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HSSB517: The shedding of a Martial Saint


Yan Zhaoge had not been looking forward to the arrival of the Evil Saint at all.

On the contrary, he was currently laughing coldly inwardly, “Huh, this Evil Saint does not bear good intentions, wanting to borrow me as a lance and fish in turbid waters.”

In this world, apart from Fu Enshu, it would naturally be the Sacred Evil Sect themselves who were most clear on the fact that Yan Zhaoge was not one of their number, especially its Sect Chief, the Evil Saint Lin Qiancheng.

In making a move now, it was equivalent to a tacit confession as the blame was pushed soundly onto Yan Zhaoge.

Just viewing the gazes of Water Crystal Palace’s Zhang Haocheng, Elder Dong and the others through the corner of his eyes, Yan Zhaoge knew that having originally been rather disbelieving, they were now seventy to eighty percent convinced that this might be true.

Currently watching Yan Zhaoge clash with Fang Kan, those on the side of Evil were looking more and more like they were watching a good show.

Meanwhile, the vigilance in the eyes of the forces of Good was growing thicker and thicker.

They felt that arrogant, high profile people like Yan Zhaoge were usually disdainful of feigning and deceiving others.

However, if they had intentionally denied and concealed their identities as descendants of the Sacred Evil Sect, that must mean that a much more sinister scheme lay therein.

Fang Kan roared coldly, “Evil ones, the truth is there before your eyes and cannot be denied.

We have long since been prepared.

Today will be the day you die!”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Zhang Haocheng and the others felt uncertain as well as uneasy.

Now, the Deep Sea Pavilion rumbled intensely, a powerful aura seemingly awakening from its slumber.

Everyone simultaneously gazed towards the water vein formed of the Sweet Pouring Raindrops, able to feel that it was there from which those power fluctuations were currently being emanated.

Fang Kan’s gaze was solemn as the eye on the forehead of his Spirit Rhino Avatar looked over, yet was unable to see through the radiance of the water vein.

It was just that he vaguely seemed to understand something from those power aura fluctuations.

A bad premonition arose within Fang Kan’s heart, “Who is that”

“The Chief of Water Crystal Palace, the Nine Dragon Fingers of the Blood Dragon Sect, the Chief of the Dragon Slayer Sect or the Soul Shocking Box of Soul Shocking Island”

“Could all of this have been a set-up from the start”

Fang Kan felt greatly shocked and uncertain.

However, feeling that force just seemingly being in the midst of awakening from its slumber, having yet to truly stabilise, he also felt rather unwilling to retreat just like this.

He roared, his palms emitting an all-encompassing jade light that condensed into a single line, bypassing Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu whom he had been clashing with and shooting over towards that clear water vein.

His expression composed, Yan Zhaoge blocked his attack from the side with his palm as he said mildly, “It’s the Evil Saint over on the Bewildering Mist Sea I don’t know him.”

“As for me, you can’t do anything to me even if I have no one to help me.”

Fang Kan’s palm suddenly changed, sweeping towards Yan Zhaoge once more!

His action of attacking the water vein had clearly just been a distraction, hiding his true target that was Yan Zhaoge!

Whatever there was in the water vein, Fang Kan had already decided to unleash a single strike before next retreating and observing for a while before deciding anything further.

When he would only be dealing a single strike, Fang Kan had naturally targeted Yan Zhaoge who had killed his son!

He went all out with this strike, the jade light condensing into a single line at such a rapid speed that virtually no one here at all was able to see its trajectory.

An illusion even appeared before them as the world before their eyes seemed to be distorting, all scenes absorbed by that jade light which had transformed into a long, thin line.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change, however, even appearing a little leisurely as he smiled towards Zhang Haocheng and Li Sheng, “I said earlier that in having come to the Deep Sea Corridor, it was because there was something that I had to do.”

Amidst his words, that water vein formed of the Sweet Pouring Raindrops mightily shook!

A figure flew out from amidst the radiance, instantly arriving before Yan Zhaoge.

The jade light formed of Fang Kan’s palm-force attempted to bypass this figure.

