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HSSB507: What I want to do is not something that they can prevent


The Deep Sea Corridor, located where the Spirit Rhino Sea, the Flying Turtle Sea and the Bewildering Maze Sea intersected.

Three completely independent tidal currents swept along the strange miasma of the deep sea, converging at this spot as polluted undercurrents were formed.

The Vast Ocean World was formed of limited islands and numerous oceans.

There were also places elsewhere in the Vast Ocean World where three different seas intersected.

However, these polluted undercurrents were unique to this area where the Spirit Rhino, Flying Turtle and Bewildering Maze seas intersected as it could not be found elsewhere.

It was just that these polluted undercurrents were filthy beyond compare, being completely detrimental and in no way beneficial to martial practitioners at all.

It was such that most of the time, even if martial practitioners dived into the sea, they would also be unwilling to come near this place.

With so many people currently congregated here, Yan Zhaoge felt rather surprised, “Could the rumours be false”

The polluted undercurrents formed a massive whirlpool.

At the centre of the whirlpool, there was no seawater, a great stretch of empty land instead being present.

They were currently discussing something animatedly on this piece of empty land.

“Heh, Li Sheng finally couldn’t hold it in and decided to challenge Zhang Haocheng.

A battle between the top two of the top ten Essence Spirit experts-this is something which has not been seen in a long time.”

“The largest powers of Good and Evil, Water Crystal Palace and the Dragon Slayer Sect, are finally going to meet head-to-head.

I wonder if Blue Dragon Zhang Haocheng is rightfully deserving of his number one position or if the second placed Heaven Slaying Pillar Li Sheng is superior to him”

“Don’t underestimate Li Sheng.

While he is a vicious killer, he is not a rash person.

In having challenged Zhang Haocheng this time, perhaps he has reached that final bottleneck and wishes to make use of this to break through into the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster realm.”

“Just based on his nine leaves blossoming nine flowers alone, who would dare to underestimate him”

Hearing their words, Yan Zhaoge gradually realised the situation.

It seemed like a battle had been set to take place here.

The two upcoming combatants were the current two peak Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters of the Vast Ocean World.

Just like how Water Crystal Palace was the strongest amongst the Seven Pillars of Good, the Dragon Slaying Sect was also generally regarded as the number one amongst the Six Evil Sects.

This sect’s name simultaneously offended both Water Crystal Palace and the Blood Dragon Sect, the relationship between them being like that of sworn enemies.

On the list of the top ten experts, there would inevitably be some who had been ranked whilst not having clashed with the others before.

Their rankings were determined by their past battle records as well as the strength they had previously exhibited in battle.

This was definitely someone being unhappy with the ranking he had been given.

Having actually clashed in battle with another before, the losing side would already be unhappy, painstakingly training for many long years in order to wash away their previous humiliation, let alone having been placed below someone else without even having clashed with that person before.

How many martial practitioners would be able to tolerate that

A fierce battle between a dragon and a tiger was about to unfold.

Yan Zhaoge blinked, not being much concerned as he just felt it to be interesting, “That Jiang Xiong of the Evil Shifting Sect whom I killed seems to have been ranked third, right”

He smiled, shaking his head as he traversed the whirlpool and arrived in the air above the empty stretch of land.

“This side is the Spirit Rhino Sea, and that side is the Flying Turtle Sea, both being the domain of Good.

That Li Sheng is really rather courageous, actually daring to arrange for a battle here.”

“Behind us is the Bewildering Maze Sea.

If an Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster wants to kill him, he can just retreat into the Bewildering Maze Sea a little.

Also, the Dragon Slayer Sect will definitely send experts over as well.”

“The cause of this matter was a young disciple of the Dragon Slayer Sect getting into a conflict with a young disciple of Water Crystal Palace here, having suffered a bit of a loss.

Knowing that Zhang Haocheng was here, Li Sheng immediately came over to find back face for their sect.”

As they conversed, they noticed Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu’s arrival.

At first, they did not pay them too much attention.

After all, there were many solitary practitioners, and no one would be able to remember all of them clearly.

However, thinking carefully, a bunch of people somehow found Yan Zhaoge to be somewhat familiar.

Especially some Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners who now abruptly stared at him, “It’s you”

An image of Yan Zhaoge had been preserved by those who had returned to Spirit Rhino Island previously.

Having lost all news of Fang Zhaohong, Yang Chufan and the others afterwards, the people of Spirit Rhino Island felt that something bad had most likely happened to them.

