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HSSB513: Just one move!


The upcoming battle between Zhang and Li had attracted many people to come spectate.

While Zhang Haocheng and Li Sheng were Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters, they were both extremely famous, the decisive duel between them being a major event for the Vast Ocean World.

Apart from the seniors of their respective sects, even other Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters had arrived as well.

It was just that these people had arrived slightly later, basically having arrived together with the people of Water Crystal Palace and the Dragon Slayer Sect.

However, never would any of them have been able to predict that such a turn of events would actually have occurred with this decisive battle.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge who sat calm and unmoving amidst the illuminated water, everyone made various guesses as they discussed animatedly.

“If he really is the descendant of the Sacred Evil Sect, this must be the Sacred Evil Sect’s strongest ever Sacred Son!”

“While ten leaves blossoming ten flowers does not immediately entail invincibility, from that casual look of his, Zhang Haocheng and Li Sheng may really not be his match.”

“How long do you think that Zhang Haocheng and Li Sheng will be able to hold on”

“That’s hard to say.

Still, they should be able to force him to fight seriously at the very least.”

“They might have a shot at victory if they work together, but they definitely won’t be willing to do so.”

“This is only natural.”

Amidst all the discussions by the side, Zhang Haocheng and Li Sheng both turned extremely calm and focused, flinging all their irrelevant thoughts aside as they stabilised their minds.

The comparatively silent and calm Zhang Haocheng was the first to strike!

A scene of light flickered into existence above his head, nine spirit flowers appearing, the runes shaking the surrounding area as they were inscribed within the deep sea.

The next moment, Zhang Haocheng’s body bent slightly downwards.

As he straightened it, he had immediately vanished from the spot.

Yan Zhaoge saw a light blue streak of light piercing through the deep sea, resembling a light dragon as it shot towards him.

Executed by Zhang Haocheng, the Streaking Light Transformation of the Six Dragon Transformations, a supreme martial art of Water Crystal Palace, was currently displayed to the point of perfection!

Seeing Zhang Haocheng make a move, Li Sheng halted, feeling a little emotionally heavy.

At least in terms of mental state, Zhang Haocheng was indeed superior to him somewhat.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as he looked at the incoming blue dragon of light whilst able to feel the surrounding ocean roaring and shaking together with it.

At this moment, Zhang Haocheng resembled the overlord of the ocean as with that single move, the great sea shook with a destructive force that seemed able to destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth.

The surrounding space seemed to have solidified, infinite seawater agglomerating, abundant and condensed to the point of resembling steel as it all pressured down towards Yan Zhaoge simultaneously!

There was pressure incoming from all directions, with no possible path of retreat or any possible place of refuge.

The seawater transformed into countless light dragons at this moment, coming in from all directions as they assaulted towards him.

All those spectating had grave expressions on their faces.

The blow having been struck, they all understood its wielder’s strength.

Against Yan Zhaoge, Zhang Haocheng expanded his full strength, displaying all his martial prowess.

With just that simple first blow, he told everyone why he deserved to be called the number one Essence Spirit expert, why he had been able to surpass levels to slay the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster Leng Jun.

All of the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners present, the Dragon Slayer Sect’s Elder Yue included, felt that even when they were in the early Essence Talisman stage, they still might not be able to defeat the current Zhang Haocheng!

Fu Enshu’s gaze was similarly shining as she gained direct knowledge of Vast Ocean World martial practitioners, not underestimating them in the least, “Even placed within the Eight Extremities World, he would also be an expert amongst experts at the same cultivation level, a peak figure amongst them all.”

Looking at Zhang Haocheng’s strike, the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners all had their spirits lifted greatly, “Perhaps he might be able to defeat that Yan Zhaoge.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled as he nodded, “Your foundation is deep indeed.”

Saying thus, he raised his right hand, pushing his palm forward, an existence like chaos seemingly existing within it, hard to describe as it was profound and hard to discern.

With this palm of Yan Zhaoge’s, the numerous light dragons in the surrounding seawater all shattered simultaneously, resembling popping bubbles as their encirclement instantly collapsed.

