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HSSB490: It’s time


Gazing into the distance, Yan Zhaoge performed some calculations as he neared the dimensional passageway entrance.

The Martial Saint experts, with their power unleashed to the maximum, were currently engaged in a world-shaking battle as just merely their aftershocks alone were already very hard for the greater experts amongst the Martial Grandmasters to withstand, they keeping their distance as a result.

Currently, as Yan Zhaoge suddenly appeared and even drew close to the centre of the battlefield, the surrounding human experts could not help but look at him.

Yan Zhaoge was also finding it hard to resist the roiling waves of fire sweeping over the area with his current cultivation base.

In just an instant, his body felt like it was going to be incinerated and extinguished.

His expression calm, Yan Zhaoge pushed his arms forward and drew several strange runes within the air.

The runes flickered with white light as they transformed into a thread of light, slicing across the horizon and landing within the world of white light formed of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation up above.

A pillar of white light instantly descended from the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, enveloping Yan Zhaoge and drawing him into the formation.

Only now did the numerous experts on the Outer East Sea remember that Yan Di had once mentioned that this powerful battle formation that would shock the entire Eight Extremities World had originated from Yan Zhaoge.

After entering the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, Yan Zhaoge saw his father, Old Man Mo, Huang Guanglie and Song Wuliang stabilising the eye of the grand formation together as they unleashed its power.

Within the grand formation were also Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Pavilion Lord An Qinglin and Meng Wan with the Extreme Yin Crown.

Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Chief, Chu Yan, had suffered grave injuries that had brought him to the brink of death, his Sacred Artifact, the Heaven Cleaving Axe, also having been seriously damaged.

Chu Yan had already been escorted back to the Mountain Domain by Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioners earlier.

While the Heaven Cleaving Axe still remained, it was being wielded by an Infinite Boundless Mountain expert who had not entered the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

This Sacred Artifact that was rather seriously damaged was currently outside of the formation, sitting over the area and assisting the other human martial practitioners in exterminating the remaining Flame Devils that were trickling in from other parts of the East Sea.

Seeing the Extreme Yin Crown, Yan Zhaoge’s expression remained neutral, but his heart jolted slightly.

He could feel the Extreme Yang Seal that had remained in slumber ever since he had tamed it as it had resembled just any ordinary seal actually shudder slightly at this moment.

From this Sacred Artifact clearly emanated a human-like emotion like the meeting of an old friend.

Meng Wan who was wielding the Extreme Yin Crown had her gaze flicker as well as she seemed to also feel something unusual emanating from the Extreme Yin Crown.

However, this lasted for just an instant as the Extreme Yang Seal very quickly fell silent once more, the calmness making it seem as though that had all just been an illusion.

Yan Zhaoge calmed his thoughts, focusing on the present.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di cared not about the joy of familial reunion as he went straight to the point, “Zhaoge, how is the situation over at the Earth Domain”

“It is already fine over at the Earth Domain, the abnormalities having been quelled.

The incursion of the Nine Underworlds was once again suppressed and sealed, and there will not be any problems in the short term,” Yan Zhaoge swiftly said, “It is just that the clans have all suffered tragic losses, with it being a very great loss to our Eight Extremities World as well.”

A cold light now arose within Yan Zhaoge’s eyes, “The Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Shen Li fled in the face of danger!”

The hearts of Yan Di and the others that had all relaxed again tensed.

Yan Zhaoge had not mentioned Yuan Zhengfeng’s situation, but from observing his expression, Yan Di and the others were generally all able to tell that he must still have managed to emerge with his life intact.

Still, with Yuan Zhengfeng not having come to reinforce the East Sea with the quelling of the great disaster in the Earth Domain, this meant that his current situation was likely not optimistic as well.

With Shen Li not having hurried over to the East Sea as well, they could not help but feel somewhat depressed.

Their battle with the Flame Devils had currently reached the most crucial stage.

If Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li had come to participate in the battle, the human race would have been able to stably establish their supremacy and obtain victory.

Yan Zhaoge looked at Yan Di, “Father, congratulations on Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood, stepping into the Martial Saint realm!”

The youngest Martial Saint of post-Great Calamity times, and also the most powerful Martial Saint amongst all at the same cultivation level!

“It is but another new beginning,” Yan Di wielded a sabre with his right hand, rampaging forth as it attacked the Flame Devils down below.

He lightly waved his left hand as a crimson pagoda enshrouded with blue dragon patterns appeared before him.

He sent a sound transmission over to Yan Zhaoge, “Able to leave seclusion so quickly, the role of this treasure cannot be understated.

I hope that it will be able to bring forth yet more miracles in the future.”

Looking at that crimson pagoda, Yan Zhaoge could not help but smile, “You indeed brought this thing along with you.”

“Grand Master is fine, but he has fallen amongst chaotic flows of space and gone to whatever other world.

Second apprentice-uncle is heavily injured, but his life is secure thanks to the Clear Qi Robe.”

As Yan Zhaoge flew towards the crimson pagoda, he briefly explained the situation to Yan Di via sound transmission.

Landing on the crimson pagoda, Yan Zhaoge clapped down on its peak with both hands, numerous red chains instantly appearing about the pagoda.

As Yan Di and the others circulated the grand formation, numerous chains of white light extended from amidst it, individually entangling with the red chains of the Flame Devils.

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, taking out a dark red ring.

This ring was sent onto the peak of the crimson pagoda with a clap of his palm as blazing flames instantly blazed within the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

The gazes of Yan Di and the others flickered, but they did not stop this.

Meanwhile, the Flame Devils down below all suddenly fell simultaneously silent, their ferocious howls momentarily ceasing.

The next moment, even more frenzied howls resounded as that Great Flame Devil King included, all the Flame Devil experts seemed to have gone berserk as they hurtled towards the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation up above.

The dimensional passageway entrance that led to the Flame Devil World seemed to have turned into a living being at this moment as it turned even more restless and violent.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was stern as he clapped his palms together once more, that crimson pagoda transforming into an intense red flame which slammed downwards.

Guided by the numerous red and white chains, the vast world of white light formed of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation descended as well.

The skies seemed to have been drawn along as well as the air seemed to distort unceasingly.

Seeing the socketed dark red ring at the top of the pagoda as it descended, the Flame Devils had yet to feel joyful when with that ring as the centre and the pagoda as the core, the earth veins of the entire Outer East Sea now circulated in reverse.

The unceasing encroachment of the Flame Devil World into the Eight Extremities World was forcibly terminated.

The skies slammed down from up above, the great oceans down below roiling heavily.

The entire Eight Extremities World seemed to move at this moment, forming an immense power of distortion that strongly rejected the Flame Devil World and all the Flame Devil experts.

The power of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation also reached its maximum at this moment as numerous streams of light interweaved within the air, imprisoning and slaughtering a great amount of Flame Devils within the distorted space, scattering their demonic fire.

Victory now slid towards the side of the humans!

Now, the power of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation also grew incomparably condensed and refined as an immense power of rejection was formed.

Meng Wan and the Extreme Yin Crown as well as An Qinglin were thrown out of the formation.

Yan Zhaoge and the other four continued wielding the grand formation, borrowing the power of the heavens and the earth to suppress the Flame Devils.

Having been warned by Yan Zhaoge beforehand, Meng Wan and An Qinglin were not taken by surprise as they just observed that descending world of white light from the outside, anticipating their final victory.

The other human martial practitioners similarly had their spirits lifted greatly.

Similarly focused on this scene, Huang Xu now said in a low tone, “It’s time.”

At the same time, within the grand formation, Huang Guanglie’s expression remained unchanged and his movements smooth before he suddenly raised his hand, a golden lamp appearing on his palm.


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