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HSSB500: Martial Saint legacy site


Yan Zhaoge looked smilingly at Yang Chufan and the others.

Yang Chufan laughed bitterly, “We only obtained the location and news of this barrier by chance.

Having heard that there are treasures here, we came over to try our luck.

As for what exactly there might be here, we are not very clear on it as well.”

“Seeing you come out from the interior of the barrier, we had still thought that you might be able to tell us what lies within.”

Yan Zhaoge spread his palms apart, smiling, “You don’t believe that I came out of the barrier empty-handed”

Seeing them smile ingratiatingly, Yan Zhaoge nodded noncommittally, “Alright.

If it were me, I too wouldn’t believe it.”

“Since that is so, let me truly go for a spin within.

Anyway, I already know how to go to Changli Mountain.”

Yan Zhaoge leisurely turned, returning within the barrier.

Behind him, the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners exchanged looks, smiling bitterly.

Fang Min smiled bitterly, “Whatever.

If not for this Young Master Yan, we would probably already have died at the hands of Jiang Xiong and co.

Considering that, we should instead thank him for saving our lives.”

Other than her who was the granddaughter of the Chief of Spirit Rhino Island, Jiang Xiong having wanted to capture her alive due to her special identity, the rest would all likely have perished.

Yang Chufan nodded, “I don’t know how this person managed to get in.

However, he was within the barrier first.

Whether or not he obtained any treasures earlier, he did definitely arrive earlier than us.

It cannot be considered taking advantage of us.”

He paused for a moment, “Most importantly, it’s also not like we can stop him.”

The other Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners beside him looked rather helplessly at him, “Now that he has gone within again, what do we do”

“Even if we go in, we will not be able to fight for the good treasures with him.”

Yang Chufan said, “This barrier encompasses an area so vast that its depths are hard to ascertain.

Just he alone could still be insufficient to account for and look over all of it.”

“If we go in, fortune might still await us.”

A Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioner asked hesitantly from beside him, “This person is very tyrannical and also ruthless in his methods.

Will he snatch away the fortune that we obtain as well”

Fang Min said, “No matter what, we should still try.

It is a matter of fate if we obtain it and luck if we lose it.

No matter what, it is still better than having died at the hands of Jiang Xiong and co.”

Yang Chufan said, “Since it is fortune, it is often that it is not decided simply through strength alone.

We must definitely strive for what we are able to strive for.”

He glanced at Fang Min, “Junior apprentice-brother Fang is in the vicinity.

Earlier, we were trapped by Jiang Xiong and the others and unable to contact him.

Now, we will be able to establish contact with him.

If junior apprentice-brother Fang is here, we naturally won’t have to worry about the one surnamed Yan forcibly attempting to snatch what we acquire.”

“At the end of the day, this person did help us.

Our Spirit Rhino Island is clear on gratitude and enmity; we can just give him some rewards later on.

However, this does not mean that we have to give way to him, avoiding him even while we are looking for treasures.”

Hearing his words, the other Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners all nodded, “Yes, this is how it should be.”

Fang Min asked curiously, “Second Uncle has also come to the Bewildering Mist Sea”

Yang Chufan said, “That’s right.

Send a signal and leave a message.

Let’s enter the barrier as well.”

Currently, Yan Zhaoge was walking on the air above the sea within the barrier.

Temporarily not considering matters in the Eight Extremities World and also not having to worry about Xu Fei and Shi Jun, Yan Zhaoge could now concentrate fully on the barrier before him as he gradually felt something unique.

“Yes, this is interesting.

This barrier is rather extraordinary, encompassing such a vast area yet normally being so deeply concealed, hard for others to detect as it is majestic yet also finely concealed.

Such methods could not have been achieved by Martial Grandmasters.”

Yan Zhaoge clicked his tongue curiously at this, “Instead, it feels a little like when I entered the old residence of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint back then.

Might this be another Martial Saint legacy site”

“Yes, and one belonging to a Martial Saint expert who is proficient in the dao of barriers and seals.”

