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HSSB518: You should have known better than to come provoke me


From what Fang Kan remembered, in terms of pure speed alone, amongst all the known martial arts of the Vast Ocean World, there was only the late Northern Ocean Martial Saint Zhuang Kun’s Northern Ocean Divine Spear, having been as fast as a great roc soaring through the heavens, that was comparable to his Spirit Rhino Island’s Spiritual Light Flashes.

Ever since the Northern Ocean Martial Saint Zhuang Kun had disappeared and been presumed dead, with the Northern Ocean Divine Spear having been lost, Spirit Rhino Island’s Spiritual Light Flashes had then reigned supreme in terms of speed within the Vast Ocean World.

Today, however, the Northern Ocean Divine Spear had once against appeared in this world!

Fang Kan looked disbelievingly at the spear that was after him in hot pursuit.

While it was a mortal shell, it was still a Martial Saint’s mortal shell.

How had a Martial Grandmaster been able to refine it as a clone

Helpless, Fang Kang forcibly received the spear of Yan Zhaoge’s clone with his palms, shocking him till the qi and blood of his entire body roiled.

“It’s still incomparable to a true Martial Saint, but it has already reached the peak of the Transcending Mortality stage where it is just a tiny bit away from the Martial Saint realm,” Fang Kan’s heart sunk, “However…”

However, he could vaguely feel that this was only because this clone of Yan Zhaoge’s had just been newly refined.

As time passed, this clone would soon truly regain the flair of the past Northern Ocean Martial Saint Zhang Kun!

Even now, it had already been very hard for Fang Kan to parry the strength of this strike.

He dared not linger any further, his figure flickering as he made use of the impact from his collision with the Northern Ocean Divine Spear to shoot backwards, intending to execute Spiritual Light Flashes once more in order to quickly flee this place.

As Yan Zhaoge had said, without requiring anyone to interfere, he wouldn’t fear Fang Kan regardless!

Fang Kan had just been about to flee when a seven-coloured glow suddenly shone above his head.

Looking upwards, he saw a massive, majestic stone pillar plummeting down towards him!

Standing on the pillar of the Divine Palace, Yan Zhaoge roared as a powerful suppressive force pressured down towards Fang Kan.

Fang Kan had no intention of blocking at all as all he was thinking about now was escaping.

He grit his teeth, light flickering within the forehead eye of his Spirit Rhino Avatar as its massive frame transformed into a streak of jade light, resembling a swimming fish as it unceasingly searched for a weakness in the suppression of the pillar of the Divine Palace, trying to find a gap to escape from.

With the pillar of the Divine Palace yet to fully descend, he was really able to find a gap in its suppression as he was just about to slip out of that all-encompassing net.

However, as he was obstructed by the pillar of the Divine Palace, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone had already transformed into a huge roc, soaring rampantly after him!

The huge roc expanded its wings, splitting the heavens and breaking the sea, the flapping of its wings directly sending Fang Kan shooting back within the area encompassed by the pillar of the Divine Palace.

Reappearing beneath the suppression of the pillar of the Divine Palace, Fang Kan glared at Yan Zhaoge as though his eyeballs were about to implode, “You bastard…”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was indifferent, “Since you want to kill me, I want to kill you too.

I want to see which of us is first to die.”

Fang Kan inhaled deeply, roaring, “Fine! Die then, little bastard!”

As he roared, this Spirit Rhino Island Chief who was ranked amongst the top ten Transcending Mortality experts of the Vast Ocean World gave up on running and erupted with his full strength, charging fiercely towards Yan Zhaoge!

A spirit orb flew up above his head, a treasured light emitted from within as it seemed to instantly illuminate countless different scenes.

Numerous projections of light appeared all around Yan Zhaoge, attacking towards him from all directions.

That spirit orb was clearly an exceedingly superior high grade spirit artifact!

The greatest treasure of Spirit Rhino Island, the Spirit Rhino Orb.

Surpassing Fang Zhaohong’s Jade Light Mirror, it was one of the most superior high-grade spirit artifacts in existence!

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge nonchalantly laughed lightly, pulling out a dark green bamboo branch from within his sleeve.

While the bamboo branch appeared ordinary and innocuous, it was a treasure that Yan Zhaoge had personally forged.

When Yan Zhaoge had been a Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster, the bamboo branch had had three segments.

Now, this had increased to four segments as though it possessed the ability to grow.

Yan Zhaoge lightly threw out the dark green bamboo branch which landed in the hand of his Northern Ocean Clone.

Gripping the bamboo branch, the Northern Ocean Clone brought it down upon the Spirit Rhino Orb above Fang Kan’s head!

