustration, “What exactly am I to do”


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