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HSSB497: Against trash such as you, how much strength would I need


After having seen the fight between Changli Mountain and the Blood Dragon Sect, Yan Zhaoge had already gained a general understanding of the relationship between the so-called Seven Pillars of Good and the Six Evil Sects in this Vast Ocean World.

Good and evil were diametrically opposed, but powers under the same camp also had their own enmities and grudges in private and would battle it out once in a while.

It was just that when the two great camps were clashing, those in the same camp would likely be able to forget about their differences and work together in concert.

While Yang Chufan and the others had not made it clear, Yan Zhaoge could still venture a guess.

Spirit Rhino Island was most likely one of the Seven Pillars of Good alongside the Blood Dragon Sect and Changli Mountain, all of them being enemies with the Evil Shifting Sect of the Six Evil Sects.

However, the relationship between Spirit Rhino Island and Changli Mountain of the Seven Pillars of Good might not be all that harmonious.

Jiang Xiong looked at Yan Zhaoge as he walked towards the hole in the barrier.

His question being similar to Yang Chufan’s earlier, Yan Zhaoge’s answer didn’t change as his tone was casual, “Changli Mountain and I Most likely friends, though I still cannot say for sure now.

I will have to meet people of Changli Mountain first before being able to know this.”

Jiang Xiong was expressionless as he continued walking forward, “What lies within this barrier”

Glancing at Jiang Xiong, Yan Zhaoge smiled as he spread his hands apart, “If I say that I am just passing by and do not know what lies inside, also not having obtained anything from within, is there anyone here who would believe me”

Jiang Xiong snorted, the other Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners all looking at Yan Zhaoge with unfriendly expressions on their faces.

While Yang Chufan and the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners were currently under attack by those of the Evil Shifting Sect, their appraising gazes on Yan Zhaoge were filled with suspicion as well.

The same thing was clearly written on everyone’s faces here.

Yeah, right.

Jiang Xiong said in an indifferent tone, “With the barrier still existing, the coremost treasures should not have been moved.

However, the same cannot be said for the other things.”

Yan Zhaoge clapped his hands, laughing lightly, “In this world, there is no longer anyone who believes the words of the true.”

At this moment, Jiang Xiong had already arrived before the hole in the barrier, being just a single step away from Yan Zhaoge.

His eyes that were filled with wisps of blood stared intently at Yan Zhaoge before he suddenly bared his teeth in a smile, “Whether or not they are true words is no longer important.”

Before his words had fallen, Jiang Xiong had already moved, a bloodred sabre-light suddenly manifesting and hacking towards Yan Zhaoge.

Light flickered above Jiang Xiong’s head, a scene of viciousness and evil appearing within.

Amidst howling black wind, atop the cold white bones of a mountain of bones on a sea of blood, there stood a person, a sabre in his hands, the sabre slaughtering all living lifeforms where it pointed.

It was no longer the Mysterious Dark Sabre Qi of earlier, instead being the Blood Sea Sabre Qi that was a higher-tier martial art of the Evil Shifting Sect.

At this moment, the dense sea of blood seemed to have been condensed into a single thread of bloodred light that was condensed to the extreme!

Where the sabre-light passed, space itself seemed like it was being split into two by the blood thread.

“Whether you really do not care or are just forcibly feigning your composure, being able to maintain an unchanging expression upon seeing me act means that you should more or less have some level of ability.”

Jiang Xiong smiled coldly, “However, your Grandpa Xiong also did not use much strength in dealing with trash like Yang Chufan just now.”

The two already being very close, the bloodred sabre-light descended in an instant.

As Yang Chufan, Fang Min and the other Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners saw this, they felt a chill run down their bodies.

Brandished mightily, the martial arts of the Evil Shifting Sect were fearsome and vicious, but carried too great a baleful air.

As the sabre were launched and retracted, it appeared less easily controllable as well as less swift.

However, if an Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioner was allowed to get close and seize the initiative to launch a mighty attack, it would be extremely hard for their opponent to deal with it.

Jiang Xiong had gotten close to the hole in the barrier in a few strides whilst speaking before suddenly erupting, wanting to catch Yan Zhaoge off guard and unable to react in time.

