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HSSB498: You are already dead


Yan Zhaoge executed his Coiling Dragon Sleeve with Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder, sword-light resembling dragons thundering out in a continuous stream with the momentum of numerous dragons exiting the sea as they enveloped the heavens and covered the earth in attacking towards Jiang Xiong.

The martial arts of the Evil Shifting Sect had great, ferocious movements, being proficient in head-on clashes.

However, on meeting with an opponent who was even fiercer, tougher and stronger than him, he would easily fall to a disadvantage, getting suppressed at every turn as he felt as if there was no way for him to overturn that disadvantage no matter how he fought.

Every sword of Yan Zhaoge’s was faster than the last, each sword being heavy and vigorous to the extreme and with no intervals between each of them at all as if he completely didn’t need to return his qi.

This caused Jiang Xiong to hallucinate a little, feeling as though there were multiple Yan Zhaoges attacking him at the same time.

The fierceness within his eyes that were filled with wisps of blood only grew as his expression grew increasingly solemn.

The other Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners as well as Yang Chufan, Fang Min and the other Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners were similarly shocked beyond compare by this.

Under their extreme shock, their clash de-intensified somewhat.

All of them focused some of their attention on the scene of Yan Zhaoge continually sending Jiang Xiong into retreat, staring at it wide-eyed and lost for words.

Fang Min asked dazedly, “Senior apprentice-uncle Yang, he, he seems to be battling Jiang Xiong who is already controlling a spirit artifact whilst unarmed”

Yang Chufan was similarly dazed, “That’s right.”

However shocked these spectators were, it could also not compare to how Jiang Xiong who was currently directly facing Yan Zhaoge’s attacks straight on was feeling.

He grit his teeth, suddenly changing to a two-handed sabre grip as a strange glow suddenly appeared on its greyish bone blade.

As Jiang Xiong raised his sabre high above his head, dense baleful qi converged towards its blade as well as his body.

All of Jiang Xiong’s true essence as well as the baleful qi combined with his sabre-intent, turning from illusory to real as it transformed into a set of bone armour which enveloped his body.

The bone sabre in his hands grew extremely huge, resembling a massive heaven-splitting blade.

Black wind and crimson blood were absorbed within the white bones at this moment, causing the baleful qi within the white bones to grow even fiercer.

Jiang Xiong howled, chopping out towards Yan Zhaoge once more!

It was a most supreme martial art of the Evil Shifting Sect, the Tranquil Shifting White Bone Sabre that surpassed both the Mysterious Dark Sabre Qi and the Blood Sea Sabre Qi!

The fearsome sabre-blow and the brutal baleful qi seemingly caused the heavens and earth to emit a mournful cry.

Seeing this sabre, Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change at all as he extended his hand upwards, unfurling his fingers.

The multiple green dragons formed of his sword-light now coiled and entangled one another in a manner resembling the intermingling of one’s muscles and sinews as they transformed into a massive palm!

The massive hand that shone with radiance directly caught Jiang Xiong’s bone sabre that was brutal to the extreme with the look of raising the heavens!

The baleful qi on the blade madly damaged this massive palm yet was utterly helpless against it.

Caught by the massive hand, the bone sabre was instantly rendered completely unable to move as it was locked within the air, with Jiang Xiong unable to shift it in the least no matter how much he tried.

Let alone advancing, even wanting to retract the sabre and fall back in retreat would already be a far-fetched dream.

Yan Zhaoge’s open palm that was as vast as the heavens and the earth now clenched tight, with it resembling a cage formed of the heavens and the earth as Jiang Xiong was completely unable to extricate himself from it.

As Jiang Xiong let out a low, heavy roar, a scene of light flickered above his head, eight spirit flowers shining with radiance as they seemed to connect with the heavens and the earth.

He unleashed his strength and concept to the maximum, yet it was like an ant trying to uproot a tree as he was unable to do anything at all.

The Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners were all greatly shocked.

One of their two late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters who had been attacking the martial practitioners of Spirit Rhino Island hurriedly came to Jiang Xiong’s aid, chopping towards Yan Zhaoge with his sabre as he attempted to secure a path of escape for him.

While the other Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners were still battling with Yang Chufan, Fang Min and the others, their minds had already been thrown greatly into chaos at this moment.