However, as that figure raised its palm, its fingers outstretched, it was though it enveloped all the jade sea under the heavens as it was vast to the point of infinity, the jade light unable to bypass the palm no matter how it evaded as it eventually slammed mightily onto it.

The figure shook slightly, seemingly not harmed at all.

Fang Kan stared wide-eyed, seeing a stone statue shockingly having appeared!

The surface of the stone statue was unceasingly peeling off and falling, falling naturally rather than having been harmed by Fang Kan’s palm-force.

The stone skin broke apart as it was shed off, skin which was white as jade being revealed as it emanated a clear lustre.

The onlookers all cried out in shock.

That power which was terrifying to the extreme had precisely originated from this terrifying body.

The stone statue had been carved as a thin old man, but as its stone skin was unceasingly shed, the man’s figures rapidly turned young, returning to its youthful times as its final age was similar to that of Yan Zhaoge.

When the exterior of the stone statue had finally been shed completely, what was finally revealed was the figure of a tall, handsome youth.

Yan Zhaoge yelled lightly, “Go!”

A strange light flickered within this youth’s pupils, each condensing into a rune which was similar to the true martial essence talisman that Yan Zhaoge had attained upon stepping into the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster realm.

The light talisman was gone in a flash, this youth emitting a long roar towards the heavens that directly broke through the vast ocean and shook the nine heavens!

An incomparably powerful will and force shocked even the intensely battling Evil Saint and Floating Sinking Sword over in the distant Bewildering Mist Sea.

Yan Zhaoge laughed coldly at the confounded Fan Kan, “So what about the Evil Saint It has nothing to do with me.

Did I say I was waiting for him”

“It was this clone of mine that I was waiting for!”

The stone statue that Yan Zhaoge had obtained within the Bewildering Mist Sea was shockingly the mortal shell of a deceased Martial Saint expert!

This Martial Saint expert had been extremely talented and had also cultivated in a unique technique such that after he had died, his strength had not dissipated at all as it had all been contained within that mortal shell of his, his aura not leaking outwards in the slightest.

The two extremes had reversed with rebirth following death, life and death converging at that single point.

While this Martial Saint had himself been unable to revive, his aged fleshly body had managed to return to its youthful state, resembling a foetus that had been granted new life.

Finally, it had resulted in this rare, blessed miraculous body.

Even while it was a mortal shell, it was also a spirit foetus!

If other Martial Saints had obtained this mortal shell, they would have been able to refine it into their clone, birthing a new Martial Saint that was powerful to the extreme!

While Yan Zhaoge was not a Martial Saint, he cultivated in the Peerless Heavenly Scripture where all phenomena converged as one, with no beginning and no end, no before and no after.

With this, he was able to perform a miraculous feat that would be impossible for other Martial Grandmasters.

After having stepped into the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster realm, after having been cleansed completely by the Sweet Pouring Raindrops that were the cleanest and clearest existence under the heavens, he had been able to take this mortal shell and refine it into his own clone!

In having rushed over to the Deep Sea Corridor, Yan Zhaoge had never planned to look for aid all along.

His preparation was naught but his own methods!

With but a thought on his part, the figure before him clenched his right fist, punching out towards Fang Kan!

While he held no weapon, his punch was like the piercing forward of a great spear as it seemed set to penetrate straight through the seas and the skies!

Where the spear pointed, there seemed to be a huge roc spreading its wings, soaring above the nine heavens!

The vast jade sea was directly ripped apart, the horizon that was connected to it also seemingly breaking apart at this moment.

Northern Ocean Divine Spear, Roc Riding The Nine Heavens!

“The Northern Ocean Martial Saint Zhuang Kun! So it was him!”

After having struck out with his palm, not waiting to view the results, Fang Kan had already immediately begun retreating.

Upon seeing that his strike had been unsuccessful, he immediately realised that the situation was not good.

Now, looking at this spear that seemed able to penetrate through the heavens and the earth, Fang Kan was greatly shocked as he watched the spear-force that resembled a huge roc spreading its wings immediately arrive before him!

Even as he executed Spiritual Light Flashes, this spear was still able to catch up with him!


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