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HSSB499: The lawless Yan Zhaoge


Whether your Evil Shifting Sect has or has not a Martial Saint or Sacred Artifact, you are already dead.

Even if you had a Martial Saint, I still wouldn’t shrink back in killing you, much less be concerned over your Transcending Mortality and Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm and his tone leisurely, not carrying any killing intent whatsoever.

However, his palm descended, directly shattering the set of bone armour on Jiang Xiong’s body.

Jiang Xiong wanted to struggle, but Yan Zhaoge struck out with another palm, directly collapsing his skull and causing his brain matter to splatter, red and white splattering all around.

The bodies of all the Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners instantly turned cold.

Not daring to say anything else, they immediately turned and fled in all directions.

After killing Jiang Xiong, Yan Zhaoge substituted his sword with his fingers as he struck out from far away, one sword-light after another shooting outwards as they resembled the stars of the Big Dipper worshipping the north together.

Sword-lights that resembled a descending rain of stars within a galaxy descended from the sky, penetrating the bodies of the Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners straight through one after another.

Numerous corpses plummeted into the sea, leaving trails of blood in the sky behind them as the surface of the sea down below was rapidly dyed a dark red.

Yan Zhaoge strode out, his movements like a dragon and a tiger as he instantly arrived beside a late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster of the Evil Shifting Sect.

The other party’s strength was far from comparable to Jiang Xiong’s.

Yan Zhaoge’s sword-lights transformed into numerous green dragons, slaying him with ease.

Gazing back, the other late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster was swiftly fleeing in the opposite direction.

With him after all being a late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, he was extremely swift as he had nearly fled out of sight in an instant.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was leisurely as not giving chase, he merely extended Heaven Shocker, pulling back its bowstring and manifesting an arrow with his true essence.

Thunder boomed as a streak of purple light whistled through the air, next exploding in the distance.

That Evil Shifting Sect late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster instantly perished.

Keeping Heaven Shocker, Yan Zhaoge now turned to look at Yang Chufan and the others who were still a little unable to register what they had just seen, smiling at them, “Let’s continue with our earlier conversation.

Can you tell me the way to Changli Mountain”

As the totally shocked Yang Chufan, Fang Min and the others looked at Yan Zhaoge before them, they were all unable to speak for a time.

“The place we are currently in is the Bewildering Maze Sea.

You will have to head southwards and pass through the Spirit Rhino Sea where my sect is located before being able to arrive at the Directionless Sea where Changli Mountain lies,” Yang Chufan was the first to regain control of his faculties as he answered straightforwardly, “While these three seas are neighbouring, there is still a great distance that separates these locations.

You would definitely have to pass through our Spirit Rhino Sea.”

As one of the Seven Pillars of Good, Spirit Rhino Island was a massive entity just as the Evil Shifting Sect of the Six Evil Sects was.

However, Yan Zhaoge had simply killed the core figure of the Evil Shifting Sect, ‘Dark Evil’ Jiang Xiong of their senior generation, just like that.

Yan Zhaoge had also slain all of the other tens of Evil Shifting Sect martial practitioners here without even blinking an eyelid.

Yang Chufan already knew that the young man before him was an extremely vicious person.

It was best that they of Spirit Rhino Island knew what was best for them.

There was never a place which lacked lawless people who cared not about the possible consequences, being completely willing to the deed and go on the run after.

If you were stronger than him, nothing would naturally have to be said.

If you were unable to stand against him, however, it would be best to maintain a harmonious relationship with him.

After all, if you fought, he would not care about the sect that stood behind you at all.

There was only one life which you had.

Coming into a conflict with vicious people such as these, even if your sect could exact vengeance for you later on, it would still be a loss for you no matter what.

Hearing Yang Chufan’s explanation, Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly before continuing, “My Family and I live beyond the seas, being rather ignorant of the current experts of our world.

I have only heard of the name of the Seven Pillars of Good and the Six Evil Sects before.

Yet, what sects are there here, and what experts do they have”

The Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners all exchanged looks.

This was really no great secret, with any random martial practitioner of the Vast Ocean World all being able to easily explain it.

