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HSSB509: The upright Yan Zhaoge


Yan Zhaoge was similarly gazing at that clear, clean current of water.

Hearing Fu Enshu’s question, he smiled, “For the thing that I obtained in the Bewildering Maze Sea to quickly take effect, these Sweet Pouring Raindrops will have to come into play.”

As he said this, Yan Zhaoge’s actions continued as he was still unceasingly churning up the undercurrents at the depth of the sea.

Finally, the pollution gradually faded, the undercurrents where the three seas intersected directly merging to form a whirlpool that emitted a faint lustre.

At the bottom of the whirlpool, the Sweet Pouring Raindrops formed a trickling water current which flowed peacefully in the depths of the sea, extending into the distance.

Even as Yan Zhaoge kept the Earth Devouring Burner and no longer disturbed the sea, this flow of water still continued flowing off into the distance.

Looking at this vein of water formed of Sweet Devouring Raindrops, Fu Enshu’s heart jolted slightly, “The flow of this water vein seems to travel precisely along the border between the Spirit Rhino Sea and the Flying Turtle Sea”

She looked at first the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners and then the Spirit Returning Sect martial practitioners before asking Yan Zhaoge, “Bad kid, you’re scheming against others again”

Yan Zhaoge said solemnly, “What do you mean, senior apprentice-aunt Fu After I have finished using this water vein which I currently have need of, with it being formed due to the local environment, it is not like I can take it away with me.

Leaving it here can also be considered doing good for this world, not having come to this Vast Ocean World for nothing.”

As Fu Enshu squinted at him suspiciously, Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “Saying that I am a descendant of some Sacred Evil Sect.

All those of Spirit Rhino Island can do is merely claim it.”

“This water vein, however, is physically located right here.

Would the Spirit Returning Sect give it up to Spirit Rhino Island”

Yan Zhaoge said, “As I know, the main artifact forging technique of the Vast Ocean World is the Essence Copper Quenching Fire Technique.

The Sweet Pouring Raindrops would be very beneficial to this.”

“However, the water vein formed from the intersection of the three seas cannot be split.

Also, wanting to individually obtain water from it, some special equipment would be required.

Otherwise, it cannot be brought away.

I heard earlier that the Vast Ocean World does not have such a thing.”

“If people want to use it, they will only be able to do so by coming physically here.”

Fu Enshu frowned slightly, “The two sects can come to an agreement and share this water vein.”

“Instead, as you say, these Sweet Pouring Raindrops might enhance the level of Spirit Rhino Island’s and the Spirit Returning Sect’s artifacts, causing them to grow gradually stronger.

This would instead be greatly beneficial to Spirit Rhino Island.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That is true in theory, but in might not really be like this in actuality.”

“In ordinary plains, two villages can already get into a major conflict over a water source.

For a resource that is located right along their border like this, neither side will let go of it lightly.”

“A win-win situation is a better choice, but as long as there is a chance, people would generally want to possess it all on their own.”

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth arched slightly, “Moreover, after I’ve entered the water shortly after this, I will deplete a large amount of the essence within.”

“After I have used it, the remaining portion will gradually lose its driving force.

Unless I do this once again, after a certain amount of time, the clear current will gradually dry up on its own, turning into polluted currents once more.”

“Still, just that period of time alone would already be sufficient for Spirit Rhino Island and the Spirit Returning Sect to get to a conflict.

And even if it falls completely within Spirit Rhino Island’s hands for the time that remains, it would not be sufficient for them to undergo a big qualitative change.”

Fu Enshu shook her head, laughing, “Your head is full of bad ideas.”

Yan Zhaoge coughed dryly, “Senior apprentice-aunt, I’m an upright person.”

Looking at that clear, trickling current, the nearby Vast Ocean World martial practitioners all looked out of sorts for a time.

Whether it was the Seven Pillars of Good or the Six Evil Sects, all of these had rather unordinary legacies, being great powers with long histories.

Like the Eight Extremities World’s major powers such as Broad Creed Mountain, Infinite Boundless Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan, all of their martial arts had been produced from a combination of unearthed legacies from pre-Great Calamity times as well as one’s own comprehensions, finally giving rise to their developed form.

