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HSSB508: Yan Zhaoge churns the sea, turning degenerate into miraculous


Fu Enshu looked first at the polluted undercurrents in the surroundings and then at Yan Zhaoge, not understanding what he wanted to do.

Yan Zhaoge smiled before he flew up, nearing the polluted undercurrents.

Extending his palm forward, numerous streams of true essence agglomerated, coming together to form a massive vortex.

Enveloped by this vortex, the Earth Devouring Burner entered within the polluted undercurrents which were instantly shaken slightly.

Yan Zhaoge had not simply extended his true essence into the polluted undercurrents just like that.

Instead, he was moving the Earth Devouring Burner in a unique rhythm.

Accompanied by his movements, the frequency of the shaking of the polluted undercurrents gradually turned from completely random to predictable, nearing the frequency at which Yan Zhaoge was moving the Earth Devouring Burner.

Seeing this, the surrounding Vast Ocean World martial practitioners were all shocked, “How is he able to control the polluted undercurrents”

At the same time that they were shocked, they also felt baffled, “What exactly is this person doing”

Due to Yan Zhaoge’s mighty feat of having killed ‘Dark Evil’ Jiang Xiong, no one here dared to approach him now, just watching on uncomprehendingly by the side.

Looking first at Yan Zhaoge and then at Fu Enshu, the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners similarly didn’t dare to speak, even secretly shifting backwards as they attempted to leave this place.

Fu Enshu’s cultivation base was just so much higher than theirs.

Even while she was injured, the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners present could not properly determine her actual cultivation base.

However, with her not having concealed her aura, they were more or less able to determine that she was at least already an Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster.

Looking at Fu Enshu, the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners felt like they seemed to have found the reason for Fang Zhaohong not having returned from his journeying.

They wanted to leave, yet were curious about Yan Zhaoge’s current actions as well.

Looking carefully, they saw that as the numerous polluted undercurrents were disturbed by Yan Zhaoge, the massive whirlpool that they formed was growing more and more unstable, shaking intensely within the sea as it was like a tall building seemingly about to topple.

The surrounding seawater was also roiling unceasingly, undercurrents surging beneath the sea’s surface while waves similarly surged above it.

From outside of the sea, observing from a high vantage point, one would be able to see the intersecting area of the three seas which had already not been calm originally overcome by tides as turbid waves surged up to the heavens.

Beneath the sea’s surface, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm but his gaze extremely focused as he carefully observed the changes in the polluted undercurrents before him whilst thinking on the special technique that he was currently employing.

His true essence swept along the Earth Devouring Burner, constantly entering and exiting the polluted undercurrents.

This object remained extremely mysterious even now, with Yan Zhaoge still unable to wield it actively.

Accompanied by Yan Zhaoge’s increase in cultivation base, he had constantly been analysing this treasure.

This current treasure on hand was very likely incomplete, actually being a fragment of a complete treasure which had broke apart.

Yet, this Earth Devouring Burner was still miraculous, always able to unleash that strange, powerful suction force whenever it had been targeted by some kind of force.

Objects were dead, humans alive and thinking.

While the Earth Devouring Burner could only work passively for Yan Zhaoge, Yan Zhaoge had always been attempting to successfully wield it actively.

The polluted undercurrents intermingled, unceasingly slamming into people or objects that entered within.

Having entered within, the Earth Devouring Burner would be assaulted by the polluted undercurrents.

Because of that, the power of the polluted undercurrents would be devoured by the Earth Devouring Burner in kind.

After having sent the Earth Devouring Burner in for a moment, Yan Zhaoge would immediately withdraw it before sending it in once again.

Having already been unstable originally, the polluted undercurrents unceasingly changed in being strong and weak.

Gradually, through the frequency at which he controlled the Earth Devouring Burner to enter, Yan Zhaoge began grasping the frequency at which the polluted undercurrents rose and fell in strength.

Yan Zhaoge remained patient, maintaining these actions.

