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HSSB503: Since you want to die, I’ll grant your wish


As Yan Zhaoge struck out with his sword, infinite starlight gathered, seemingly merging into one.

As the green dragon roared, it merged together with the sea of stars, seven specks of light appearing on the surface of its body, resembling the Big Dipper hanging high within the sky.

The Dragon Riding Seven Stars turned infinite sword-light into a single entity, targeted straight at Fang Zhaohong.

Fang Zhaohong’s mind relaxed slightly.

Currently, the myriad variations had already completely vanished, only a single one remaining.

His Spirit Rhino Island’s Spirit Rhino Palm was proficient in projections, analysing the upcoming thoughts of an opponent whilst unceasingly discarding the false and storing the real, obtaining the likeliest movements of the opponent and allowing him to deal with it as a result.

With Yan Zhaoge’s previous sword-light, myriad, countless possibilities had surged within Fang Zhaohong’s mind together, each one seeming so real that it had been hard for him to project, hard for him to analyse.

It was much simpler now, only a single variation remaining.

Or rather, Yan Zhaoge did not intend on changing this sword at all!

Yet, it was this unchanging sword that seemed miraculous despite its degeneracy, simple with its extreme complexity, causing Fang Zhaohong to be hard pressed to deal with it.

A powerful force was condensed within this one sword, breaking through Fang Zhaohong’s palm technique before shooting over, sealing off even his path of retreat.

At this moment, Fang Zhaohong could only feel that there was nothing that he could do other than forcibly meeting this sword head on!

Faced with Yan Zhaoge’s seemingly indestructible sword at this moment, his true martial intent and his essence talisman that was condensed of his true essence began gradually cracking, seemingly about to shatter!

He was completely clear about the path of this sword.

However, he would not be able to block it!

Greatly shocked, Fang Zhaohong roared before spinning abruptly, transforming into a streak of light as he wanted to escape within that high-grade spirit artifact, the Jade Light Mirror.

At this crucial moment, Fang Zhaohong once again executed Spirit Rhino Island’s supreme martial art, Spiritual Light Flashes.

Currently left where it was as Fang Zhaohong’s substitute, the Jade Light Mirror shook intensely as it was pressured by Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light.

However, Fang Zhaohong could really care less now.

“You can’t run,” Yan Zhaoge looked indifferent as other than his left hand that was wielding the Green Abyss Sword, his left hand had already long been prepared, the fingers now spreading apart before clenching into a fist.

Within Yan Zhaoge’s palm, there seemed to be an existence like a mass of chaos.

Accompanied by the spreading of his fingers, numerous chaotic streams of qi expanded, pervading the surrounding space.

Meanwhile, when Yan Zhaoge’s fingers clenched into a fist, the chaotic qi turned into an existence like a black hole.

Everything within the surrounding space, whether material or formless, seemed to be simultaneously pulled by a boundless suction force towards Yan Zhaoge’s left palm.

The Jade Light Mirror shook even more intensely in the space before him as a great amount of light shot out from the air, flickering for no good reason.

A streak of jade light was forcibly sucked out from within the Jade Light Mirror as Fang Zhaohong’s figure now resurfaced.

Meanwhile, that terrifying sword-light had already arrived before him!

Fang Zhaohong drew upon the Jade Mirror Light to guard his body, but Yan Zhaoge’s sword was incomparably sharp as where its light flashed, fresh blood instantly spurted madly from Fang Zhaohong’s body!

The sword-light in the form of a green dragon shattered Fang Zhaohong’s essence talisman, penetrating through his body with its sharp, tyrannical true essence rampaging unceasingly within.

Fang Zhaohong grit his teeth, struggling to survive.

He already knew now that he was not Yan Zhaoge’s match.

All he wanted was to be able to flee from this place alive.

He had already sent Fang Min and the other Spirit Rhino Island disciples with relatively lower cultivation bases out of the barrier and back to Spirit Rhino Island to request assistance.

As long as he did not die here, there would still be the possibility of him getting out of this alive.

However, that sword-light in the form of a green dragon did not dissipate after having penetrated through his body, instead continuing to coil around him.