As they clashed, the Spirit Rhino Orb instantly emitted a mournful wail as it was struck flying.

Greatly shocked, Fang Kan hurriedly kept the Spirit Rhino Orb.

Looking downwards, he was greatly pained to see a thin crack now running down the spirit orb’s surface.

He looked unbelievingly towards Yan Zhaoge and his Northern Ocean Clone, staring intently at that dark green bamboo branch.

No spiritual qi or fluctuations of energy could be felt from the bamboo branch at all as it appeared completely ordinary and innocuous no matter how one looked at it.

However, this ordinary-looking bamboo branch had directly caused to crack to appear on his high-grade spirit artifact, the Spirit Rhino Orb!

While the Spirit Rhino Orb was not like a weapon or armour, as a high-grade spirit artifact, it was naturally unordinary in terms of material.

How would it be fragile at all

Even if it were other ordinary high-grade spirit artifacts, they would still not be able to leave behind such a clear and distinct mark on the Spirit Rhino Orb’s surface with just a single blow.

Fang Kan felt that the strange things he had experienced today were greater than all those he had collectively experienced in all of his life thus far as his view of this world had been turned completely upside down.

Unrelenting in its momentum, the Northern Ocean Clone raised the bamboo branch in its hands, using it like a long spear as it struck out with the Northern Ocean Divine Spear once more, piercing straight towards Fang Kan as it aimed to run him straight through!

Fang Kan shifted, his body instantly seemingly transforming into countless shadows of light.

However, the Northern Ocean Clone headed unstoppably forth, breaking through all that was in its path as all of those light shadows were shattered.

The nearby seawater had been shattered by the clash between the two as a vacuum was formed for a time.

The pillar of the Divine Palace hovered in mid-air, numerous streams of seven-coloured radiance dangling downwards like silk as they enveloped the entire area, resembling a prison.

Fang Kan was like a trapped beast being forced to make its final struggle.

He felt repressed to the extreme.

The Northern Ocean Martial Saint Zhuang Kun had not left behind any relics, all his aura having been retracted within his mortal shell as well.

After Yan Zhaoge had taken away the stone statue, nothing at all had been left behind at its original location.

When Fang Kan had arrived within that foreign dimension afterwards, all he had been able to find was empty land.

If he had known that Yan Zhaoge now possessed a Martial Saint’s mortal shell, however much he would also have believed that it should be impossible for it to be successfully refined by a Martial Saint, Fang Kan would still have been much more vigilant in his actions.

Now, however, he had smashed headlong into an iron wall, his entire head injured and bleeding as a result.

What came as even more of a shock to Fang Kan was that Yan Zhaoge had various other means and methods aside from the Martial Saint mortal shell as well, actually making it such that he wasn’t able to flee however much he tried to do so!

His arrogance and viciousness having been stimulated, this Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster erupted fiercely, ignoring the attacks by the Northern Ocean Clone that were directed towards him as he just lunged viciously towards Yan Zhaoge!

Yan Zhaoge appeared totally unflustered as the Northern Ocean Clone’s moves changed, becoming swifter and more vigorous.

The great roc, a giant fish in a water and a giant bird in the air, spanning thousands of kilometres in length as it was enormous beyond compare.

The great bird’s extreme speed, the immense power of the giant fish, its majestic power almost beyond compare under the heavens!

Northern Ocean Divine Spear, Fish of the Northern Ocean!

A majestic, tyrannical force directly shattered Fang Kan’s Spirit Rhino Avatar!

His entire body shaking intensely, Fang Kan spat out a mouthful of blood, his eyes glaring unrelentingly as he ignored all else, still shooting towards Yan Zhaoge!

From the looks of it, he was clearly staking his life!

Yan Zhaoge roared, the light of thunder flickering within his right eye, shooting through space in an instant!

An Instant’s Thunder!

Fang Kan was greatly shocked, not wanting to perish together with Yan Zhaoge.

Still, he could only grit his teeth and continue with his advance!


Fang Kan received another severe blow as his body was directly pierced through by terrifying thunderbolts!

However, Fang Kan’s palm had already arrived before Yan Zhaoge, wanting to render him dead.

Who knew that Yan Zhaoge would suddenly take out a small black burner, blocking Fang Kan’s palm.

The majestic palm force vanished without a trace like mud having entered the sea.

Fang Kan stared wide-eyed, “You!”

“I what” Yan Zhaoge’s expression was indifferent as a jade light suddenly flickered in his free hand, the roar of a dragon resounding as the Green Abyss Sword appeared!

“You should have known better than to come provoke me.”


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