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HSSB515: No good end comes to those who malign me


Majestic power fluctuations appeared over the distant sea, rapidly approaching where Yan Zhaoge and the others were.

Virtually at the same time that everyone detected its existence, that majestic will had already arrived close by, its speed swift to the point of leaving people speechless.

Fu Enshu looked at Yan Zhaoge, his expression as per usual as he nodded slightly, “This is the supreme martial art of Spirit Rhino Island that I mentioned to you previously.

I didn’t know its name before, but I asked around about it afterwards and learnt that it should be called Spiritual Light Flashes.”

“High in speed, shifting oneself at lightning speed as one seems to flash by like a streak of light.

It is only slower than breaking through space when travelling.

Still, it looks as though it disregards spatial bounds and performs instantaneous movement.”

Fu Enshu frowned.

There were no movement techniques she knew who could achieve as great a speed as this.

The Eight Extremities World’s martial legacies which emphasised most on speed belonged to the current Heavenly Thunder Hall as well as the former Black Nightmare Mountain.

As Fu Enshu saw it, however, even the supreme martial arts of the Heavenly Thunder Hall and Black Nightmare Mountain might still be inferior in this aspect.

“The Vast Ocean World indeed possesses martial arts of all kinds, possessing a flair of its own,” Fu Enshu pondered as she said.

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, seeing a middle-aged man having already appeared before him.

As this middle-aged man stood within the deep sea, he seemed to have merged as one with the great sea, neither being easily distinguishable from the other.

Numerous streaks of light flickered around him, seemingly transforming into several mirrors which each illuminated various scenes.

The mirror-light traversed the great sea, splitting it apart into various regions.

As those within each region gazed in all directions, they actually felt the world before them to be blurry as they seemed unable to clearly see the people within the other regions.

This man looked to be in his early forties.

However, those who knew him were all aware that unlike Yan Zhaoge, his actual age was much greater that from his external appearance.

There was none amongst the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners present who did not know him.

Of the Seven Pillars of Good, the Chief of Spirit Rhino Island, the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Fang Kan.

He was also the bigwig ranked seventh amongst the Vast Ocean World’s top ten Transcending Mortality experts, being one of the most authoritative existences of the Vast Ocean World.

Yan Zhaoge had not seen Fang Kan before, but he had seen his son Fang Zhaohong, and the two of them bore a sixty percent resemblance.

Fang Kan’s gaze swept the area, landing on Yan Zhaoge.

The Spirit Rhino Island disciples who had not entered the barrier alongside Fang Zhaohong, Yang Chufan and the others had already described Yan Zhaoge’s appearance to Fang Kan upon having returned to the island.

Fang Kan gazed at Yan Zhaoge, his face expressionless.

Zhang Haocheng appeared hesitating as he said slowly, “Island Chief Fang, this Young Master Yan should not be a descendant of the Sacred Evil Sect.

There may be some misunderstandings here…”

Fang Kan swivelled his head and looked at Elder Dong of Water Crystal Palace, “Does Water Crystal Palace want to shield him”

Elder Dong hesitated slightly but then heard Fang Kan continue, “Today, even if Water Crystal Palace wants to shield him, there are also some debts that have to be settled properly with him.”

He turned back to look at Yan Zhaoge, asking slowly, “My Spirit Rhino Island disciples Fang Zhaohong, Yang Chufan, Cai Ziqi and Zhang Peng-where are the four of them now”

It was fine for the other three, but hearing Fang Zhaohong’s name, all of the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners present seemed to realise something.

The Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners focused on Yan Zhaoge.

The four of them had already been missing for a long time, their fates unknown.

However, they just retained that tiny bit of hope that Fang Zhaohong and the others had only been captured by Yan Zhaoge, not having been killed.

Yan Zhaoge could also basically understand what they were thinking.

As the corpses of the four had been destroyed by him, it was only natural that they had not been able to find them.