The dragon scales perked up, resembling infinite swords erupting violently together as they mightily struck Fang Zhaohong non-stop!

Yan Zhaoge’s left hand did not stop as accompanied by its clenching motion, the massive suction force dragged Fang Zhaohong before him.

After that, Yan Zhaoge’s left hand turned a completely bright glazed colour, flickering with golden light as it resembled Vajra!

Feeling the terrifying force contained within Yan Zhaoge’s left palm, the shadow of death crept over Fang Zhaohong’s heart.

At the same time that Fang Zhaohong had appeared and attacked Yan Zhaoge, Yang Chufan and another two Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners had also appeared at the entrance of the foreign dimension before rushing over to where Yan Zhaoge was.

When they had neared, however, the scene that greeted them left them shocked.

While they had seen Yan Zhaoge killing Jiang Xiong earlier, they had not thought that even the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster Fang Zhaohong might actually also completely not be a match for Yan Zhaoge at all!

“Why don’t you guess-against trash such as you, how much strength would I need”

Yan Zhaoge’s previous seemingly joking words arose within their minds now as chills involuntarily shot straight up their bodies.

Yang Chufan and the others all felt bitter inside as only now did they truly realise that Yan Zhaoge had not been joking at all back then.

In having slain the ‘Dark Evil’ Jiang Xiong who had been equipped with a mid-grade spirit artifact with only his bare hands, Yan Zhaoge had completely not drawn on his full strength at all!

Against the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster Fang Zhaohong now, Yan Zhaoge had also beat him completely back without the ability to put up any resistance in the least!

Yan Zhaoge glanced at the trio from the corner of his eye, seeing them currently running towards him with six extended palms and three jade lights aimed towards his back.

Clearly, they had wanted to coordinate with Fang Zhaohong, just having not thought that he might be defeated so quickly.

“Go!” Yan Zhaoge’s thoughts flashed as the Eternal Night Thunder Sword brought forth boundless darkness once more, blocking his opponents.

Not having thought that things would actually suddenly become like this, Yang Chufan and the other two were unable to stop in time, not even having the time to run.

White thunderbolts exploded, instantly sending them flying.

Just having struggled up to his feet, seeing Yan Zhaoge executing the Vajra Body with his left fist as bright as Vajra, Yang Chufan hurriedly called, “Please stay your hand! There must be a misunderstanding…”

Before his words had landed, Yan Zhaoge’s fist had already descended!

As Fang Zhaohong stared like his eyeballs were about to implode, a mighty ‘boom’ resounded with blood splattering everywhere.

Looking at the madly spurting fresh blood before them, Yang Chufan and the other two were rendered staring dazedly as well as tongue-tied as though they were being strangled.

Yan Zhaoge now turned to look at the three of them, asking nonchalantly, “Misunderstanding Coming over to say that it is a misunderstanding now, where did you go off to earlier”

A Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioner, somewhat unable to control his emotions, howled angrily, “If you kill senior apprentice-uncle Fang, you will have formed a blood enmity with our Spirit Rhino Island!”

Yang Chufan shook his head, an incredulous expression appearing on his face, “How did the Sacred Evil Sect produce someone like you First having killed Jiang Xiong, next killing senior apprentice-brother Fang, even if you are protected by the Evil Saint, the Evil Shifting Sect and my sect still won’t let you go…”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Although I have no idea who this person surnamed Fang might be, it seems as though his position in your Spirit Rhino Island must not be low.”

“Having already offended the Evil Shifting Sect, offending you guys now would really be a big deal.”

“Also, in going to the Directionless Sea where Changli Mountain is, I will still have to pass through the Spirit Rhino Sea where your Spirit Rhino Island is located.”

“That is what you want to say, right”

Yang Chufan looked dazedly at Yan Zhaoge as his face calm, the latter brandished the sword within his hand, “That is indeed right in principle.

However, it does not mean that you having come over and provoked me, I would only be able to take it sitting down.”

“Since you want to die, I’ll grant your wish.”

Where the sword flashed, blood splattered all around.


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