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HSSB496: Friend or foe


An all-encompassing black qi transformed into millions of sabre-blades, enveloping the heavens and covering the earth as they shot over towards the people near the barrier.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change while the eyelids of Fang Min, Yang Chufan and the others twitched abruptly, “People of the Evil Shifting Sect!”

The faces of the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners all turned bitter.

That all-encompassing sabre-qi showed that their enemy must have at least two late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters.

It was clear that the people of the Evil Shifting Sect had followed them specifically looking for easy pickings.

They would wait till they had found and broken the barrier before ambushing and slaying them, obtaining the treasures.

Fang Min and the others felt more indignation than fear, but the experienced Yang Chufan felt even more.

The decisive intent to kill could be felt within their attacks as it actually seemed that these Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners planned to kill every single one of them here.

In making a move under such circumstances, it was likely that they held absolute confidence in being able to kill off all of them Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners.

Two late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters still might not even be the full extent of their abilities.

Thinking about this, Yang Chufan’s heart suddenly jolted as he glanced at Yan Zhaoge from the corner of his eye.

He had not had the time to determine Yan Zhaoge’s strength.

While Yan Zhaoge looked young, he could feel that he was not someone who was easy to deal with as his group actually had the possibility of facing enemies from both sides.

Yang Chufan asked, “Are you a friend or foe of Changli Mountain”

Yan Zhaoge rather interestedly appraised the incoming sabre-qi through the broken hole in the barrier as he said casually, “Most likely a friend, though I still can’t really say for sure.”

His casual words left Yang Chufan a little lost for words as he pointed towards the black sabre-qi that had already arrived before his eyes, asking in a hurried tone, “These are people of the Evil Shifting Sect.

The Evil Shifting Sect is one of the Six Evil Sects, being the sworn enemy of Changli Mountain, one of the Seven Forces of Good!”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “I’m not interested in the Evil Shifting Sect.

I just want to ask-how is the relationship of your Spirit Rhino Island with Changli Mountain”

Yang Chufan wanted to answer, but there was already no time to do so.

He roared as he shot into the air, brandishing his palms as streams of flowing light flickered.

Examining them carefully, Yan Zhaoge saw that the jade green streams of light on Yang Chufan’s palms were dexterous and graceful as they travelled through space.

That jade green radiance seemed weak yet exceptionally intelligent, specifically looking for flaws and gaps in the enemy’s sabre arts and thereby dissipating those fierce attacks.

Like a needle entering a stitch, not only did the green light dissipate the enemy’s attacks, it even flowed over in reverse, attempting to counterattack them via the flaws in their sabre-arts.

Sometimes, there was even the feeling that the Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners were just gifting and revealing their flaws and weak points to their opponents as they wanted.

Or perhaps both sides were very familiar with each other’s moves, their battle tacitly proceeding in an orderly fashion that was as coordinated as each thread entering a button.

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, gaining an understanding of things.

The martial arts of Spirit Rhino Island and the Evil Shifting Sect, like those of Changli Mountain and the Blood Dragon Sect which he had once seen, were similarly somewhat exquisite in certain areas.

The re-established martial civilisation of this Vast Ocean World indeed wasn’t weak.

The two Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners having failed to defeat Yang Chufan even having joined forces, they instantly looked like they had been enraged as their sabre-qi abruptly grew even more intense.

At this moment, the black sabre-qi had already turned bloodred!

The bloodred skies had condensed into an actual sea of blood at this moment, white bones sticking out from the top of this blood sea as they actually piled up to form two tall mountains of bones.

The two mountains of bone and the blood sea pressured downwards just like that, heavy and brutal to the extreme.

The sabre-qi was like a flawless board of metal now as it seemed as though there were no flaws in it whatsoever.

With that, even Yang Chufan executing Spirit Rhino Island’s trademark supreme martial art, the Spirit Rhino Palm, was unable to break the sabre-force sweeping over towards them.

Light appeared all over Yang Chufan’s body as his mid-grade spirit artifact activated.

However, his opponents also had mid-grade spirit artifacts, and two of them as well.