These great sects were all greatly knowledgeable, all diligently unearthing remnant legacies whilst also gathering all sorts of information from pre-Great Calamity times.

While they had not personally seen Sweet Pouring Raindrops before, the various sects of the Vast Ocean World had all heard some things regarding its characteristics as well as potent uses before.

Currently seeing Yan Zhaoge actually churning the sea and producing Sweet Pouring Raindrops, they all felt shocked beyond compare.

Meanwhile, after having seen the direction of flow of that water vein, the people of Spirit Rhino Island and the Spirit Returning Sect, whilst feeling shocked, all inevitably had their minds liven up.

If they could gain possession of this water vein, it did not have to be stated how beneficial it would be for their overall strength in the long run.

Generally speaking, for these great sects, the closer they were located to one another, the more tensions there would be between them.

After all, minor conflicts arose more easily between neighbours.

Amongst the Seven Pillars of Good, Spirit Rhino Island was close to the Myriad Sword Pool while the Spirit Returning Sect was close to Water Crystal Palace.

This was not completely baseless.

The Spirit Rhino Sea and the Flying Turtle Sea bordering each other, the relationship between the Spirit Rhino Sect and the Spirit Returning Sect had never been all that harmonious.

It could even be said that they had longtime grudges against each other, conflicts often occurring between them when they were not being threatened by the Six Evil Sects.

Now that such a water vein had appeared along the border of their two seas, many thoughts would inevitably arise in the minds of the two sides.

Exchanging glances, they seemed to spot similarities in each other’s gazes.

“This is likely a sinister plot of the Sacred Evil Sect’s, trying to sow discord between us.

Let us not let make a joke of ourselves before the forces of Evil,” A Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioner laughed towards the heavens.

A Spirit Returning Sect martial practitioner laughed dryly, “That is naturally so.”

It was just that only they themselves could know what they were truly thinking.

This was especially true for the people of the Spirit Returning Sect, who were inevitably pondering over things as they looked first at Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu and then at the people of Spirit Rhino Island.

Whether or not Yan Zhaoge was truly a descendant of the Sacred Evil Sect of the Six Evil Sects was still not something that they could say for sure now.

It was merely just a one-sided claim on Spirit Rhino Island’s part.

Perhaps he was an expert from beyond the seas who had offended Spirit Rhino Island amidst his sudden appearance, they trying to drag them into their grudge against him as a result.

The Spirit Returning Sect martial practitioners gradually completed their calculations.

If Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu got into a conflict with the people of Spirit Rhino Island, Spirit Rhino Island would not have the strength left to compete over the Sweet Pouring Raindrops water vein with their sect.

Looking at their flickering, indeterminate gazes, the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners cursed within their hearts.

Still, they had their own calculations as well.

With their Island Chief Fang Kan having immediately begun hurrying over upon receiving the news, he would definitely arrive much more quickly than the totally unprepared Chief of the Spirit Returning Sect.

At that time, having taken care of Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu, their Spirit Rhino Island would hold an advantage over the Spirit Returning Sect in this respect.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, they thought hatefully, “We’ll let you run wild for just a little longer.”

Yan Zhaoge was currently totally unconcerned about the thoughts of the martial practitioners of the two sects as he nodded towards Fu Enshu, “Senior apprentice-aunt Fu, please wait a moment.”

Fu Enshu said, “Do it as you’d like.

While I am injured, I can still stand guard over you.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It’s fine.

It won’t take long.”

Having said thus, Yan Zhaoge’s figure flickered, his entire person as though having transformed into a streak of light as he merged within that clear water current distinctly visible within the sea.

Entering the water current, surrounded by the Sweet Pouring Raindrops, Yan Zhaoge was overtaken by a refreshing feeling.

He took out his Shadow Shifting Pouch and shifted the pillar of the Divine Palace, that stone statue that he had obtained in the Bewildering Maze Sea instantly flying out from within.

Streams of clear qi were emitted from the acupoints of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body and infused within the respective corresponding acupoints on the body of that stone statue.

At the same time, the Sweet Pouring Raindrops were also enveloped within the clear qi, flowing into the stone statue together.

The stone statue instantly shook slightly.

As time passed, the surface of the stone statue actually began gradually splitting apart, a jade-like lustre emanating from within its visible cracks.


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