The light blue dragon formed of Zhang Haocheng’s fist-intent had originally been majestic in its aura, seemingly able to tip over rivers and overturn the sea.

At this moment, however, it had easily been grasped by Yan Zhaoge and quelled where it was.

Everyone here, Li Sheng included, stared shockedly at this scene.

Yan Zhaoge looked at Zhang Haocheng and then Li Sheng before saying, “You come as well, the two of you together.”

“I have no intention of underestimating the two of you.

On the contrary, this being my final battle as an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, I wish to partake unrestrainedly in this battle.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “The two of you will not be joining hands in facing an opponent in all your entire lives, be it the past of the future.

Now may be your only chance; how about you try it Perhaps it will be a somewhat interesting experience”

Li Sheng stared fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge as the latter blocked Zhang Haocheng with his right hand whilst smiling at him.

“Alright! Just one move!” A cold light in his eyes, Li Sheng roared.

In an instant, he had vanished, a brutal black sabre-light breaking through the vast ocean and chopping over towards Yan Zhaoge!

The ocean was directly split into two halves, all objects extinguished where the sabre-light passed!

The seawater was not forced towards the sides where the sabre-light pressured.

Instead, all things that obstructed the sabre-light’s advance were destroyed without exception!

The sixth sabre of the Seven Seas Dragon Slaying Sabres, the strongest graspable sabre beneath the Martial Saint realm!

It was not as mighty and momentous as Zhang Haocheng’s strike, containing both defence and offence as it showed no flaws at all.

This sabre of Li Sheng’s only pursued one thing.

Killing the enemy!

With that sabre, other than extreme destructive power, there was nothing else at all!

The maximum offensive power possible for Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters of the Vast Ocean World!

Zhang Haocheng had wanted to retract his move, but found that he was currently being kept in place by Yan Zhaoge’s palm force, unable to retreat.

He inhaled deeply, also discarding all reservations and drawing on all his strength.

As the light dragon roared, the scales on its entire body pulsed, resembling a dragon whose reverse scale had been touched as it went berserk, wanting to destroy everything, breaking through the sky!

Of the Six Dragon Transformations, the Heaven Breaking Transformation which possessed the greatest offensive power!

Two violent forces assaulted towards Yan Zhaoge simultaneously.

His expression not changing, Yan Zhaoge’s upraised right palm suddenly changed.

That chaos abruptly spread, exterminating all existences.

This world seemed to have returned to before the opening of the heavens and the earth at its very beginning as all scenes seemed to no longer be existent.

No yin, no yang.

No before, no after.

No beginning, no end.

No action, no inaction.

The next moment, the chaos mightily exploded!

It was as though all things had returned to chaos, before chaos had been destroyed, the universe opening again!

That palm swept mightily through all in its path!

The light blue dragon, was extinguished!

The black sabre-light, was extinguished!

The two Heaven’s favoured sons of the Vast Ocean World, Zhang Haocheng and Li Sheng, both flew backwards simultaneously!

Elder Dong of Water Crystal Palace was greatly shocked as he hurriedly caught Zhang Haocheng, seeing him spit out a mouthful of fresh blood as his entire body fell limp.

Greatly enraged, he swivelled his heard to look at Yan Zhaoge, yet heard Zhang Haocheng quickly exclaim, “He already showed mercy!”

“In wanting to battle one against two, it was not arrogance on his part.

It was the two of us who underestimated ourselves.”

Li Sheng who had been caught by Elder Yue of the Dragon Slayer Sect also sighed, “We are only heavily injured; our cultivation bases were not crippled.

He was just fulfilling our desire to do battle with him.

In having done so, I am unable to describe the boundless profundities contained within, only able to feel and comprehend it on my own.”

“Our level is just much too far away from his.”

Everyone was stunned.

Similarly looking at Yan Zhaoge, Zhang Haocheng’s complex expression finally also turned into one of grudging admiration.

Everyone looked shockedly at Yan Zhaoge who had defeated Zhang Haocheng and Li Sheng in a single move.

Yan Zhaoge laughed in a leisurely manner.

The ten blossoming spirit flowers above his head resumed their merging process once more.

As the numerous runes merged, infinite brightness was gradually formed which illuminated the entire great sea.


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