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HSSB510: Decisive battle at Deep Sea Corridor


Yan Zhaoge transformed into a streak of light, merging within the clear current formed of the Sweet Pouring Raindrops as he had vanished in an instant.

Everyone there was stunned, the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners initially even thinking that Yan Zhaoge had secretly escaped borrowing the power of the water vein.

However, seeing Fu Enshu still standing composedly where she was, they denied that possibility.

Gazing carefully at that clear current, they could vaguely see two figures located within it.

Two figures

They all exchanged looks, a little unable to get their heads around it.

The water current formed of the Sweet Pouring Raindrops was clear and transparent and incomparably pure, but those two figures seemed to have transformed completely into light as only their contours were indistinctly visible within the water current, their features being unclear.

Looking at the Sweet Pouring Raindrops, the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners were all greatly tempted by them, but at the same time also did not dare to draw near.

Let alone the fact that Yan Zhaoge’s current situation was unknown, Fu Enshu who was standing by the side also caused them to feel helpless, afraid of making any rash moves.

As time passed, Sweet Pouring Raindrops were unceasing produced by the glowing whirlpool up above as the two figures within the water vein grew increasingly blurry.

After who knew how long, the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners had still yet to react when Fu Enshu’s eyelids first twitched lightly.

She gazed into the distance, feeling the spiritual qi flow on the sea’s surface there.

After a long time, the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners present felt the changes over in that direction as well.

Looks of joy first appeared on the faces of the Spirit Returning Sect martial practitioners.

The Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners, whilst being less joyful, all had relieved expressions on their faces as well.

The martial practitioners on the side of Good all appeared joyful while those who followed the path of Evil all appeared gloomy.

The solitary practitioners all looked to be in high spirits, because the exciting show which they had been awaiting for a long time was finally about to begin.

In the distance, the seawater surged, the hidden undercurrents turbulent and the waves roiling as several great entities could vaguely be seen amidst their approach.

After a moment, it could clearly be seen that those were numerous massive scaly dragons, their scales either black or blue and emanating an extremely majestic, flourishing power of qi and blood as they pulsed.

The one at their lead was a red scaly dragon, the light of fire seemingly flickering on its body as it leapt about within the depths of the sea, appearing exceptionally dazzling.

What caused these Vast Ocean World martial practitioners who had come over to spectate to feel pressure was the fact that each of these massive scaly dragons was equivalent to a mighty expert who had attained the level of an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster.

Without having to send many people over, just these scaly dragons alone represented great power.

One red, four black and four blue, the nine scaly dragons were lined up in a row, advancing forth simultaneously as they broke through the waves, arriving at the region of sea where the Deep Sea Corridor was located.

Just looking at these nine massive scaly dragons alone, the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners here already knew the identity of those who had arrived.

The Water Crystal Palace of the Seven Pillars of Good.

On the backs of the scaly dragons respectively sat martial practitioners garbed in sea-blue attire, both male and female.

Fu Enshu gazed at that old man sitting on the top of the lead red scaly dragon.

He was the Elder of Water Crystal Palace whom they had dispatched on the expedition this time, being a longtime Martial Grandmaster expert.

As he stood there, this old man resembled a stretch of jade sea that was boundless and limitless as it possessed inscrutable depths.

Seeing this old man, many of those spectating bowed towards him, “Greetings, Elder Dong.”

Elder Dong nodded slightly, next seemingly feeling something as he looked towards Fu Enshu as well.

Finding her very unfamiliar, he could not help but knit his brows slightly.

Fu Enshu next looked at the blue-robed man who stood beside Elder Dong.

He had long, sea-blue hair as well as a mature, steady expression.

This person of Water Crystal Palace was, of the two who had agreed to battle it out here today, ‘Blue Dragon’ Zhang Haocheng who was currently ranked first on the list of the Vast Ocean World’s top ten Essence Spirit experts.

On the back of his scaly dragon were other Water Crystal Palace martial practitioners, amongst them being youngsters with relatively lower cultivation bases as well who had been brought along by their seniors to come experience the world for themselves.

With Fu Enshu’s cultivation base, she appraised Zhang Haocheng carefully as well.