While Yang Chufan and the others had wanted to give Yan Zhaoge a reminder, they had been left short of breath by the series of ferocious attacks unleashed by the other Evil Shifting Sect Martial Grandmasters.

Currently seeing that Jiang Xiang was not even using the Mysterious Dark Sabre Qi anymore, instead directly unleashing the Blood Sea Sabre Qi, they of Spirit Rhino Island all felt their hearts sink to the very bottom.

“Dark Evil’ Jiang Xiong, an elite of the Evil Shifting Sect’s senior generation, a most powerful existence amongst Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters as well as the youngest ever late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster!

In the Vast Ocean World, the martial practitioners of each major stage were habitually ranked according to their ten strongest.

Amongst the current top ten Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters, the Evil Shifting Sect’s ‘Dark Evil’ Jiang Xiong was ranked number three!

This ranking did not look at one’s background or cultivation level.

There was only a single benchmark for it, and that was personal strength, looking at one’s battling prowess!

Having been ranked third, it was because Jiang Xiong possessed great strength, his battle records exemplary.

He had gained his fame when he was young, trampling over the bones and corpses of countless enemies over the past twenty years to arrive at where he was today.

His strength was indisputable.

Having come from one of the Six Evil Sects, other than his viciousness, he also cared not about the means, looking only at the ends.

In order to grasp the greatest chances of victory, he did not mind first feigning a discussion with Yan Zhaoge and decreasing the distance before them before immediately revealing his true intentions and making a move!

Whether or not Yan Zhaoge was a friend or foe of Changli Mountain or Spirit Rhino Island, from that moment he had seen him appear within that barrier, Jiang Xiong had already been set on killing him!

What had been in question was only how he might kill this enemy.

Facing this shocking bloodred sabre-light which had suddenly sprung up, Yan Zhaoge smiled nonchalantly.

He lined up his index and middle fingers into a sword, tapping towards the bloodred light.

A green sword-light suddenly appeared, releasing the long roar of a dragon as it instantly transformed into a green dragon, meeting Jiang Xiong’s sabre-light head-on!

As soon as the two collided in mid-air, the bloodred light that was condensed into a thread of blood instantly expanded mightily, turning back into a sea of blood once more.

The green dragon was utterly without fear as it entered the sea of blood, riding the wind and breaking the waves as it proceeded forth, forcibly splitting apart the blood sea!

Jiang Xiong’s expression did not change as the viciousness within his bloodshot eyes grew, an even crueller smile appearing on his face.

“I was just waiting for you!”

Within the blood sea, a mountain of white bones suddenly shot up, breaking through the sea’s surface and blocking before the green dragon.

Jiang Xiong flipped his palm, a white bone sabre suddenly appearing within, overflowing with baleful qi as it was shockingly an exceptionally well forged mid-grade spirit artifact!

He brandished the sabre mightily, sweeping the mountain of bones and the sea of blood along in toppling over, chopping towards the green dragon formed of Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light!

Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light did not halt in the slightest as it continued shooting towards Jiang Xiong.

As the green dragon slammed onto the mountain of bones and the blood sea, the blood sea roiled unceasingly as the bone mountain also shook intensely, white bones shattering with their fragments plummeting downwards.

However, the green dragon was also sent flying backwards, its light exploding as it seemed about to disperse.

Jiang Xiong grinned savagely, “Hand over all the treasures you gained within that barrier and this Grandpa Xiong will leave you a full corpse!”

However, before his words had fallen, Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light had formed yet another green dragon, continuing to slam towards the mountain of bones and the sea of blood!

Afterwards, a third, a fourth…

Jiang Xiong was stunned as he looked at this opponent before him who seemed as though he completely didn’t need to return his qi at all, his tyrannical attacks beating down in a tempestuous storm, swords erupting in a continuous combo!

The numerous dragons were like a crazed, unstoppable tide as they ripped apart the sea of blood, slamming apart the mountain of bones!

“Of course I know that the move you exchanged with those Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners just now was but like a dragonfly tapping on water, not using full force.”

As the sea of blood dispersed, strolling casually out of the barrier, Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “However, even with your full force, it still looks like you’re really nothing much.”

“Instead, why don’t you guess this-against trash such as you, how much strength would I need”


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