These past days, Spirit Rhino Island had been searching everywhere for Yan Zhaoge, keeping up full vigilance on the Spirit Rhino Sea.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge now, they instantly recognised him.

Seeing the reactions of the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners, the others all began reacting as well, “Could it be that person who killed Dark Evil Jiang Xiong!”

Hearing their words, Yan Zhaoge’s expression remained leisurely as he just glanced at those of Spirit Rhino Island, looking like he was smiling whilst also not.

They indeed didn’t intend to keep things secret, having released the news of him having slaughtered the people of the Evil Shifting Sect.

Those of the Evil Shifting Sect were probably beginning to search for him as well.

As for the matter of Fang Zhaohong and the others, in order to not throw away their face, they had not yet announced this matter.

After all, not having seen their dead bodies, Spirit Rhino Island still harboured a bit of hope.

Seeing the calm expression on Yan Zhaoge’s face, the others here instantly lost their calmness.

That was ‘Dark Evil’ Jiang Xiong, very possibly the one Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster of the Vast Ocean World inferior only to the ‘Blue Dragon’ Zhang Haocheng and the ‘Heaven Slaying Pillar’ Li Sheng.

The Evil Shifting Sect not possessing a Martial Saint or a Sacred Artifact, their power was inferior to the Dragon Slayer Sect, the Sacred Evil Sect and Soul Shocking Island of the Six Evil Sects as well as Water Crystal Palace, Myriad Sword Pool and the Blood Dragon Sect of the Seven Pillars of Good.

However, ‘Dark Evil’ Jiang Xiong had been able to attain the third ranked position amongst the top ten Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters.

Also, he had been extremely young, still possessing immense potential to be excavated, the entire Evil Shifting Sect having had great hopes for him.

However, just an expert of the senior generation like this, as in the news spread by Spirit Rhino Island, had fallen by the hands of a young man.

How could the Evil Shifting Sect not tear their hair out at this, the entire Vast Ocean World having to pay attention

What especially caused everyone’s hearts to feel cold was that according to Spirit Rhino Island, this young man was a descendant of the Sacred Evil Sect.

Of the Seven Pillars of Good and the Six Evil Sects, it was the Sacred Evil Sect that was the most mysterious, possessing the fewest people.

However, every time one of their number surfaced in the world, it would always be a heaven-shocking, earth-shaking figure.

The Chief of the Sacred Evil Sect was one of the few Martial Saints of the Vast Ocean World, being especially mysterious amongst them.

The Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners stared at each other, all feeling greatly troubled.

One of them secretly sent a sound transmission to those of the other sects, “He is likely the new Sacred Son of the Sacred Evil Sect! Good and evil are diametrically opposed; let’s join forces to slay him!”

“He already possesses such a powerful cultivation base at such a young age that truly seems unprecedented.

Even the Evil Saint must have been inferior to him.

If we let him grow, it would be disastrous for us in the future!”

Due to the geographical position of this place, aside from the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners, it was the Spirit Returning Sect which ruled the Flying Turtle Sea that had the most people here.

A Spirit Returning Sect martial practitioner frowned as he looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Are you sure that what he used was the Blood Ghost Heavenly Talisman”

The Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners said urgently, “The barrier is already gone, but it is definitely true.

Also, while the Blood Ghost Heavenly Talismans are limited, with his cultivation base making it such that his position in the Sacred Evil Sect is sure to be inferior only to the Evil Saint’s, he definitely still has more Blood Ghost Heavenly Talismans on him.”

The person of the Spirit Returning Sect smiled bitterly, “We only came here to watch the commotion.

We have no way to take him down.”

He glanced at Fu Enshu from the corner of his eye, “Moreover, that person beside him….”

The Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners said, “Shortly, people from Water Crystal Palace will definitely be coming over to support Zhang Haocheng.

While those of the Dragon Slayer Sect might come as well, they will most likely stay out of things.

We have already sent word back, and the Island Chief is hurrying over now.

You contact the experts of your sect as well, and be careful of this person scurrying back into the Bewildering Maze Sea to hide.”

Hearing that the Chief of Spirit Rhino Island, Fang Kan, was personally on his way, the expression on the face of this Spirit Returning Sect martial practitioner changed slightly as he began considering in earnest.

Their eye contact had all fallen within the eyes of Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu as the latter asked mildly, “Clear up the area”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “No need.

There will still be people of Water Crystal Palace and the Dragon Slayer Sect arriving shortly anyway.”

“Meanwhile, what I want to do is not something that they can prevent.

It makes no difference whether we chase them away or let them stay.”


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