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HSSB489: Decisive battle


While feeling troubled, Yin Liuhua did not dare to let it show on her face.

Looking at Feng Yunsheng and Yin Liuhua, Fu Enshu was considering whether or not to first send them back to the clan.

Now, however, powerful energy fluctuations suddenly emanated from the great sea in the direction of the dimensional passageway entrance to the Flame Devil World.

Fu Enshu’s gaze hardened as she saw boundless waves of fire roiling, instantly sweeping between the heavens and the earth.

She hurriedly protected her two disciples.

However, amidst the roiling waves of fire, the Fire Pith Veins at the bottom of the sea could vaguely be seen being shaken as a result, streams of underground fire gushing out, exploding within the depths of the sea as they transformed into thick pillars of flame, shooting straight into the heavens.

Fu Enshu was initially shocked.

However, after carefully sensing the area, her heart eased.

The earth veins had only been stimulated from being shaken by the fire qi of the Flame Devils.

No intrinsic changes had occurred with them as in the previous great battle of the East Sea.

However, these chaotic phenomena were similarly ferocious and long-lasting, virtually affecting the entire Outer East Sea.

Meanwhile, the roiling waves of fire that had caused them were similarly ferocious, causing Fu Enshu to feel shocked as a result, “Are the Flame Devils performing the battle of the caged beast, going all out in a struggle to the death”

While thinking this, she hurriedly brought Feng Yunsheng and Yin Liuhua along in traversing the sea of fire, avoiding the ferocious flames.

Currently, the entire area was filled with flowing fire, and she could only first traverse where the strength of the flames was comparatively lower.

For the time being, she was unable to send her two disciples out of the East Sea.

Due to the changes in the local geography, the rampaging momentum of the Flame Devils on the East Sea, the Outer East Sea especially, had been regained somewhat.

Under such an environment, the combat power of the Flame Devils was boosted as the injured Flame Devils were even gradually recovering from their wounds.

They launched a wave of counterattacks.

Fortunately, the human martial practitioners did not lose their footing in the face of crisis as they remained stable despite the assault of the blazing fire, beating back the counterattacking momentum of the Flame Devils.

Fu Enshu patiently traversed the sea of fire, ensuring the safety of her disciples as a foremost priority as she also resisted the attacks that the Flame Devils made use of the chance to launch.

These chaotic phenomena were different from the intrinsic changes in the earth veins when the Flame Devils had invaded the last time, setting the East Sea boiling with fire.

The abnormalities back then would persist if the problem of the earth veins was not resolved.

This time, they just had to hold on for a period of time and these chaotic phenomena would gradually calm on their own.

Fu Enshu gazed towards the region of sea where the dimensional passageway entrance was.

She was currently more concerned about the battle situation there, as it was there that was truly decisive for this battle of the East Sea, and by extension the future and fate of the Eight Extremities World.

That area was currently a scene of tragedy.

Dense white light shone intensely, covering and concealing the sky.

Below was a crimson world, shuddering unceasingly as it was pressured by the white light, the roiling waves of fire being pressured to the point of scattering outwards in all directions.

The centre of the heavens and the earth as manifested by the blazing fire was precisely the dimensional passageway entrance to the Flame Devil World, from which blazing lava was currently spewing ceaselessly.

That Great Flame Devil King had its lower body completely immersed within the fire sea, with only its upper body exposed externally as terrifying devilish fire flickered unceasingly on its massive bull’s head and its two tiger claws.

The other Flame Devil Kings were gathered by the side of this Great Flame Devil King, their lower bodies similarly immersed within the fire sea.

The numerous Flame Devils howled ferociously non-stop, crimson spirit patterns condensing one after another from the all-encompassing flames within the sky amidst their howls.

The innumerable crimson spirit patterns came together to from a screen of light that obscured the heavens and concealed the sun, obstructing the white light up above.

Amidst the white light, the human martial practitioners with Yan Di at their head similarly surged with their remaining strength, continuing to attack the Flame Devils down below.

As the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation circulated, countless flames were locked down in succession by the white light, dissipating into formlessness.