A late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster with nine leaves blossoming into nine flowers was an extremely rare thing in the Eight Extremities World as well.

The number of manifested spirit flowers exemplified a martial practitioner’s current level of strength somewhat whilst also displaying the deeper potential that they possessed for the future.

Of course, one’s current strength as well as untapped potential did not entail that they would definitely end up stronger than everyone else.

At the very least, however, in comparison to eight leaves blossoming eight flowers and nine leaves blossoming eight flowers, the nine leaves blossoming nine flowers Zhang Haocheng had a higher starting point as well as greater hopes for success.

That he currently reigned as the number one Essence Spirit expert was already sufficient proof of this.

After appraising Zhang Haocheng for a moment, Fu Enshu retracted her gaze, looking in the direction of the Bewildering Maze Sea.

That Water Crystal Palace’s Elder Dong looked curiously at the Sweet Pouring Raindrops and Fu Enshu before turning to look in the direction of the Bewildering Maze Sea as well.

After a moment, a sharp killing intent emanated from the direction of the Bewildering Maze Sea.

A formless sabre-intent broke through the seawater, the great sea directly split apart as the seawater moved towards the sides, a path opening at their centre.

A group of black-clothed martial practitioners approached from the distance, a terrifying aura seemingly having manifested a massive formless blade which opened the path ahead of them.

Only after they had passed did the seawater close back in, regaining its original state.

“The people of the Dragon Slayer Sect are here,” Those from the Seven Pillars of Good all felt solemn while their Evil counterparts all had their spirits lifted greatly.

A black-clothed middle-aged man led the group, a long beard on his face and a sabre by his waist as his aura seemed not inferior to that of Water Crystal Palace’s Elder Dong in the least.

Beside him was a tall black-clothed martial practitioner.

Seeing him, Zhang Haocheng nodded mildly, “Li Sheng.”

The tall black-clothed martial practitioner was the ‘Heaven Slaying Pillar’ Li Sheng who had challenged Zhang Haocheng to a battle today, currently ranked second amongst the top ten Essence Spirit experts of the Vast Ocean World.

Beside Li Sheng were many other Dragon Slayer Sect martial practitioners as well.

The current global situation in the Vast Ocean World was comparatively peaceful, with Good and Evil currently not at war.

However, a battle at the level of Zhang Haocheng and Li Sheng was no minor matter.

Water Crystal Palace and the Dragon Slayer Sect both viewed it with great importance, having dispatched some experts over as support.

The gazes of the Dragon Slayer Sect martial practitioners that were on Li Sheng were filled with confidence.

Under the lead of their longtime Elder, the group of Dragon Slayer Sect martial practitioners halted while Li Sheng continued forward, stepping beyond them.

Accompanied by Li Sheng’s advance, several black sabre-lights surged into existence around him, flickering as they swooped about within the air.

Where the sabre-light passed, the scenes at the bottom of the sea seemed to have been shattered and extinguished as it appeared exceptionally terrifying.

The boundless killing intent and air of brutality was such that it left everyone feeling suffocated.

Looking at that terrifying sabre-light, they all let out a breath of cold air in unison, “No wonder he’s challenging Zhang Haocheng! So he’s already mastered the sixth sabre, the Shattering Extinguishing Sabre, of the Seven Seas Dragon Slaying Sabres!”

The Seven Seas Dragon Slaying Sabres were rumoured to consist of seven sabres in total, with the final one only achievable by a Martial Saint.

It was with this sabre that the Chief of the Dragon Slayer Sect rampaged across the seven seas, slaughtering all living lifeforms, even having mightily suppressed the Chief of the Water Crystal Palace in a past major battle to be acclaimed the number one expert of the Vast Ocean World.

Other than that final sabre, it was the sixth sabre of the Seven Seas Dragon Slaying Sabres that was the most powerful.

All along, it had been regarded as only being achievable by an Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster.

However, whilst clearly still only a late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, the Li Sheng before them had managed to successfully master this sabre.

With this virtually being considered a cheating move in fights below the Essence Talisman stage, everyone here could not help but feel shocked.

Zhang Haocheng looked at Li Sheng before taking something out.

Seeing it, Li Sheng’s pupils instantly dilated slightly.


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