Yan Zhaoge pondered as he progressed forward unceasingly.

He released a sword-light once in a while which shot into the skies.

The sword-light seemed to vanish into the horizon, but undulating water-like ripples would quickly be seen in the clear sky up above which seemed to be completely devoid of anything.

Feeling the changes in the barrier as it was impacted, Yan Zhaoge unceasingly adjusted the direction in which he was travelling.

Yan Zhaoge did not stop the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners from entering the barrier after him.

As they attempted to follow him, Yan Zhaoge smiled, seemingly not caring about it at all.

However, while Yan Zhaoge appeared slow, leisurely and at ease in his progress, as they travelled, Yang Chufan and the others were unable to keep up with him as they were soon able to see him no longer.

After a long time of searching, Yan Zhaoge suddenly came to a halt.

Looking down from the sky up above, one would see a great stretch of vast, boundless jade sea, the sea’s surface being completely empty as no islands were visible on it at all.

After observing the sea’s surface down below for a moment, Yan Zhaoge suddenly raised his palm, slamming downwards.

His true essence condensed into a line, breaking through the seawater and heading all the way downwards.

Going deeper and deeper, the palm-force finally landed at the bottom of the sea.

Yan Zhaoge could clearly feel an intense reactionary force emanate from the bottom of the sea that caused even his heart to feel cold.

“With a force of this level, it can’t be wrong.

This is a seal that was left behind by a Martial Saint,” Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly as he watched the seawater at the sea’s surface where his palm had struck disperse towards the surroundings, revealing a massive spirit formation at the bottom of the sea which glowed with radiance.

Light circulated about these spirit patterns, a powerful force beginning to expand unceasingly towards the surroundings, stirring up the sea water as a massive vortex was gradually formed.

As the vortex spun unceasingly with the spirit formation as its centre, the sea water all around churned alongside it, making for a rather majestic sight.

Yan Zhaoge descended, entering within the vortex as he headed towards the spirit formation at the depths of the sea.

The centre of the vortex and the spirit formation seemed to have broken through space as a door was formed.

As Yan Zhaoge stepped within the door, a foreign dimensional space lay before him.

This space gave off a desolate, barren feeling.

Gazing within, all Yan Zhaoge could see was a grey, overcast world.

He was unable to feel abnormally abundant spiritual qi or some shocking power from it, just feeling that it was extremely dense and heavy.

Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes, his entire body’s true essence circulating as streams of clear qi seemed to flow out of his acupoints before dispersing and expanding in an ethereal manner towards the space of this foreign dimension all around.

Where the clear qi went, it seemed to become one with the surrounding space as the situation within was revealed incomparably clearly to Yan Zhaoge.

His sensory abilities having expanded to their maximum, Yan Zhaoge still felt that this place contained completely nothing.

It was such that he could not help but think that he might have come here too late.

Even if there had been a treasure here, it had already been obtained by someone else before this.

“Huh” Yan Zhaoge’s mind jolted slightly as he felt a stream of clear qi seemingly having met with some sort of resistance, he having actually lost his connection to it.

Rather than feeling shocked, Yan Zhaoge rejoiced, a hint of a smile appearing at the corners of his mouth as he immediately headed off in that direction.

After a moment, a stone statue appeared before Yan Zhaoge.

The stone statue depicted a skinny-looking old man seated on the ground in the meditative position.

He was seated all alone within this foreign dimension, the surroundings dim with no vegetation or soil present around him whatsoever.

Looking at this stone statue, Yan Zhaoge fell into deep thought.

Meanwhile, outside of the foreign dimension, in the region of sea enveloped by the barrier, Yang Chufan and the others were currently walking on the great sea.

Joyful expressions suddenly appeared on all their faces.

They turned and gazed as a figure rapidly sped through the air towards them.

A majestic force that shook the heavens and the earth, its true martial intent being of Spirit Rhino Island’s direct lineage, its corresponding cultivation base clearly being that of an Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster.

Fang Min called out happily, “Second uncle!”


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