Still, Yan Zhaoge did not feign dead men to be hostages.

Looking at Fang Kan, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Your son and his fellow disciples tried to kill me.

Alas, they were inferior, and all died by my hands.”

Fang Kun slightly stopped breathing for a moment.

The streaks of light traversing the great sea began to surge, their violent momentum seemingly wanting to rip the ocean apart.

While the other Vast Ocean World martial practitioners had already had their suspicions, looking at Yan Zhaoge now, they too were rather lost for words.

Before Yan Zhaoge had clashed with Zhang Haocheng and Li Sheng, while he had slain the Evil Shifting Sect’s Jiang Xiong, the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners had still unconsciously believed the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster Fang Zhaohong to have been killed by Fu Enshu.

However, after having watched Yan Zhaoge’s battle against Zhang and Li, they already understood that facing off against Yan Zhaoge, Fang Zhaohong would have been unable to avoid the fate of death as well!

Meanwhile, if Zhang Haocheng and Li Sheng had known beforehand that Fang Zhaohong had been slain by Yan Zhaoge, they would probably have thought twice about wanting to battle with him.

While also an early Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster, Fang Zhaohong was even more powerful than the ‘Roiling Sea Hero’, Leng Kun, who had died by Zhang Haocheng’s hands.

Gazing at Yan Zhaoge, Fang Kan nodded slowly, “Good, very good!”

Before his words had landed, he directly raised a palm, numerous streaks of light congregating in the surroundings before they all shot down towards Yan Zhaoge!

Fu Enshu frowned slightly, raising the sword in her hand to meet Fang Kan.

Vast and mighty as well as vigorous in its momentum, that sword that seemed one with the heavens and the earth caused Fang Kan’s eyelids to instantly twitch, “What profound sword arts.

Still, your cultivation base is inferior to mine.”

The radiance agglomerated in his palm turned from silvery-white to jade green, circulating about the great sea as Fu Enshu’s Limitless Heavenly Sword missed.

As the jade light still shot towards Yan Zhaoge, wielding her sword in her right hand, Fu Enshu flipped her left palm, purplish-red flames leaping as they instantly formed a sea of flames, still pursuing after that jade light.

Numerous essence talismans transformed into several spirit arrays which then came together to form a white spirit altar, enveloping Fu Enshu’s body as her sword and her left palm grew even fiercer.

However, there were many damaged places on the white altar, causing it to appear a little mottled.

Even though Fu Enshu had still yet to fully recover from her injuries, this did not change her tough, stubborn personality as she substituted defence with offence, blocking Fang Kan’s Spirit Rhino Palm that was directed towards Yan Zhaoge.

“So you were injured.

This only goes to show even more how much you overestimate yourself.”

Fang Kan’s face was expressionless as he changed his palm technique, no longer going the intricate route as he slammed directly down towards Fu Enshu with his palm!

Radiance guarded Fang Kan’s body, instantly transforming into a gigantic figure.

It was precisely the true martial avatar that Fang Kan had attained after having stepped into the Transcending Mortality stage.

His cultivation base being higher than Fu Enshu’s, with the latter also being injured, she instantly let out a muffled groan upon their head-on clash.

When Fang Kan was about to exert greater force, a palm suddenly extended from the side, clapping towards his Spirit Rhino Palm as it was vast and majestic, resembling the great sky.

“An early Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster can possess such strength No wonder Hong’er and the others fell to the hands of this little beast…” While Fang Kan was shocked, he did not hesitate in his movements in the least.

He looked coldly at the attacking Yan Zhaoge, “I’m not afraid to tell you this.

Even if the Evil Saint appears now, he will still not be able to save you!”

“I do not mind admitting that the things I did were done by me, such as how your son was slaughtered by me,” Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “While it doesn’t really affect much in the end, do not frame me for things that I did not do.”

“Usually, there is no good end that comes to those who malign me.”


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