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HSSB493: Sealing the East Sea


As the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation circulated at its maximum, the world of white light enveloped the entire area.

An Qinglin and the others who were outside of the formation had their visions obstructed by the white light, unable to easily see what was happening within.

They could only see that amidst the surging white light, the surrounding heavens and earth were swept along with it as well as space seemed to distort in its entirety.

As the immense spatial force expanded unceasingly towards the surroundings, those outside of the formation were forced to continually retreat into the distance lest they be swept within the space that was growing increasingly distorted.

Within the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, the immense sealing force that was currently forming suppressed and imprisoned the host of Flame Devil Kings together with the dimensional passageway entrance that led to the Flame Devil World.

This space distorted unceasingly, a formless cage gradually forming which was separate from the heavens and the earth outside.

The others could not see the specific situation within the grand formation, but they all saw a mysterious spiritual light suddenly shoot out of the world of white light and straight into the sky, breaking through it.

As a hole opened in the sky, some boundless scene seemed to surge within.

Sadly, obstructed by the world of white light below it, those outside of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation were unable to properly view it.

Just as they were feeling quizzical, that spiritual light suddenly gradually dissipated, the hole in the sky also beginning to close.

The others all knew not what that spiritual light was, but the Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan, Huang Xu, knew it very well.

Seeing the spiritual light dissipate just a short while after it had appeared, Huang Xu could not help but frown.

He felt incomparably fortunate that he had specifically prepared an additional divine lamp.

Huang Xu flipped his palm, a golden lamp appearing within.

It rose into the air, penetrating through a dense world of white light as it entered the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

Seeing this, the martial practitioners of the other clans all began discussing his actions, having many guesses about what they entailed.

The next moment, spiritual light shot up into the skies once again, penetrating straight beyond the clouds.

However, even before Huang Xu could heave a sigh of relief, that spiritual light actually began dying down as well.

There seemed to be some existence like a black hole within the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation that continually and unceasingly devoured the golden firelight and the spiritual light.

Huang Xu’s gaze was heavy as he focused intently on that world of white light.

As the world of white light descended and fell within the crimson fire sea down below, the clash between the two sides now reached a peak as the surrounding space distorted greatly as a result.

The space about the entire region of sea here seemed to wrinkle and fold in on itself.

It was not just the Eight Extremities World.

Even the space of the Flame Devil World on the other end of the dimensional passageway was affected as well, that blazing crimson fire spluttering.

On the East Sea, an immense formless roiling tide began surging madly outwards with the world of white light and the dimensional passageway entrance as its centre.

That destructive tide swept through all existences in its surroundings, terrifying to the extreme as those below the Martial Saint realm were all unable to resist it.

Meng Wan and the Infinite Boundless Mountain Elder who were protected by Sacred Artifacts as well as the Martial Saint An Qinglin, whilst not perishing on the spot, felt unable to forcibly resist it head-on as well as they hastily fell into retreat.

However, as the numerous martial practitioners on the outskirts watched this scene that resembled a great catastrophic disaster of the heavens and the earth, whilst feeling shocked to their souls, their spirits all rose greatly as well.

This was because everything was going to plan.

The Flame Devils would now be sealed, unable to properly threaten the Eight Extremities World again for an upcoming very long period of time.

There were only Huang Xu and some others of the Sacred Sun Clan who felt great bitterness that they could not voice out as they looked at the second dissipating spiritual light, with things having gone completely not according to plan.

Within the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation now, Huang Guanglie was similarly not in a good mood as well.

White light gradually began rising up his body starting with his feet, its glow getting brighter and brighter as his two legs had come to resemble statuettes that glistened with white light.

This phenomenon was unceasingly extending upwards as well.

The seal of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation was about to officially be established.

Yan Di, Old Man Mo and Song Wuliang were in a similar state as well.

In the midst of devouring the spiritual light formed of the golden firelight with the Earth Devouring Burner, Yan Zhaoge who was currently within the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation also felt the world of white light moving towards its final collapse.

At that moment when the grand formation finally collapsed and transformed into a seal, that resulting destructive power would be even greater than the distortion of space of the outside world.

Huang Guanglie raised his head, looking expressionlessly at Yan Zhaoge up above, “Destroying this old man’s ritual, you will not be able to retreat out of this Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation in time.”