The attacks of the human martial practitioners descended like a tempestuous storm as they mightily beat down on that crimson screen of light, causing it to shudder like the rippling of water.

The crimson screen of light continuously broke apart in many places, but other crimson spirit patterns would continuously be replenished to take their place, restoring the screen.

Both sides refused to give up even an inch of soil to the other.

Amidst the surrounding heavens and earth, the other human martial practitioners were mostly focused on the battle situation here as well even as they dealt with the Flame Devils before them.

More than ten huge golden suns rose into the air, the dazzling sunlight illuminating the nearby crimson fire sea a pure gold.

Numerous Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners attacked in unison, slaying a few Great Flame Devils attempting to head towards the dimensional passageway entrance.

The one leading them was the Sacred Sun Clan’s current Chief, Huang Xu.

With incidents having sprung up in both the East Sea and the Earth Domain at the same time, the Flame Devils and the Nine Underworlds attacking simultaneously, this was an unprecedented calamity for the Eight Extremities World.

The peak experts of the various Sacred Grounds had generally been unable to sit still as they had mostly rushed either to the East Sea or the Earth Domain to join in the battle.

After slaying the Great Flame Devil before him, Huang Xu gazed towards that world of white light that enveloped the horizon.

“How exactly are things over at the Earth Domain now” Huang Xu asked even as he focused intently and unblinkingly into the distance.

A Sacred Sun Clan longtime Elder beside him answered in a heavy tone, “The current situation is yet unknown.

The Elders of our Sacred Sun Clan who entered the Earth Domain’s deep abyss have still not emerged up till now.”

“The situation for Broad Creed Mountain and the other clans is also relatively unknown.”

“However, observing from the outskirts of the Earth Domain, the previous abnormalities of the Earth Domain seem already to have been quelled, the baleful qi gradually weakening as it is returning to its former usual level.”

“The various spirit beasts that fled from the Earth Domain seem also to be showing signs of returning.”

“We have already dispatched people to enter the depths of the Earth Domain to observe the actual situation there.”

After hearing him out silently, Huang Xu pondered as he said, “From the looks of things then, we do not have to worry about the Earth Domain for the time being.”

He gazed at the dimensional passageway entrance, “The crux now lies here.”

He swivelled his head and looked behind him, “Make another Divine Lamp.

While your grandfather already has one, this battle is one that will prove decisive.”

Behind him stood a youth who appeared completely ordinary and easy to overlook as he resembled a dark shadow beneath the sunlight.

It was precisely his son, the World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie.

Huang Jie nodded calmly, “My intentions exactly.”

A ray of light that resembled a sharp blade extended from the fingers of his right hand which slid lightly across his left wrist.

As fresh blood spurted out, the ray of light on Huang Jie’s fingertips abruptly turned thick as it transformed into a pillar of light which enveloped his entire body.

Within the pillar of light, the fresh crimson blood turned pure gold after which it actually condensed into a golden lamp.

Huang Jie’s skin turned pale and the glow in his eyes dimmed, his entire person appearing extremely devoid of energy.

However, his expression was composed as with a wave of his fingers, the golden lamp drifted through the air towards his father, Huang Xu.

Huang Xu’s expression was solemn as he gingerly kept the golden lamp well.

Huang Jie said mildly, “There are many things we can do with the current chaotic situation.

We should not waste this chance.”

“However, we also cannot be too greedy,” Huang Xu said, “The other matters will be left to you.

I believe that you will be able to grasp their importance and act accordingly.”

Huang Jie nodded slightly, bowing towards some Sacred Sun Clan higher echelon experts beside him, “I will be troubling you.”

These experts nodded towards Huang Jie before they brought him along in leaving, Huang Xu and the others continuing to focus intently on the world of white light in the distance.

There, the human experts were currently locked in a great battle of life and death with the Flame Devil race, growing more and more tragic with the more time that passed.

Meanwhile, traversing the numerous waves of fire with relative difficulty, Yan Zhaoge had finally crossed the fire sea and arrived here.

“Father should have brought that thing over, right” Gazing in the direction of the dimensional passageway entrance, Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself.


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