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HSSB516: Awakening


Fang Kan laughed angrily at Yan Zhaoge’s words, “How arrogant!”

After laughing, his gaze turned cold, “Whether or not you are a descendant of the Sacred Evil Sect, this old man will definitely see you dead today regardless!”

His true essence formed a true martial avatar, the Spirit Rhino Avatar that was formed having just a single eye that was located right at its forehead.

As this eye opened, it seemed able to penetrate and see through all hearts and profundities between the heavens and the earth.

Looking at Fang Kan, Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, “His proficiency in this Spirit Rhino Palm is indeed much higher than that of his son’s.

They really aren’t at the same level at all.

Having been in the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster realm for many years and possessing a much higher cultivation base than Yan Zhaoge, as Fang Kan manifested his Spirit Rhino Avatar now, Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu seemed to appear transparent before his eyes.

Let alone variations in martial arts, just any fleeting thoughts that they had would vaguely seem to have been seen through by Fang Kan as well.

Yan Zhaoge had been able to deal with Fang Zhaohong’s Spirit Rhino Palm in many ways, but these would clearly come up rather lacking before Fang Kan.

Against Fang Zhaohong, Yan Zhaoge could completely ignore his predictive abilities and just suppress him head-on with his full strength.

However, with the opponent now being Fang Kan who had the upper hand in terms of pure strength, forcibly trying to face him head-on would really just being looking for trouble.

Against Fang Zhaohong, Yan Zhaoge had been able to strengthen his variations to the limit such that Fang Zhaohong had been left completely unable to calculate them at all.

Fang Kan’s Spirit Rhino Avatar, however, could project all of Yan Zhaoge’s numerous moves.

Against Fang Zhaohong, Yan Zhaoge had executed the Ocean Stabilising Spirit Fist, his mind deep as the depths of the sea as no ripples had surfaced on it at all whatsoever, with Fang Zhaohong completely unable to determine the variations within.

Fang Kan, however, could still obtain useful information from it somewhat.

This was also where Fang Kan’s confidence in definitely being able to slay Yan Zhaoge stemmed from.

The difference between their cultivation bases was just too great.

Still, Fang Kan was still secretly shocked, “Merely an early Essence Talisman stage cultivation base…”

If Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation base had been a little higher, would his Spirit Rhino Avatar still have been able to see through him

Fang Kan really dared not consider this question any further.

Speaking of this, a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster should clearly be able to casually render an early Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster dead with but a single palm.

Instead, why had it turned out this way now

The other Vast Ocean World martial practitioners present did not interfere as they all just dazedly watched this scene.

While they had already seen Yan Zhaoge’s powerful aspects earlier, that he was actually still able to retaliate when faced against the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Fang Kan still truly far surpassed their imaginations.

Still, all of this would soon come to an end…

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Zhang Haocheng and Li Sheng both felt it to be a pity.

What shocking geniuses were most afraid of was provoking someone who was much too powerful for them to deal with before they had truly been able to grow, dying young as a result.

Yan Zhaoge was the greatest genius that they had ever seen.

Sadly, having met the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Fang Kan going all out whilst only at the early Essence Talisman stage, his future would be wiped out as a result.

In the eyes of the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners, if Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation base had been just a little higher, he would have a chance to escape alive even having encountered Fang Kan.

However, with Yan Zhaoge being so young, there was truly no more that should be asked of him.

It was just a pity-what heights would he otherwise have been able to attain in the future

The same thought was flowing through Fang Kan’s mind as well.

Therefore, he acted even more resolutely and determinedly!

Such a sworn enemy who possessed limitless potential definitely could not be left alive!

Yan Zhaoge appeared calm as he focused his gaze on Fang Kan, not panicked or flustered in the least.

While the same methods that he had used against Fang Zhaohong could not be used, it was fine.

There were still many alternative methods that were available to him.

Yan Zhaoge suddenly laughed, his usually calm gaze suddenly turning maniacal.

That eye at the centre of Fang Kan’s Spirit Rhino Avatar’s forehead flickered as its radiance also turned chaotic as well.