Yang Chufan and the others, however, did not capitalise on their momentum as well as they just watched the scene before them, stunned.

“It is rumoured that when Dark Evil Jiang Xiong reached the mid Essence Spirit stage, his spirit sprout birthing branches, he obtained nine spirit leaves.

When he stepped into the late Essence Spirit stage, eight flowers blossomed out of those nine leaves, being merely a step down from the powerful foundation of nine leaves blossoming nine flowers.

That is why he is so powerful.”

The Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners all exchanged looks, “Having seen it today, we know these rumours to be true.

The reputation of the third ranked of the ten strongest Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters is a well-deserved one.


Even with his great strength, even unleashing the Evil Shifting Sect’s supreme Tranquil Shifting White Bone Sabre with his accompanying spirit artifact, he had still been unable to match Yan Zhaoge!

Yang Chufan felt a bitter taste in his mouth, “While we are all late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters as well, even if I and those two Evil Shifting Sect Martial Grandmasters were to join hands, we still might not be a match for Jiang Xiong.”

“Where exactly has this young man sprung up from”

These doubts of theirs were shared by all the Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners here as well.

Yan Zhaoge ignored the Evil Shifting Sect late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster attacking towards him from behind as he appraised the illusory scene above Jiang Xiong’s head somewhat interestedly, looking at those eight spirit flowers.

“Yes, whilst also having eight flowers, he is a little stronger than that Hai Zhengjie,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “This is to say that this person should be nine leaves blossoming eight flowers, while that Hai Zhengjie was eight leaves blossoming eight flowers.”

Yan Zhaoge locked down Jiang Xiong’s Tranquil Shifting White Bone Sword with a Heavenly Broad Creed Palm while his other hand casually dissipated that Evil Shifting Sect Martial Grandmaster’s Blood Sea Sabre Qi with a single palm.

“I wonder what cultivation base your sect’s greatest expert has Is he a Martial Saint” Yan Zhaoge asked casually, “I wonder if he has a Sacred Artifact”

Sweating profusely, Jiang Xiong was unable to speak.

Fang Min now called out, “The Chief of the Evil Shifting Sect is not a Martial Saint, and they also have no Sacred Artifact!”

The other Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners roared loudly in indignation while that Evil Shifting Sect Martial Grandmaster stared at Yan Zhaoge, asking, “So what Our Chief is ranked fourth amongst Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters, experts being as common as clouds in our sect.”

“We admit to have underestimated you.

However, if you believe that you or the power behind you can do anything to our sect, just bring it then!”

“If you dare, kill all of us who are here today!”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “You are mistaken.”

Hearing his words, the faces of Yang Chufan, Fang Min and the others abruptly turned pale while the Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners all heaved a sigh of relief, arrogant, cocksure expressions returning to their faces as they were certain that their sect’s strength had intimidated this solitary practitioner who had sprung out of nowhere.

The more solitary practitioners were faced against great clans and sects, the more they would appear powerless on their own.

While they might not immediately suffer a setback in some cases, in order to not infuriate the experts and seniors of someone else’s sect, they would often be helpless to do anything.

It was just that these Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners didn’t dare to relax completely.

Spirit Rhino Island which Yang Chufan, Fang Min and the others before them hailed from was a massive entity not inferior to them at all.

If this young man were to receive assurance of protection from Spirit Rhino Island, he might just dare to go against them in face of the possible consequences.

Thinking the same, Yang Chufan, Fang Min and the others were right about to persuade Yan Zhaoge and bolster his courage and resolve.

However, Yan Zhaoge now continued, “In asking whether your sect has a Martial Saint or a Sacred Artifact, it was to increase my understanding such that I will be prepared if I ever have to face your sect in the future.”

“This has nothing to do with whether or not I’ll be killing you now.”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “Don’t think too much.

Whether your sect has or has not a Martial Saint, you are all already dead.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge retracted his palm.

That massive palm formed of agglomerated sword-light in which Jiang Xiong’s sabre had been caught was retracted as well, dragging Jiang Xiong along with it.

Unable to resist, Jiang Xiong could only be dragged along.

Yan Zhaoge’s other palm was raised high upwards, the heavens seemingly collapsing as it now descended!


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