“When the grand formation completely collapses, however much of a genius you are, not a Martial Saint and not possessing a Sacred Artifact, you will still be doomed to die in the end!”

“If you think to flee, this old man will similarly have a chance to extricate myself as well.

Otherwise, this old man wants to see how you die.”

“If you don’t leave, leave your life behind then.

At most, this old man will admit his defeat here and just guard by this seal.”

His gaze swept indifferently past Yan Di, “This time, your father will not be able to protect you.”

Yan Zhaoge held the Earth Devouring Burner as it went within the spiritual light, devouring it whole.

Lowering his head and looking at Huang Guanglie, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Just obediently wait here to complete the seal; don’t waste time caring about all that totally random stuff.

As for what happens to me, I need you to care about it even less.”

Now, a mirror suddenly appeared in Yan Zhaoge’s other hand.

Seeing this, Yan Di instantly smiled slightly as he recognised it as the Lofty Prestige Mirror.

As Yan Zhaoge infused his true essence within the mirror, patterns of light began surfacing on it as they came together to form an intricate and exquisite spirit pattern.

Where the mirror-light was, a path seemed to appear before Yan Zhaoge.

This path seemed to extend a long distance away, twisting and turning amidst the distorted space as it led to some unknown destination.

Gazing over carefully, Huang Guanglie saw that the mirror-light seemed to have opened a spatial door.

“You…” Huang Guanglie glared hatefully at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge said indifferently, “What Huang Guanglie, let me clearly tell you this now.

Our matter today cannot be considered over.

Your Sacred Sun Clan likes to stir things up for no good reason.

When free later on, we must have a proper discussion about it.”

The Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation enveloped by the white light embarked on the last of its collapse.

The chaotic phenomena outside of the grand formation also grew more intense.

The white light on the bodies of Yan Di, Huang Guanglie, Old Man Mo and Song Wuliang gradually completely enveloped them.

That spiritual light which connected to the heavens and the earth had also completely vanished.

Keeping the Earth Devouring Burner, Yan Zhaoge prepared to step through the illusory door formed of the light of the Lofty Prestige Mirror, travelling between dimensions through this dimensional tunnel that had just temporarily been established.

His expression suddenly changed.

He swivelled his head and saw that at the boundaries of the already collapsing grand formation, a figure was currently being swept about under the effects of the chaotic flows of space.

That person must have been swept within by the formless tides that had arisen when the seal had been formed.

Gazing carefully over, Yan Zhaoge saw that it was a famous Grand Elder of the Sacred Sun Clan, someone who was already at the peak of the Transcending Mortality stage and just a step away from the Martial Saint realm.

However, in the face of such terrifying tides, his true martial soul had been ripped and torn as his very life was hanging in the balance.

There was also someone else visible in another direction.

What surprised Yan Zhaoge was that that person was clearly Fu Enshu!

The frenzied, formless tides were incomparably tyrannical and fearsome such that those beneath the Martial Saint realm would all be hard pressed to resist it.

While Fu Enshu had recently broken through to the ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, the late Essence Talisman stage, she was still unable to bear such frenzied tides as she was currently already heavily injured.

The chaotic spatial flows formed of the frenzied tides looked set to rip her body apart.

Yan Zhaoge frowned, turning the Lofty Prestige Mirror.

Its light momentarily locked down the chaotic space, after which he flew forward, receiving Fu Enshu.

Already heavily injured, Fu Enshu was first shocked as she saw Yan Zhaoge before her expression then grew relaxed.

Her mind growing slack as well, she instantly lost consciousness.

Yan Zhaoge had no time to think now.

With the formation collapsing and the seal forming, this entire region was about to collapse completely along with it.

He kept Fu Enshu’s body within the Shadow Shrinking Pouch before stepping into the dimensional passageway formed of mirror-light, disappearing from the Eight Extremities World.

Meanwhile, the body of that Grand Elder of the Sacred Sun Clan was torn completely to shreds by the collapsing space.

On the Outer East Sea, the space around the dimensional passageway entrance to the Flame Devil World was chaotic to the extreme before it abruptly fell into a strange, abnormal silence.

A mountain that flickered with white light fell into the sea straight to its depths, its peak showing above the sea’s surface.

In the air above the mountain peak was a massive sigil that was vast and without end as it flickered with a gentle radiance.

A moment ago, the heavens had still been roiling and the earth overturning.

Now, however, the winds and the tides had all subsided, the world entirely calm.


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