“Huh” Fang Kan stared intently at Yan Zhaoge, feeling greatly curious as he suddenly discovered that his projection of the variations in Yan Zhaoge’s moves as well as his grasping of the direction of his thoughts had become more difficult than before.

Having originally been stable and organised, they had suddenly turned chaotic and random at this moment, overflowing with insanity.

It was like a normal person had suddenly just turned into a madman.

A normal person could be properly analysed from their daily actions to deduce the general gist of their thoughts and actions.

However, it would be very hard to grasp what a madman was thinking at any given moment as well as what he might then do.

This was how Fang Kan was feeling now, with all those strands of thoughts and emotions jumbled up into one as it was hard to search for any clues within.

Even Fu Enshu felt exceptionally astonished as she noticed the changes in Yan Zhaoge by the side.

A rather distorted, maniacal grin appeared on Yan Zhaoge’s face.

A final tinge of clarity was still located within his heart, just that Fang Kan was unable to immediately see through it, hidden as it was amidst all that madness.

Of the Six Spirit Demonic Fist, the Qilin Demonic Fist!

The Qilin was an upright and authoritative beast of virtue that suppressed all evil, being the most just existence.

The Qilin Demonic Fist, however, went the complete opposite of that.

It was the maddest, most violent of all the six fist techniques, being more frenzied and wild than the rest of them.

However, amidst that frenzied madness, it secretly abided by the principles of the heavens as it possessed great strength, that violent destructive ability of when all things in the world fell into disorder.

It was just that this fist technique was not really to Yan Zhaoge’s taste.

Therefore, while Yan Zhaoge had dabbled in the rest of the Six Spirit Demonic Fists, there was only this Qilin Demonic Fist which he had cast away.

However, this did not mean that Yan Zhaoge could not use this fist technique.

At this moment, while Yan Zhaoge was still physically using martial arts like the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm, his mental state had switched from the calmness of the Ocean Stabilising Spirit Fist to the disordered raving insanity of the Qilin Demonic Fist.

Having been whole-heartedly projecting Yan Zhaoge’s and Fu Enshu’s technique variations as well as thoughts, with this sudden chaotic change in rhythm by Yan Zhaoge, Fang Kan was very nearly plunged down into the abyss himself.

An incomparably irritating clump of weeds seemed to suddenly have been born within his mind.

Fang Kan snorted coldly, stabilising his mind and keeping patient as he slowly got rid of all of those.

Gradually, unceasingly sorting out the chaotic images and unravelling the bewildering mist, he finally saw that final tinge of clarity and rationality within Yan Zhaoge’s heart.

“There is no use in delaying,” Fang Kan said coldly, “The person that you are waiting for will not be coming.”

As though corroborating his words, everyone suddenly felt intense power fluctuations emanating from the distance.

Two powerful auras that surpassed even Fang Kan’s began clashing intensely over the distant Bewildering Maze Sea, the aftershocks travelling all the way over to the Deep Sea Corridor here.

One of them was a sharp, exposed sword-qi from which a voice now emanated, “Evil Saint, you’re indeed here!”

The sword-qi was very familiar to everyone, belonging to the sword arts of Myriad Sword Pool of the Seven Pillars of Good.

Meanwhile, that powerful force originated from Myriad Sword Pool’s Sacred Artifact, the Floating Sinking Sword.

Hearing the incoming voice, the expressions of the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners all changed somewhat as they simultaneously looked towards Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu.

Originally having felt rather disbelieving, their minds all changed slightly now, “Could they really be people of the Sacred Evil Sect”

Fang Kun slammed out towards Yan Zhaoge with his palm, “In wanting to kill you, how would this old man not guard against the Evil Saint making a move I specifically invited Myriad Sword Pool’s Floating Sinking Sword here just so for this moment!”

Seeing that Fang Kan had already managed to see through the profundities of the Qilin Demonic Fist, Yan Zhaoge immediately ceased using it as his mind and gaze regained their usual calmness and rationality.

“It was not him that I was waiting for.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed leisurely, the Deep Sea Corridor beginning to rumble intensely with but a single thought on his part as though some powerful existence was currently awakening within!


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