As time passed, the changes in the polluted undercurrents changed from only encompassing the small area before him to gradually expanding to envelop the entire vast region of sea around him, till finally all of the polluted undercurrents in the region were experiencing the same changes as well.

Seeing this from the side, Fu Enshu’s gaze flickered slightly, “The hidden undercurrents of the three seas are all congregated here, pushing against and pressuring one another as they merge together to form these polluted undercurrents.”

“Wanting to change the natural rhythm of things here, just based on strength alone, one would have to rely on multiple times the effort to achieve limited effect.

With the unique rhythm in Zhaoge’s actions, it has become such that he has achieved multiple times the effect with limted effort.”

“The rhythm of all these polluted undercurrents here has already changed.

It is just-these changes, this current rhythm, what effect will they have”

As Fu Enshu was considering this, the world before her suddenly lit up.

At the bottom of the polluted whirlpool formed where the hidden undercurrents of the three seas converged, the area was actually gradually brightening with light.

That glow was gentle and not intense, bright yet not dazzling, causing one to instead feel a sense of peace and joy upon seeing it.

Gradually, small water droplets that resembled rain were formed amidst this gentle glow, unceasingly landing within the surrounding seawater yet not merging with it.

They appeared exceptionally distinct, resembling oil that had been dripped into water.

Those rain-like water droplets were clear and bright, cold yet gentle.

While they were small, they appeared exceptionally dazzling within the dim water.

Discovering these strange changes, the nearby Vast Ocean World martial practitioners all felt greatly bemused.

Some closed their eyes, carefully feeling the spiritual qi contained within those water droplets.

As they sniffed, they could even smell a fragrance that left their mind clear and their spirits relaxed.

They all exchanged looks, only able to feel that not just the whirlpool formed of polluted undercurrents up above, even the untainted water in the surroundings appeared unclean when placed before these water droplets.

These water droplets seemed like the purest, cleanest existences in this world.

Before them, other flows of water all appeared turbid and dirty in comparison.

Fu Enshu was taken aback, “Sweet Pouring Raindrops”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It is still much inferior to true Sweet Pouring Raindrops, but with the current conditions at hand, it can already be considered rather good.”

Fu Enshu looked at those clear, clean water droplets, clicking her tongue in wonder.

Sweet Pouring Raindrops were a treasure of before the Great Calamity.

Fu Enshu did not know whether it still existed elsewhere after the Great Calamity, but it definitely did not exist in the Eight Extremities World at the very least.

It remained as an object of yore recorded within ancient texts.

The purest Sweet Pouring Raindrops of the rumours were the bane of filthy and evil objects, able to cleanse all evil and filth under the heavens, even having suppressive effects on Nine Underworld Evil Devils.

Other than that, the rumoured Sweet Pouring Raindrops possessed other unique and wonderful effects as well that others would only praise.

It was just that Fu Enshu had not thought that she would actually see some in this place today.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Even before the Great Calamity, Sweet Pouring Raindrops were already extremely rare.

With many wolves yet limited meat, what was there that could be done Some expert analysed and created a method of turning degenerate into miraculous, birthing cleanness from filth.

While creating Sweet Pouring Raindrops from these polluted undercurrents is still lacking in comparison, it can still be considered a major accomplishment.”

“Having heard of it earlier, I had just thought of it as a curious oddity, not taking it to heart.

After all, not just Sweet Pouring Raindrops, even polluted undercurrents were something that I couldn’t have found.”

“I had not thought that there would actually exist polluted undercurrents in a single spot of this Vast Ocean World.

Having heard this news over in the Bewildering Maze Sea, I immediately rushed over here.”

Amidst his words, those Sweet Pouring Raindrops were constantly increasing, agglomerating unceasingly, condensed and not dispersing for a long time, till finally they actually formed a clear, thin current at the bottom of the sea.

Looking at that clear current of water that resembled a white line across the bottom of the sea, Fu Enshu sighed in praise even as she asked, “Still, what are you preparing to use this for”


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