Finally, it was still Yang Chufan who answered, “The Seven Pillars of Good consist of Water Crystal Palace, Changli Mountain, the Blood Dragon Sect, the Myriad Sword Pool, the Spirit Returning Sect, the Blazing Wind Sect as well as our Spirit Rhino Island.”

“The Six Evil Sects consist of the Sacred Evil Sect, the Dragon Slayer Sect, the Brilliant Thunder Sect, Green Snake Island, Soul Shocking Island as well as the Evil Shifting Sect.”

“Of these, Water Crystal Island, the Sacred Evil Sect and the Dragon Slayer Sect each has a Martial Saint, while the Blood Dragon Sect, Myriad Sword Pool and Soul Shocking Island respectively possess the Sacred Artifacts Nine Dragon Fingers, Floating Sinking Sword and Soul Shocking Box.”

Hearing this, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “Water Crystal Palace”

Yang Chufan nodded, “Yes.”

He hadn’t said some things, because they put his sect in an unfavourable light.

While the Blood Dragon Sect, the Myriad Sword Pool and Water Crystal Palace stood as the three strongest of the Seven Pillars of Good, Water Crystal Palace was comparatively the most powerful one amongst them.

Yan Zhaoge looked like he was smiling whilst also not as he pressed his lips together, switching the topic, “You seem pretty familiar with Changli Mountain.

Has Changli Mountain produced any new experts in recent years”

He did not directly bring out Xu Fei’s name, instead intentionally bringing this up in a very casual-sounding manner.

Still, Yang Chufan nodded, “If it is Changli Mountain itself, there is none.

However, there is a youth named Shi Jun, nicknamed ‘Big Dipper Sword’.

He’s been one of the rising talents of our Vast Ocean World in recent years, seldom meeting a defeat amongst those similarly aged.

He is a disciple of a guest Elder of Changli Mountain, and it is rumoured that he grew up in Changli Mountain as well.”

While Yan Zhaoge didn’t show it on the outside, he was actually feeling rather puzzled.

He had actually wanted to learn about Xu Fei.

While he knew that Little Shi Jun possessed shocking talent, with merely a year having passed since then, how could there have been such a great change in his abilities

Yan Zhaoge’s heart jolted slightly as he thought of a possibility, now smiling noncommittally, “Seldom meeting a defeat amongst those similarly aged How old is he”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Yang Chufan also smiled, “While he is a little younger than you, even if he were at the same age, he would still definitely not be able to compare to you.”

“I hear that that Shi Jun is twenty this year, and has already accomplished the outer aura Martial Scholar realm.”

Yan Zhaoge said nothing, just thinking that this was indeed so.

The flow of time in this Vast Ocean World was different from that in the Eight Extremities World.

Thanks to the Eye of the Thunder Emperor and An Instant’s Thunder, with his current cultivation base, he was already able to grasp the flow of time and its changes a little.

Still, wanting to compare the difference in the rate at which time flowed in these two worlds, it would have required more time having been spent in the environment here as he slowly made a comparison.

Now, hearing Yang Chufan’s words and performing some mental calculations, Yan Zhaoge was already able to generally grasp that the rate of flow of time in the Vast Ocean World was around five times faster than that in the Eight Extremities World.

In other words, one year having passed in the Eight Extremities World, around five years would have passed in this Vast Ocean World.

Thinking about this, Yan Zhaoge sighed inwardly.

To him, to they of Broad Creed Mountain, it had merely been some time over a year since they had parted from Xu Fei and Shi Jun.

For the two of them, however, they had already been drifting alone in this foreign world for many years.

However, hearing Yang Chufan’s words, Yan Zhaoge was finally able to set his heart at ease regarding Xu Fei and the others.

They were at least still alive, not having gotten into any accident, even seemingly currently getting on pretty well at Changli Mountain.

With this, he no longer had to worry.

Looking at the people of Spirit Rhino Island, Yan Zhaoge then turned to look at the barrier behind him, suddenly laughing, “In having been busy searching for Changli Mountain earlier, I passed by a treasure mountain but did not enter, having left empty-handed.

I wonder what exactly it is that lies within”

Hearing his words, the hearts of Yang Chufan, Fang Min and the others all thumped, somewhat bitter looks appearing on their faces.


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