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HSSB491: Well calculated out


Circulated to its maximum, the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation demonstrated the profound changes between ‘active’ and ‘passive’, turning extreme activeness into extreme passiveness.

Under this extreme passiveness, the host of Flame Devil Kings that were bolstered by the power of the Flame Devil World began gradually losing their vitality.

Other than that, using the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation to draw upon the immense power of the heavens and the earth, a powerful force even flowed in reverse into the Flame Devil World in an unprecedented counterattack for the martial practitioners of the human race.

Having achieved such a feat, even if they were unable to destroy the Flame Devil World, the pure, refined flame qi as well as destructive aura within would be greatly weakened.

This way, the Flame Devils should at least not be able to pose any threat for a very long period of time.

However, this required the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation to be sustained at the dimensional passageway entrance for a rather long period of time, providing a powerful sealing effect.

Yan Di and the other three would be temporarily sealed within as well, unable to extricate themselves for a period of time.

In contrast to the results, such a method would mean the smallest losses for the Eight Extremities World.

While Yan Di and the other three would be temporarily sealed, the strength of the numerous Flame Devil experts would be slowly but steadily grinded down over time, taking away from them the ability to launch a desperate all-out attack as the threat they posed would be greatly reduced.

The human practitioners would not have to be like the Exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge and the others in the past, killing a thousand of the enemy but losing eight hundred of their own.

Now, however, a golden lamp suddenly appeared within Huang Guanglie’s hand.

Yan Zhaoge and the others could not help but take notice of this.

Yan Di, Old Man Mo and Song Wuliang had high cultivation bases while Yan Zhaoge was greatly knowledgeable.

They were all able to feel the strange, unique concept contained within that golden lamp.

As Huang Guanglie raised the golden lamp within the air, its firelight expanded to envelop his body.

As he brought his palms together, a spiritual light shot straight into the skies from above his head.

The golden firelight bobbed up and down amidst the spiritual light which was exceptionally unique, breaking through space and connecting to an unknown destination of the universe up above.

That was not the breaking apart of space.

Instead, it seemed to have risen to a world of a higher plane.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge’s pupils dilated abruptly as he could only feel that the scene before him greatly resembled back before the Great Calamity when the Divine Palace had still yet to be destroyed and presided loftily above the nine heavens.

At that time, the world of the Heavenly Court the Divine Palace had been in had existed seemingly beyond the skies to the millions of ordinary lifeforms in the universe, lofty beyond all else.

Currently looking at the place which the spiritual light above Huang Guanglie’s head connected to, numerous feelings arose within Yan Zhaoge’s heart.

His mind exceptionally clear at moments like this, he realised with a start, “Could it be the World beyond Worlds”

Might Huang Guanglie and the Sacred Sun Clan be in possession of a special method with which to ascend to the World beyond Worlds

After carefully feeling for a bit, Yan Zhaoge denied this possibility.

The spiritual light had connected to an unknown land above the nine heavens, but it was not a passageway through which one could travel to the World beyond Worlds.

Instead, it was more like some profound strength having temporarily been borrowed from within.

As they raised their heads and gazed upwards, at the border between the Eight Extremities World and that mysterious, inscrutable unknown land could vaguely be seen an indistinct figure.

Enveloped within the light, that person seemed to be seated in mediation, emanating an unreal feeling as he just sat there.

Huang Guanglie tapped on his forehead with a finger, another finger pointing towards Yan Di and the other two.

His figure gradually disappeared from the eye of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, leaving the pull of influence of the grand formation.

What replaced Huang Guanglie where he had originally stood was a golden illusory figure whose features were identical to his.

This golden illusory figure took Huang Guanglie’s place in sustaining the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, numerous golden chains now suddenly flying out from its body.

These golden chains also deeply penetrated the world of white light formed of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, entangling with the numerous chains of white light.

Accompanied by Huang Guanglie’s will, the golden chains began to retract, actually causing the world of white light to retract towards its centre as well, the white light shaking as it seemed like it might collapse.

The Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation was still circulating, but the world of white light was collapsing in its entirety.

The highly focused power pressed down on Yan Di, Old Man Mo, Song Wuliang and that golden illusory figure.

The grand formation was currently in the midst of dealing with the final resistance of the Flame Devils as all of its power was being drawn upon, unable to suppress the internal changes that were occurring within.

Old Man Mo frowned, “What is the meaning of this, East Rising Martial Saint Before external enemies, we should logically all work together in fighting against them.

With the Flame Devils yet to be exterminated, why are you in such a hurry to point your blade towards us Presenting a joke before the Flame Devils.”

Song Wuliang snorted coldly as he wielded the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword, “Sacred Sun Clan, your nature is indeed an unchangeable thing.

You are despicable as always!”

Huang Guanglie ignored Song Wuliang’s fury as he just looked at Old Man Mo, slowly saying, “There is no need to worry, Elder Mo.

The grand formation will still circulate and seal as well as attack the Flame Devils.

All will proceed according to plan, with the only difference being that I will not be accompanying the three of you.”

“The three of you should not think about abandoning this venture and going our separate ways here.

With the grand formation now collapsing inwardly, all of its power has been clumped together as you will be unable to extricate yourselves from it, only able to proceed onward.”

Song Wuliang was greatly enraged, “We could die at most! I want to see if without us, you Old Man Huang would be able to resist so many Flame Devil Kings by yourself”

“If you dare to do such things, do you think that I wouldn’t dare to reciprocate”

Huang Guanglie finally swivelled his head to look at Song Wuliang as he said mildly, “It is only very natural that you have such thoughts.

However, it is useless.”

“There are many things that you do not understand.

The predicament of my Sacred Sun Clan, be it when dealing with the Flame Devils or with the Nine Underworlds, is different from yours.”

Huang Guanglie said in an indifferent manner, “To you, the Nine Underworlds and the Flame Devils present a fatal threat.

To my Sacred Sun Clan, however, it is a test.”

“If we are unable to pass the test, it would naturally be greatly detrimental with numerous troubles following, but we would not have to face the threat of extinction at the end of the day.

Since that is so, why would this old man not dare to risk it”

“With our predicaments different, our perspectives in looking at matters would naturally be different as well.

To this old man, be it the incursions of the Nine Underworlds or the Flame Devils, they are fortuitous encounters more than they are crises.

When a fortuitous encounter comes, the natural course of action would then be to grasp it properly and well.”

“Such as now.”

Huang Guanglie raised his palms, rays of golden light expanding, resembling the great sun rising from the east as they enveloped the air above Song Wuliang.

“Moreover, why do you think it is that this old man is currently still guarding over this place It is naturally to watch over the battle proceedings.

If you want to break free of the formation, I would send you scurrying back, continuing to diligently focus on dealing with the Flame Devils.”

“While it is not a great tribulation of life and death for this old man, it would truly not be pleasant if the Flame Devils truly managed to cause a great disturbance, even being detrimental.”

Old Man Mo frowned, not speaking.

Song Wuliang’s face was livid.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di had raised their heads, currently gazing at that spiritual light that connected up above into some unknown land.

“Able to lead a unique strand of true intent into this Eight Extremities World, there is a supply since there is a provision.

This must mean that they have a backer up in the World beyond Worlds” Looking at that figure between the two worlds, Yan Zhaoge gradually came to an understanding, “So, such was actually the case with that Purple Sun Martial Saint of yours”

“Having been stuck at the peak of the third level of the Martial Saint realm, he was able to neither ascend nor remain.

Unable to successfully ascend to the World beyond Worlds, he instead inadvertently became a bridge-like existence that connects to the World beyond Worlds.

Or more appropriately, a message conveyer”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Huang Guanglie, “Still, the relationship between you and the other party does not seem to be all that solid.

Ha, this must be the other side appraising your worth Are you required to prove yourselves by conquering the whole of the Eight Extremities World, or is it that you have to be able to quell the chaos caused by the Nine Underworlds and the Flame Devil World, whatever the method”


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