Pressured by this powerful force, the jade light brought about by Yang Chufan’s palms was gradually buried by the mountains of bones and consumed by the sea of blood.

Fang Min and the other Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners hurriedly went up to help, but other martial practitioners of the Evil Shifting Sect had come as well, indeed outnumbering them.

Under the encirclement of the Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners, the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners instantly fell into a tough spot.

Fang Min grit her teeth, slamming down towards her left wrist with her right palm.

A bracelet shattered, streams of light surging upwards to form a barrier which enveloped her and her fellow disciples.

However, as the tall mountains of bones standing tall within the sea of blood pressured down together, Yang Chufan, Fang Min and the others were instantly rendered unable to move.

Gritting his teeth, Yang Chufan glanced at Yan Zhaoge and shouted loudly, “The Evil Shifting Sect is a sworn enemy of Changli Mountain! You won’t be able to get any news out of them!”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, his expression as per usual as his gaze turned towards the Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners atop the mountains of bones and the sea of blood.

The Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners with the two late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters at their head all frowned as they looked at Yan Zhaoge within the barrier’s confines.

However, they did not move against Yan Zhaoge, still attacking ferociously towards the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners as though they didn’t worry about him causing trouble at all.

Having looked at Yan Zhaoge, their attention would naturally have been split somewhat.

Right at this moment, the people of Spirit Rhino Island mightily sprung forth with power.

The light formed of Fang Min’s shattered bracelet suddenly focused at a single point, separating the two mountains of bones.

Meanwhile, jade light flickered within Yang Chufan’s pupils.

He flickered completely, next seeming to have vanished within the air.

A sliver of jade light which was thin as a needle shot unceasingly upwards, traversing the blood sea and penetrating through the mountains of bones.

While it appeared tiny and insignificant, it was as if there was nothing that might be able to stop it as it shockingly broke through the mountains of bones and the sea of blood.

Having repelled an enemy, Yang Chufan attempted to bring Fang Min and the others away in escaping.

The circumstances were more important than the case.

With the strength of their enemy, they could only first retreat for now before finding a chance to avenge their hatred in the future.

However, a streak of black sabre-qi now suddenly appeared, casually descending within the air.

The jade green light from Yang Chufan’s Spirit Rhino Palm had been flowing upwards.

Who knew that this streak of black sabre light would actually produce a suction force, drawing the green light towards its blade.

Looking at it, it resembled a green rope entangling the black sabre.

As the black sabre descended, the jade green rope was instantly cut into numerous portions.

Yang Chufan’s face turned pale, “Jiang Xiong”

He could feel that the other party was also at the sixth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, a late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster rather than an Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster.

However, with an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster having been able to cultivate the Mysterious Dark Sabre Qi of the Evil Shifting Sect to such an extent, it could only be one person, the ‘Dark Evil’ Jiang Xiong!

The black sabre-qi condensed into a real black sabre, held within a person’s hand.

He appeared to be around forty, some stubble above his lips and the wisps of blood within his eyes evident.

The corners of Jiang Xiong’s mouth carried mockery and derision as he smiled, staring at the people of Spirit Rhino Island as those eyes that were filled with wisps of blood shone with an extremely dangerous glow.

Seeing him, Yang Chufan’s heart instantly sunk down to the very bottom.

It was no wonder that the other two late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters of the Evil Shifting Sect had not been concerned even having found someone not of Spirit Rhino Island there.

It was no wonder that the Evil Shifting Sect had the look of slaying them for good.

They indeed had the power to take them completely down!

“Thank you for leading the way,” Jiang Xiong said nonchalantly.

As the Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners attacked once more with him having cut off their path of retreat, Jiang Xiong pointed to Fang Min, “Old Man Fang’s granddaughter, I want her alive.

Kill the rest.”

After he had finished speaking, he walked toward the hole in that barrier, looking at Yan Zhaoge, “You are looking for someone of Changli Mountain”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Yes.”

Jiang Xiong asked, “Are you friend or foe with Changli Mountain”


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